spirit activation


Man is an interesting being, far more interesting than one might believe. The hidden forces in man are, in the true sense of the word, enormous, and it alone depends on what and how much of such forces they will be able to (use) to use. But in order to reach the internal sources that enable deep fulfillment on the one hand and creative self-realization on the one hand, one must deal with oneself. Such work must be persistent and continuous but no more continuous, strenuous, or intense than any other daily commitment. Regular development of one’s own abilities has led many artists or athletes to superior results and spiritually oriented individuals to superior levels of consciousness and a high level of personal fulfillment. However, it is rare for people to use or at least seek to use their full potential. The reason for this abandonment, on the one hand, is global influence – society does not stimulate us for excellence, and to us close people often condition us to relate to our “normality,” whatever that means. Unless we are “like everyone else”, we become weird, and our environment wants to bring us back to a prevailing state of consciousness and to a socially acceptable lifestyle. Therefore, top achievements are reserved for the brave and the strong. But nowadays, it is possible to achieve a lot easier in a slightly easier way than before. Specifically, the techniques of arranging interpersonal relationships and the realization of personal integrity create a space for accomplishments that go beyond basic human needs and give them some new opportunities.

It is, first and foremost, about conscious use and that aspect of human existence that we commonly call the Spirit, that is, the endless sea of ​​energy/consciousness that physicists nowadays recognize as the source of so-called “weak nuclear power,” whose impact on human existence is enormous. In addition to the Soul as an aspect of being superior to the physical body, man is also a spiritual being. The soul (the Self, the Atman, the transpersonal center) guides the person towards completeness, integrity, and awareness of his original identity. On the foundations of mental integrity, it is possible to build quality relationships and achieve life goals, those that represent typical human aspirations – for love, security, or creative work. A mentally complete person is aware of himself and his goals (needs) and therefore knows exactly what he wants. However, in order to fully realize herself creatively, she simply has to use her full potential, and such potential, in addition to that contained in the Self, can be found in the spiritual dimension of our existence. Only to a person who uses full potential can the full realization of life become possible.

Many of his inner strengths are already used by man – sometimes consciously and most often unconsciously, and they allow him a quality life. These are various, typically human, abilities that make sense of our lives – creativity, love, or the development of consciousness. However, even though they are considered irrational or “intangible” (invisible), such traits/abilities have their specific sources and can be used for practical purposes. Namely, there is not only the “will of the Spirit,” but there is also the will of a man ordered by the Spirit. The moment the will of man and the will of the Spirit coincide, all things become possible. But just as little is possible (if anything) if one’s will is not involved in the process of “moving the Spirit.” This approach to creation is not new at all – if we look at what the official state religion in Croatia has to do with the Spirit, then it is evident that although Christianity seems to put man in a passive position in relation to the Spirit, popular Catholic prayers are all just not molestation – they take the form also requires orders (commands). Therefore, prayers are, in fact, verbally shaped intentions that are given a specific order by the Spirit (God). Such a warrant is otherwise a basic means of creating one’s life, and while it may not look like it, every even more conscious person does it day by day. At a time when our goals are clearly formulated, we all somehow demand and expect the Universe to help us achieve them. However, such an expectation can become a concrete force because, in the Spirit Activation, we consciously use spiritual potential, recognized and in some way systematized through stellar centers, but also abstract non-vibrant “radiations.”

Therefore, every creative process must start from the Spirit, but in order to be able to create “from the Spirit,” we need to have a spiritual experience. That is why the Spirit Activation course is intended for advanced practitioners who have undergone a series of Enlightenment Intensives and other advanced systems that allow for spiritual experience. It is through a series of intense exercises that one acquires new knowledge and opportunities that a direct experience of the Spirit brings. The course also addresses other levels of human existence, such as the hara level and some of its (hitherto unknown) capabilities. Thus, the true, natural “magic” of creation is before us, so experienced spiritual practitioners who are willing to continue their ongoing personal development in this course can learn new, interesting techniques and exercise themselves in direct perception. Beyond the boundaries of space, time, matter, energy, and internal dialogue lies an extremely interesting world that, unfortunately to most people, is completely unknown. Its perception and practical use require a high degree of purification, emotional maturity, energy strength, and purity, and is driven by love, wisdom, and pure intention. That is why this type of work falls within the realm of luxury and is intended exclusively for stable people who have achieved their basic life goals.

Some of the topics covered in the course are as follows:

– the theoretical background of Spirit Activation

– spiritualization technique

– working with intent threads

– cleansing collective barriers, that is, undesirable influences of the World Matrix concerning the use of spiritual power

– overcoming space-time constraints and contact with the multidimensional universe

– creation of space-time portals (inter-dimensional passages)

– spiritual awareness of life’s moments and situations

– method of direct influence on solids (bending of metals)

– working with abstract textures – gold and silver supramental and other types of supramental spheres

– transformation of dual processes into original ones – stabilization of the state of Oneness

– finding your specific role in interacting with the Spirit