sacred solfeggio


The newest element I have recently added to my Intention Energetics system is based on discoveries by Dr. Joseph Puleo and published with Dr. Leonard Horowitz in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse[1]. Revolutionary information in this book has influenced the development of numerous healing systems that use sound frequencies. This kind of information belongs to the domain of “revelation” – direct messages from God, equal to the Biblical revelations or any other which form the basis of religious texts or schools. Before receiving revelations from angelic beings and later from Jeshua (Christ) himself, Dr. Puleo was highly skeptical and not too involved in “spiritual stuff.” However, whether he wanted it or not, it seems that he was chosen to bring the message of extreme importance, especially for our time. Through a series of visions and visitations by angelic messengers, Puleo received new codes for healing and salvation from the “biological apocalypse.”

Here’s why these codes are so important. According to Dr. Horowitz, we are witnessing efforts of the “world shadow government” to halve the human population. Different tools are used for this goal, from wars and “terrorism” sponsored by the world government to poisoning humans with various toxins masked as “medicines.” There is fluorine in tooth-paste, chlorine in water, aspartame in chewing gums, and “sugarless” beverages (during the Cold War, aspartame was used as a chemical weapon, only to be turned into an artificial sweetener because it was discovered it was actually sweet). I will not even go into the subject of vaccines – for additional information on this topic, I recommend other books by Dr. Horowitz[2]. Furthermore, there is dusting with toxins from airplanes called “chemtrails,” irradiation with electromagnetic waves, project HAARP in Alaska created to (among other things) warm up Earth’s atmosphere, and so on, the list of subtle but no less violent means to reduce population goes on and on. Of course, that is not all – we will probably be facing some new, inventive methods of human destruction in the near future, which will not be subtle at all. A global war was caused to build a “new world order” on the ruins of contemporary civilization.

Living in such conditions is not easy, and human existence and health are constantly threatened. But, as people would say, there is God. The spiritual world keeps sending messages through open, aware, and ethical people; by that, it directly involves itself in the battle for the survival of humanity. Joseph Puleo has received a whole series of information for restoring health, but the most important is the one about sound frequencies that can be used to create or re-create life and health. The process of discovery was described in the Healing Codes… book, which I strongly recommend to readers, and in short, it went like this. Puleo was led to discover specific sound frequencies, based on numbers 3, 6, and 9, through numeric values of certain verses in the version of the Bible known as King James Bible. King James VI for Scottish, or James I for English, was a Knight Templar and a Freemason. He ordered the writing of a special version of the Bible for his brotherhood, which would be filled with hidden numerological codes. That is why this “Masonic Bible” was used to discover secret knowledge. Puleo was advised to pay special attention to numbers 3, 6, and 9. Interestingly, Nikola Tesla also indicated the importance of those numbers by saying: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3s, 6s, and 9s, you’d have a key to the universe.”[3]

So, when their numerical values are added up, some sound frequencies (numerologically speaking) have a value of 3, some of 6, and some of 9. Sound frequencies that we can actually hear are expressed in three figures, and by adding them, we find their numerological values. According to Western Pythagorean numerology, numbers 3, 6, and 9 symbolize the creative process. For example, secret rulers (“Illuminati”) often insert the well-known number 666 in the logos of their companies or products. Most people think that 666 is the “Number of the Devil,” but it does not have to be that way – it depends on who uses it and for what purpose. This number simply symbolizes physical or material power, but such power can have different qualities. If it is in the hands of villains, then the number 666 becomes a symbol of evil, of destructive actions. But – I repeat – it does not have to be this way. Number 3 is a symbol of a creative idea, but in some occult traditions, number 333 represents the “demon of destruction” (Choronzon). Again, it does not have to be like that since number 3 represents the spiritual background of a creative idea – it can either be divine or demonic, depending on the source used by the person. Number 9, being the last in the sequence, symbolizes realization or completion, and if used destructively, it may represent defeat or downfall. So, when used constructively, these numbers represent the creative process according to the following model: the idea (3) + power (6) = creation (9).

Before discovering numeric values of sound frequencies in the King James Bible, Dr. Puleo was informed by “Jeshua” that the original Solfeggio scale hides a secret code. The early music scale was based on a medieval hymn to John the Baptist and was invented by Guido d’Arezzo (997 – 1050). Intending to simplify singing lessons, he used a specific syllable for every level of the music scale, which then had a form of hexachords (sequences of six tones). The syllables came from the starting verses of the hymn mentioned above, which Guido probably composed himself. Every verse of the hymn was sung higher than the previous one, so the starting tones of verses complete the hexachord. Here is the text of the hymn.

Ut queant laxis,

Resonare fibris,

Mira gestorum,

Famuli tuorum,

Solve polluti,  

Labii reatum,

Sancte Iohannes.

Hence, the tones of the music scale go as follows – Ut (later changed to Do), Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and a later addition SI (as in – Sancte Iohannes), later changed to Ti. Guido d’Arezzo allegedly used the tones as relative. He applied them to all three existing types of hexachords (hexacordum naturale, hexacordum durum, and hexacordum molle). Still, Puleo received the information that the tones also had their absolute pitches – precisely fixed frequencies with specific characteristics that allow the “transformation of Spirit into matter or matter into Spirit.” Those pitches were “lost” during history, probably on purpose, to hide them from people and render the masses impotent. It became necessary to rediscover those exact pitches and what their purpose was. Members of the Catholic Church, who were supposed to have some knowledge, ignored Puleo’s efforts to find out the values, so Puleo again had to turn to his “guide” – a spiritual entity called Jeshua – who allegedly was Jesus Christ, while Joseph Puleo used to be incarnated as Joseph of Arimathea who was Jesus’ cousin and owner of the land where Jesus was crucified. Continuing a special relationship that had started between two cousins some thousands of years ago, Jeshua informed Puleo that numerical values of the frequencies mentioned above can be found in the King James Bible, particularly in the Fourth Book of Moses, called The Numbers[5].

The seventh chapter of this book, starting from verses 12 to 83, contains hidden numerical values of the mentioned tones. Puleo opened this chapter according to Jeshua’s instructions and discovered that certain verses are repeated a certain number of times. So, verse 12 was repeated 11 more times, and verses 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 were also repeated similarly. So, each of those verses is repeated twelve times in the seventh chapter of the Numbers. Since he was aware of the secret rule of encoding – that when a specific phrase or verse is repeated several times, it indeed contains a hidden code – Puleo paid attention to the numerical values of those six verses, which were repeated 12 times, and after adding them up got the following numbers – 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852. According to Jeshua, those frequencies represent absolute values of the secret music scale and truly are the lost sounds that can transform “spirit into the matter” and vice versa. So, the original Solfeggio scale would look like this.

 UT (ut queant laxis)      396       3+9+6=18, 1+8 = 9
 RE (resonare fibris)      417        4+1+7=12, 1+2 = 3
 MI (mira gestorum)      528      5+2+8=15, 1+5 = 6
 FA (famuli tuorum)      639         6+3+9=18, 1+8 = 9
 SO (solve polluti)       741       7+4+1=12, 1+2 = 3
 LA (labii reatum)        852       8+5+2=15, 1+5 = 6

Puleo was interested in the practical application of those frequencies or which tone serves what purpose. Jeshua had an answer to this, too. The answer was surprising but no less helpful. Puleo was instructed to study the explanations of each verse in the Webster’s Dictionary, a book owned by almost every household in English-speaking countries. Interestingly, Webster, who was probably a Freemason, included some mysterious explanations of specific terms in his dictionary, the so-called “hidden entries.” So, when dealing with Guido’s Solfeggio tones, Webster explained the verses of the hymn in a pretty unusual way. Here are the interpretations made by Puleo and Horowitz, and you can find the complete text from Weber’s dictionary included in the Appendix.

UT-queant laxis[6]

“Whole series of musical notes” to transmit a “magnetic strength equal to 144000 times 105 power (100000) Gauss;

RE-sonare fibris

To resonate of “relatively small periodic stimulus to a natural vibration” to produce “a vibration of large amplitude… of enriched significance, profundity and allusiveness”, to act and “undo” the estrangement of man from God and bring back the “earlier state of affairs”;

MI-ra gestorum

To produce an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause esp. to God…. “Sighting” this possibility, and “aiming to hold (it) against the light” while communicating for an “intended….effect; miracles will happen;

FA-muli tuorum

The 144000 servants of God with this knowledge – that of a scholar or a magician – to be present to transact (this) business or carry out… (the extraordinary) activity” as described in “SO” and “LA” below. That is, in Christian terms, “FA” implies “Jesus’ bride”, “the body of Christ”, or for the Hebrews, God’s “chosen people.”

SOL-ve polluti

Solving the “mystery or puzzle,” and working out “the answer or the solution to (the) mathematical problem” behind the spiritual “pollution” requiring an “ablution” or a “cleansing religious ritual;”

LA-bii reatum
Articulating using the lips the sound required to “reverse direction” and move “toward extreme political conservatism…to return to an earlier system of order” – world peace.

Although these explanations still sound quite vague, many important meanings can already be seen. I have done my own research based on this, so the following information will be the combination of two sources – the book Healing Codes… and my own intuitive insights (or better, direct experiences) on the nature and purpose of these tones.


Tone MI (528 Hz)

The first precisely explained frequency was one of the tone MI. Dr. Lee Lorenzen, Ph. D., a world-renowned biochemist and a friend of Dr. Horowitz’s, confirmed that geneticists have already been using this frequency for quite a long time for fixing DNA and neutralizing possible defects in inherited genetic code[7]. So, the purpose of tone MI becomes clear – it is used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. So, tone Mi has an extraordinary effect when used with DNA activations. If it is used in a way described in Webster’s dictionary – by communicating the wanted effect and with energy support from the “light” – miracles will happen (Miraculi Gestorum)! The process of DNA reparation is followed by numerous beneficial effects – increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace and fulfillment or ecstasy of joy, dance, and celebration. Tone MI also opens the person to deep spiritual experiences if the person wants those, and it can be used as one of the tools for spiritual enlightenment.

Tone SOL (741 Hz)

Tone SOL is the next one with direct importance for healing cells because it cleans the cell (“Solve polluti”) from toxins. While tone MI repairs structural disturbances of the crystal structure of water molecules in the cellular fluid and returns the DNA to its original structure, tone SOL cleans the cell – cellular liquid, membrane, and core (DNA and genetic material) – from toxic matter. This entails all kinds of stuff we take into our bodies, intentionally or accidentally, which burdens the cell during its natural functioning or even directly destroys it. Frequent use of this frequency leads the practitioner to a healthier, simpler life and to change in diet towards foods not poisoned by genetic modifications or various kinds of toxins – pesticides or other harmful chemicals, which will give higher energy frequencies to the body. Tone SOL also cleans the cell from electromagnetic radiation and all other kinds of radiation. Another important application of this tone is cleansing infections – viral, bacterial, and fungal – where it can be used individually or in combination with other kinds of treatments or as a preventive measure. Finally, frequent use of this tone will lead the person to a so-called “sattwic”[8] life – pure, stable, and moderate, a life that enables openness, fluidity, and closeness to the spiritual world.

Tone FA (639 Hz)

Tone FA is the next one for which Webster’s Dictionary gives clear hints. “Famuli tuorum” can represent 144000 people who could, according to the prophecies from the Book of Revelation, create changes in the collective consciousness, cleanse the planet, and enable the return of the “Golden Age” just by collectively signing one “special song.” Since this is about “collective action,” this frequency enables the creation of a harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Hence, tone FA can be used for dealing with relationship problems – those in a family, between partners, friends, or social issues. Besides this, tone Fa can also help cure medical conditions based on non-harmonious interpersonal relationships, and the unconscious dynamics of interpersonal relationships actually cause most diseases. When talking about cellular processes, tone FA can encourage the cell to communicate with its environment. It is known that tumor cells do not divide or communicate with their environment. Tumors will disappear when such cells are destroyed or made to communicate and remove the barriers that separate and isolate them. So, when dealing with tumors, this frequency can be used together with medical treatment. Furthermore, apart from being very useful for creating harmonious relationships and enabling communication – understanding, tolerance, or love – with our environment, tone FA can be used for more abstract purposes. Since the cell has the ability for “hyper-communication,” this tone can be used for developing extrasensory perception and for communication with parallel worlds or spiritual spheres because it bridges distances, differences, or conflicts.

Tone RE (417 Hz) 

Tone RE is connected with resonation (“Resonare fibris”) or amplification processes. Webster’s Dictionary also states that this tone enables the “undo” function – it can “delete” a person’s “alienation from God” and enable returning to the “original state of affairs.” Tone RE definitely has that function because it can repair damages made by living in an unaware fashion or living “alienated from God.” It is not possible to avoid the consequences of negative actions, but it is possible to stop going down the path of destruction and return to the “right path.” So, this tone can be used for cleansing traumatic experiences, clearing destructive influences of past events, and recreating the past so that it does not burden us with negative impressions. Ton RE can, therefore, be used for cleaning any “samskara” or limiting impressions that disable the person from achieving her life goals. When speaking of cellular processes, tone Re encourages the cell and its DNA to function optimally, that is, to use its full potential. So, here we see the resonation and amplification characteristic of tone Re because it acts as an amplifier that enhances the cell, energizes it, and helps the person to use their creative potential. Therefore, this tone can be used to dissolve creative blocks or awaken latent human potentials, which were, for some reason, not used before. 

Tone UT(396 Hz)

Tone UT can be used as a means for the realization of goals. Of course, goals have to be ethical and precisely formulated. Webster’s dictionary states that tone Ut can represent a powerful magnetic field. When used to realize goals, such a field becomes the critical element for their achievability. It is well known that only goals with enough energy can be realized in material reality – hence, this tone will give power to the goal and serve as a tool for dissolving obstacles that could prevent the goal from being achieved. Furthermore, psychologically speaking, this frequency has beneficial effects on feelings of guilt. Guilt is an emotion connected to the element of earth, directly associated with materialization, grounding, and realization processes. Cleansing the feeling of guilt, which often represents one of the primary obstacles to realization, enables the achievement of goals in the most direct way. Of course, every mental state – even the negative ones – has some kind of justification and purpose. Hence, it is not possible to bypass some serious work on causes of negative mental states such as the feeling of guilt, but tone Ut can make this process easier and faster by bringing down the defense mechanisms. Apart from goal work, this frequency can be used as a means of grounding, awakening, sobering, and returning to reality.

Tone LA (852 Hz)

Tone La introduces higher vibrational levels to a person or a cell. La is directly connected to the principle of Light, and Light is a higher form of bioenergy. While tone Ut can be used for materializing practical goals because it creates strong Pranic fields, tone La goes beyond Prana or Chi and deals directly with the Light. So, this frequency can be used to open a person up for communication with the all-encompassing Spirit, where Light serves as a perfect purificator and adjuster. Hence, this tone can be used to return certain phenomena to their “previous state,” to their source, or to recognize the original essence of any phenomenon – material or immaterial. Tone La raises awareness and opens the person up to spiritual experiences, thus enabling her to find life models that directly originate in the Spirit. This furthermore allows the creation of the so-called “Heaven on Earth,” “Golden Age,” or harmony between spirit and matter. Concerning cellular processes, this frequency enables the cell to transform itself into a system of higher level – from the one that feeds itself or is even addicted to low-level vibrations to the direct absorption of light. For those interested in changing their diet or even becoming a “breatharian” (living without eating), this tone can be of unique value and help. So, La stands for “Light,” and everything that has to do with life is based on the principle of Light.


After discovering the original absolute frequencies of the six-tone solfeggio scale, the additional permutations of the numerical values resulting in 3s, 6s, or 9s enabled the creation of three more frequencies that can actually be heard and used in healing practice. Those values are 174, 285, and 963 Hz. But, although they put them in their Healing Codes… book, Horowitz and Puleo did not explain their meaning and application. Other authors did not as well, and nowadays, you still cannot find anything meaningful on the subject anywhere on the Internet or in literature. After experimenting with those frequencies for about a year, I have made some conclusions on their practical application, so here you have some new exciting information about how to use three more powerful sounds. So, let’s begin with the highest of them and move to the lowest.

Tone SI (963 Hz)

I have named this tone “SI” according to “Sancte Iohannes” from Guido d’Arezzo’s hymn to St. John. Tone SI was added later to the original six-tone scale as the highest one, and since this frequency is also the highest permutation of numbers forming the secret solfeggio scale, why not call it SI? And there is another reason for this name – this particular frequency can be used to sanctify someone or something. This tone immediately awakens any system to its original, perfect state. So, when applied to a cell, it enables a kind of “cellular enlightenment” and transformation of the cell to a higher level system directly connected with the Light and the all-encompassing Spirit. While tone LA opens someone or something to a spiritual experience and connects certain forms with the spiritual world using the principle of Light, tone SI enables the direct experience, the return to Oneness. It re-connects a person with the Spirit or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. The words “Sancte Iohannes” even sound very much like “Sanctified Oneness,” and that’s the purpose we can use this frequency. What are the other benefits of such sanctification? Well, besides experiencing Oneness as our true nature, it can help us work on the causes of our problems, quickly discover the root cause, and then eliminate it through other forms of therapy. This can be extremely useful to any therapist who works on the causes and any person going through a purification or spiritual development process.

Tone 285 Hz 

I do not have any special names for the two lowest frequencies, so I will use their numerical values as names. Tone 285 Hz has shown itself to be very useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns, or any other form of damaged tissue, such as bumps, outgrowths, and probably even tumors, although I have no experience with tumors yet. It seems that this frequency helps to return tissue to its original form. Why not – there’s a rumor that Knight Templars have used some secret sound frequencies to instantly heal their wounds after the battle. Maybe this could be that frequency. I did not have an opportunity to see broken bones assemble back in their original position in a matter of minutes yet or wounds healing as if Neo from The Matrix had put his hands on them, but I did see cuts heal extremely quickly when this tone was played over them. So, it seems that this particular frequency has some sort of surgical application because my observations have shown that it works primarily on odd energy fields (the first, third, fifth, and seventh auric fields – etheric body, mental body etheric template, ketheric template) that are responsible for purity and perfection of human organs. It influences those fields sending them a message to restructure damaged organs – first energetically and then physically. So, when used with a strong intention and together with other forms of healing, this tone potentially could produce immediate or “spontaneous” healing of wounds, cuts, or even tumors. Therefore, this frequency, more than any other, requires more experimenting done by scientists.

Tone 174 Hz

The lowest of the tones seems to be a natural anesthetic. It tends to remove pain or at least reduce it to an endurable level. So, instead of poisoning ourselves with painkillers, we can use this tone or at least add it to lower dosages of painkillers. But that’s not all – this frequency helps establish contact with body organs as conscious entities and returns them into an open system. Namely, some organs, not only cells, tend to enter what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls a “closed system,” threatened by negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, or guilt. Sometimes extreme weather conditions like drought, cold, or heath cause organs to feel endangered; occasionally, other pollutants like radiation or heavy metals do it. When operating as a closed system, those organs go into “hibernation mode” and tend to freeze all their advanced functions. Those organs quickly become ill, either catching some infection or developing more severe pathology, depending on the strength and length of the negative influence. So, these organs need to be re-opened as a system and motivated to awaken their full potential. 174 Hz frequency easily does this, giving our organs a sense of security, safety, and love, encouraging them to do their best, not worse. If this is accompanied by subtle inner communication with our organs (talking to them, explaining to them what is going on, or soothing them with gentle expressions of love), we can avoid organs getting “angry,” “sad,” or “afraid” and therefore ill. Body organs must be treated as conscious beings, and we must pay attention to their needs.

Talking to my organs is a skill that I have recently learned during an ayahuasca ceremony in Brazil. I have had an ear infection because I neglected my body during the trip from cold Europe to hot Brazil, going through air-conditioned planes and buses to extremely hot and humid outdoor environments. I would have probably avoided inflammation had I talked to my body and explained that I had to go through some extreme conditions and that there was “nothing to worry about.” During the last of the three ceremonies, I have received information that I need to do exactly this in order to keep good relations with my body organs. Although this may sound naïve or even yeasty to some people, I warmly recommend this simple method to anybody going through possibly endangering experiences for their bodies. If we neglect messages our body sends us or put it in extreme conditions without explaining what is going on and why some of our organs can react by going into hibernation mode. Establishing conscious communication and using 174 Hz frequency can be of great help for traumatized organs to return to their optimal state.

Information presented in this text represents a revolution concerning human freedom to create their own lives – spiritual and material – according to their own will and in harmony with the will of the Spirit. Those frequencies present an additional potential of great power for a person who knows how to use them. The size of this power is visible in the fact that this knowledge was deliberately hidden from the public for centuries. And, there is a more recent example – once he rediscovered it and published what he found, Dr. Puleo was a target of several failed assassination attempts. That’s why you won’t find much information about Dr. Puleo’s current activities. He has obviously decided to withdraw from the public eye because of the immediate danger to his life. Since secret solfeggio tones allegedly represent sound frequencies that were used to create the Universe (God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh), those frequencies were probably once used in religious ceremonies to facilitate healing, bring back harmony, awareness, and connectedness with all-encompassing Spirit or God. They were “lost,” or, to put it more bluntly – censored – somewhere during the Medieval period, around the era of Guido d’Arezzo, who most likely wrote his hymn as a system of hidden codes that would protect this sacred knowledge. So, it seems those frequencies were used during mass, and maybe the church bells were also tuned to those sounds. Many people have never wondered why liturgy is mainly sung and what the purpose of singing is. When one possesses the knowledge about sound frequencies that return human beings to their source, to God, it becomes clear what the purpose of singing during the liturgy was. Of course, today, the singing of these particular frequencies is removed from the mass. It once was a precisely formulated spiritual ceremony and is now only a pale shadow of its original intent.

At the end of this part, I would like to return to the thesis stated at the beginning concerning the new paradigm in body healing. Jonathan Goldman, a famous spiritual singer and composer, who uses sound for healing, formulated the new paradigm in this way: Light + Sound = Creation. Sol Luckman, the creator of the healing system known as Regenetics, and one of the more interesting new researchers on sound and healing, further enhanced this model. I have added some explanations in brackets so that the paradigm would be as follows:

LIGHT (energy + intention) + SOUND (tone + word) = CREATION (healing)

It is necessary to include sound in the healing process to receive optimal results in healing the body. The best way to do this is to use words that most precisely state our intention. The cell receives orders – in the same way as a computer. It receives orders when stated in the present tense, without negations, and in a singular form.  If such an order is sung or supported with a certain sound frequency, its efficiency will be even greater. Practical use of those models can be learned in my Transformation of Karmic Patterns courses and Cellular Reprogramming and Cellular Potentiation, but also in courses by the above-mentioned teachers – from Theta Healing by Vianne Stibal and DNA Activation Techniques by Robert V. Gerard (although those systems do not use the Solfeggio scale), all the way to Regenetics method by Sol Luckman, which may very well be one of the most interesting new systems and which is directly based on the use of the Solfeggio scale.

You can find sound frequencies of the original Solfeggio scale in the form of tuning forks over the Internet. Since the science of healing with sound frequencies has progressed greatly, it is now possible to find tuning forks with various frequencies and purposes – from the solfeggio scale all the way to tones for healing specific organs, chakras or meridians, or tones made for contacting specific spiritual spheres and beings.


tuning forks

However, nine tones of the original Solfeggio scale still represent the foundation, which can be supplemented with new information. The effects of the specific solfeggio frequency can be so strong that they can be felt and developed in the weeks and months after use. So, regardless of how you decide to use it, you have an extraordinary opportunity hidden for centuries. Now, even sound is included in the battle for constructive global transformation. According to the prophecy, for such transformation to be successful, at least 144000 people are needed to sing a “special kind of song.” Choose to be one of those people because the situation will not be brilliant if the elites of the world manage to create a global Orwellian society.

© Tomislav Budak, June 2007.


Interpretation of the Hymn to St. John according to Webster’s Dictionary

UT-queant laxis

  1. asyllable used for the first note in the diatonic scale in an early solminzation system and later replaced by DO. 2. the syllable sung to this note in a medieval hymn to St. John the Baptist. <Gk. -Gamut- 1. the entire scale or range;the Gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy. 2. the whole series of recognized musical notes [1425-75]; late ME (Middle English)><ML (Medieval Latin)-contraction, of Gamma, used to represent the first lowest tone of (G) in the Medieval Scale Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si. <Gk – Gamma- 1. the third letter of the Greek alphabet. 2. the third in a series of items. 3. a star that is usually the third brightest in a constellation. 4. a unit of weight equal to one microgram. 5. a unit of magnetic field strength equal to 10 to the fifth power gauss. (queant: needing), (laxis: loose; axis-an affiliation of two or more nations. Also Axis Powers.)

RE-sonare fibris (Res-o-nance)

1 a: the state of quality of being resonant. b(1) a vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the systema larger than normal vibration produced in response to a stimulus whose frequency is close to the natural frequency of the vibrating system, as an electrical circuit, in which a value much larger than average is maintained for a given frequency. 5a. a quality of enriched significance, profundity, or allusiveness; a poem has a resonance beyond its surface meaning. 6. the chemical phenomenon in which the arrangements of the valance electrons of a molecule changes back and forth between two or more states. (in percussing for diagnostic purposes) a sound produced when air is present [1485-95]; <MF (Middle French), <L Resonantia, Echo=Reson (are) to resound + Antia-ance. (Re-a prefix, occurring orig. in loan words from Latin, use to form verbs denoting action in a backward direction, Action in answer to or intended to undo a situation, or that performance of the new action brings back an earlier state of affairs. (fibris: fibre string, vocal cord.) 2. the prolongation of sound by reflection; reverberation. 3a. Amplification of a source of speech sounds, esp. of phonation, by sympathic vibration of the air, eesp. in the cavities of the mouth, nose and pharynx. b. a characteristic quality of a particular voice speech sound imparted by the distribution of amplitudes among the cavities of the head, chest, and throat. 4a.

MI-ra gestorum (Miracle)

  1. an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause esp. to God. 2. afr (French): sighting, aiming to hold against the light. (gestorum: gesture; movements to express thought, emotion, any action, communication, etc. intended for effect.) superb or surpassing example of something; wonder, marvel {1125-75}, ME<L Miraculum=Mira(Ri) to wonder at.

FA-muli tuorum (Famuls.)

… plural Famuli, 1a. servant/s, or attendant/s, esp. of a scholar or a magician the number of members of a group required to be present to transact business or carry out an activity legally. usu. a majority. 2. a particularly chosen group. [1425-75;<L quorum of whom; from a use of the word in commissions written in Latin specifying a quorum.) [1830 – 40<L (Latin), servant, of family. (Tourum – quorum – 1.

SO-lve polluti (So-lve’)

  1. to find the answer or explanation for; clear-up; explain;to solve a mysteryor puzzle, to work out the answer or solution to (a mathematical problem.) [1400-50, Late ME<L Solvere to loosen, release dissolve=so-var, after velarl, of se-set-luere to wash; (see Ablution.) Ablution n. 1. a cleansing with water or other liquid, esp. as a religious ritual. [1350-1400]. (Pollutii-pollute-luted, 1. to make foul or unclean,)

LA-bii reatum (Labi-al)

  1. of pertaining to or resembling a Labium. 2. of pertaining to the lips, 3. (of a speech sound)articulated using one of both lips. 4. of or designating the surface of a tooth facing the lips. 5. the labial speech sound, esp. consonant, [1585-95]; ML lingual. (reatum – reaction – 1.a reverse movement or tendency; an action in a reverse direction or manner. 2. a movement toward extreme political conservatism; 3. a desire to return to an earlier system or order. 3. action in response to some influence, event etc.; 4. a physiological response to an action or condition. b. a physiological change indicating sensitivity to a foreign matter.) 6. mech. the instantaneous response of a system to an applied force, manifested as the exertion of a force equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction, to the applied force [1635-45].

S-ancte I-ohanes

  1. aperson of exceptional holiness, formally recognized by the Christian Church esp. by canonization. 2. a person of great virtue or benevolence. 3. a founder or patron, as of a movement. 4. a member of any various Christian groups. 5. to acknowledge as a Saint. Canonize [1150-1200]; ME Seinte. Canon: 1. an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority and, in the Roman Catholic Church, approved by the Pope. 3. a body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding, esp. in a field of study of art. 6. any officially recognized set of sacred books. 10. the part of the mass between Sanctus and the communion. 11. consistent, note-for-note imitation of one melodic line by another, in which the second line starts after the first. (axiomatic). 1. pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident. 2. a universally accepted principle or rule. 3. a proposition in logic or mathematics that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying consequences that follow from it.

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