The basic motif of spiritual science is the idea that human beings have all the necessary resources to act independently. Therefore, the material world is supposed to be a medium for human creative realization instead of a source of essential necessities. A realized person creates her own reality and has a great impact on matter, which enables her to create, decompose, and even sanctify (spiritualize) matter. Since man’s physical aspect is a lesser part of his totality (one third at most), thus his material needs – food, clothing, housing, physical pleasure – are not his only needs, neither can they be fulfilled by material means exclusively. The true purpose of our lives is the creative self-realization, and certainly not the rabid consumption. Although existentialist philosophers from the beginning of the 20th century considered Erich Fromm’s question – „to have or to be”- as the philosophical key point, I would add the following – to both have and to be, providing the final purpose – to create. Humans exist with the aim of becoming creatively realized beings. The means which lead to that goal are the following – mental health, which is proven through a person’s ability to create fulfilling relationships with other people, and spiritual awareness, which enables us to act from within, using our inner resources, both psychological and spiritual.

But who teaches us these things? Only true spiritual schools and they are particularly rare. In our modern society, humans are treated as robots addicted to material stimulants. Contemporary “civilization” creates a consumer who is targeted to outer sources of fulfillment and protection, ignoring his hidden potential. This is done either by denying inner potential completely or considering it “too subtle or unpractical for everyday life.” Instead, our lives are reserved for robotic work, eating, or having other physical pleasures, usually based on the possession of something or somebody. If somebody possesses enough material fetishes (pumped up by the market), then that person is happy and healthy. If not, they are unhappy or even ill. Well, there is something in money (although true happiness comes out of love), because the material welfare gives us freedom to do things which we are truly interested in. However, people who did not reach a satisfactory level of personal realization through love usually seek comfort in outer sources of fulfillment – too often in those of the same element (emotional life belongs to the water element) but with some fire in it (alcohol). Some of them move one step further and reach for magical chemicals of the narc industry, either those offered by street dealers or those that are socially acceptable and can be purchased in drug stores. It is possible to temporarily ease the lack of self-fulfillment in this way, but one has to pay the price for poisoning the body and soul. And, of course, the cause of dissatisfaction stays intact.

Our true needs cannot be fulfilled by external sources; thereby the causes of dissatisfaction cannot be overcome with temporary solutions. The internal fulfillment sources have no alternative. They are the only safe, permanent, and healthy solutions. The problem is that those sources usually cannot be reached without certain effort. It is much easier to take a pill, have some brandy, or smoke herbs that provide our tense nerves with the illusion of relaxation. If we want to reach the internal sources, we have to make an effort to get rid of personal and social sludge, which has disconnected us from them almost for good. And that is not an easy thing to do and cannot always be achieved at once. But, it seems that for most people, even the slightest effort of such kind presents a heavy barrier. Contemporary man is seeking instant pleasure; he is interested in “easy ways” (…to stop smoking, drinking, etc). Everything needs to be easy, or people are not interested. On the other hand, considering their senseless jobs, people are capable of fulfilling even the most difficult tasks just because they fear for their own existence. And this goes into even more ridiculous realms – if an external factor tells them to do things that can cause their own death, they would gladly do it. But any harder effort that is not imposed by their boss (slave owner) leaves them in a state of sheer horror. An effort to set themselves free – that’s too much. Such self-relations allow illiterate Texas cowboys to rule the world and persons like Arnold Schwarzenegger[1] to become the governor of the richest state in the world (California). Arny, a bad actor and bodybuilder with a brain poisoned by steroids, claims that 95 percent of people don’t know who carries their head and need to be told what to do. And he, a person who publicly expresses admiration for big dictators, an adulterer, and a vax promoter, is certainly willing to tell them what they’re supposed to do.

Society has no interest in turning people towards themselves to inner sources of fulfillment. So, one could think that this should be the role of religions or spiritual schools. Not true – most of the world’s religions are only dead letters on paper. Religions usually have the same goals – restriction and control, but their methods are more subtle. The situation is the same within different alternative or sub-cultural movements, such as „New Age,” which is also infected by nodding, materialism, elitism, and glamour. A long time ago, the New Age stopped offering anything new, advanced, or alternative. It has become similar to other mainstream movements where the secondary things turn out to be more important than the vital ones. Money, fame, or self-importance, for example. Some of Hollywood’s famous gurus take fees in thousands of dollars; on their touring, they require a limousine and a driver to prevent them from mixing with “common people,” which could desecrate their “precious selves.” The most important thing is to be seen, to have money and status, and to mingle with “celebrities” (celebrated for their stupidity, vanity, or debauchery).

The false New Age gurus base their „spiritual work” on shiny packed platitudes that promise quickly and easily gained powers of all kinds (money, sex, and self-importance gurus). Well, that’s what people ask for – not true effort. People desire to rise over everyday life misery, to run away from anonymity, and become „an enlightened cosmic being.” But that often ends up as some kind of pseudo-spiritual ego trip, which boosts the self-importance into cosmic proportions and hides all flaws as if they never existed. Never mind, all undesirable inner feelings shall be removed by visiting one of numerous „wellness centers,” where people are literally patted on the cheek and promised miracles for doing nothing. In Croatia recently, a person has spent tens of thousands of Euros on a fortune teller (wow! – “r-e-s-t-e-c-p-a” – as Ali G would say). Yes, that person has gladly turned the responsibility for overcoming her personal flaws to the “clairvoyance” of the fortune teller. And the fortune teller definitely saw something, at least where the money was. Man wants such things and doesn’t hesitate to spend huge amounts of cash to get them. Most people want to do nothing on their own, not to face the unpleasant truths, not to change anything, and especially not to take any responsibility.

But, the biology lessons teach us that only brambles and weeds grow fast, and the most beautiful flowers need some time to grow and require regular and adequate care. Therefore, where there’s no pain, there’s also no gain. If we want to reach true inner fulfillment, we have to turn inwards, know ourselves, and then fight for ourselves. We have to make a continuous effort to systematically resolve inner blocking mechanisms that prevent us from reaching those sources. This is rather hard work – but at the same time, not too hard because it is impossible to purify oneself by forcing it. This kind of work needs to be done harmoniously and on a regular basis. If we take into account the amount of time that we spend watching television or drinking coffee or beer in smoked bars, it is obvious that this kind of work does not require any more time than regular twiddling or dealing with shallow satisfaction. The value of continuously dealing with something is well-known to musicians. They joke with drummers, saying that “even a drummer can one day become a musician if he mingles with them.” But they have a point here – it is necessary to work continuously on something, and results will follow. No supra-human exertion is needed. So, let’s get back to the topic (non-vibrant energy and its sources) because I wouldn’t like this article to become only the critique of the wastelands of esoteric pseudo-reality or the fatality of human foolishness.


The energy aspect of personal development is usually either overrated or depreciated. Systems that are based exclusively on energy work perceive all inner processes as energetic issues. They perform only energy treatments that are pleasant but do not always give patients an opportunity to cooperate consciously in their healing process and learn from it. Energy healing systems very often develop models similar to the official academic (allopathic) medicine and specialize in suppressing the symptoms. They do not understand that in the healing process, there cannot be any fighting or suppressing because that only increases the power of an object we are fighting against. Homeopathic doctors have discovered long ago that no disease can be truly cured by jugulating it the way academic medicine does. This could only suppress the disease deeper and deeper into the body. Traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and other branches) supports that assertion. It also stresses the point of recovering the patient’s health instead of „fighting against a vicious disease.” According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathic medicine are the leading therapy systems, more successful than allopathic medicine. Although being an instrument of academic medicine, WHO still cannot disown good results of these two „alternative” therapeutic models.

But, although these two branches of medicine do realize that the disease must be pulled out of an organism, i.e. dismissed, they do not automatically ensure such a process happens. If we limit healing to energy work only, then there are no technical means for achieving awareness of the causes. For example, the homeopathic concoction can initiate the cause of the problem to manifest itself to release all its symptoms, but then the homeopathic doctors expect from patient to realize what the cause is on his own. Possibly, but on most occasions, this does not happen. Then the patients, irritated by the symptoms’ persistence, very often return to allopathic medicine to jugulate their problem, at least temporarily. In a way, this seems like a reasonable reaction, but it is necessary to understand that suppressing the problem is very different than its permanent resolution. Permanent health can only be restored by facing the causes of the problem consciously, followed by a willingness to learn the lesson hidden behind that certain problem. And all of that must be completed with a considerable change in one’s lifestyle. Illness (or any other chronic problem) comes up as an instrument of initiation into the higher levels of consciousness and into a new quality of living – to make us learn something out of it and to change us, respectively. Discussing my work on my website, I have already mentioned that I consider energy work as quite important. But if we observe it from the widest possible point of view, where the healing process includes all relevant elements (efficient dissolving of the symptoms, discovering and dissolving the cause, as well as learning a problem’s lesson by revealing its higher purpose), then we can see its real range. Energy work represents one-third of the healing process – an irreplaceable third, but no more than that.

On the other hand, there are personal development systems that do not include energy work at all. They put an accent on consciousness and heal only through understanding of the problem – its symptoms, causes and sources, with no energy work during the therapeutic process. Such an intervention is also not complete because there are things to do with energy that can speed up the whole process, make it more complete, and therefore avoid unnecessary difficulties that follow the recovery of the patient. Although I spoke a lot about efforts that need to be taken in order to reach the inner sources, I certainly do not promote hard work here (we all know that work kills us – a cigarette shortens our life for ten minutes, and one working day shortens it for eight or more hours). I just wish to emphasize the necessity of accepting the inevitable – what needs to be done in order to make therapeutic intervention both fast and complete. That’s why I use energy work in therapy, which allows my clients to open themselves up more easily, quickly discover the causes, and easily achieve the spiritual experience at the end of the whole process. Additionally, the energy shall clean up the blockage debris and ease the stabilization of new-incurred reality within one’s energy body and, thereupon, inside the physical body. So, I use both consciousness and energy because consciousness communicates directly with our brain and nervous system, and energy matches the blood vessel system and body liquids. Since water constitutes 70 percent of the human body, it is obvious that energy work has a significant influence.

Therefore, we can easily say that besides methods that enable patients to become aware of the causes of their problems and make necessary adjustments in their lifestyle, it is the vibrational medicine[2] that is going to be the medicine for the 21st century. Many doctors who did not sell their selves to the rigid academic system and to the pharmaceutical industry do work on the development of vibrational healing systems. Others lose their patients at a very high and fast rate. There is no alternative to change, and contemporary medicine will have to adapt to new, holistic trends. So, now that we have defined the role of energy work within the healing process let’s see what energy work really is or what it means to heal using energy. Every process related to any kind of channeling of the universal energy field is usually put in the same basket, but energy work means much more than that. The popularity of energy work culminated with Reiki – nowadays, almost every housekeeper has a Reiki initiation, and that is a very positive thing. The bad thing is that the mass popularity of Reiki and other popular forms of energy work has often reduced it to bluster or absurd mystifications produced by New Age elitists so that many intelligent and reasonable people feel repulsion to that kind of work. But, it is unreasonable not to use the free and infinite universal energy that is at our disposal only because there are some people who use it shallowly. I do not give up listening the good music just because the music industry enabled an armed figure named „50 Cent” to record an album called The Massacre.  



Similar to electricity, a universal energy field cannot be seen, but it can be sensed. We can feel these energies, and we can sense their effect. In a way, the universal energy is the same as electricity, but of much higher frequency. It also produces light and warmth, and it has its strength and voltage. The universal field energy is highly vibrant and it supplies the human body – both physical and energetic – with its vital force. Strong and healthy (pure) energy running freely through our bodies makes us feel vigorous, but areas of low, blocked, or dirty energy constitute our weaknesses. The vibrant energy of the universal field (also called “prana,” “orgone” or “chi”) must circulate freely. This presents her main attribute – it is here to establish harmony inside every being, but also the harmonious relationships between beings and the world around them.  

Aura (human energy field), together with its energy centers (chakras), directly matches the level of human relations. Unbalanced or disturbed relations entail one’s negative mental/emotional condition and blocked aura. As chakras are centers of energy communication, bad relationships will block traumatic experiences, and toxic bonds result in negative emotions, limiting beliefs (thoughts), and undesirable roles (identities). By re-creating harmonious and fulfilling relationships, we can resolve energy blocks in the aura and induce chakras to open up and function optimally. Once all of this has been done on a psycho-energetic level, the physical conditions follow the new inner reality. I can never emphasize enough the importance of relationships for mental and physical health. It is because the basic aspect of a human energy field, or aura, is love. So, to be a healthy person, love needs to be pure and expressed directly. The unlimited circulation of love is what heals human aura and chakras. So, love can be defined as an optimal energy flow, which is manifested as an ability to accept ourselves and other persons unconditionally and to enthusiastically support another person’s goals and efforts, as long as she plays fair game and does not hurt others` integrity.


Besides aura and chakras, there are also other energy levels and forms of energy bodies. One dimension higher than the level of human relations, we can find the next realm of existence, the so-called “haric level. “ This is the level of intentionality, containing the centers that accumulate the energy necessary for achieving various human goals. Its main operational tool is intention. Hara level deals with the next basic aspect of human existence, which is the ability to set goals and actualize them in material reality. To achieve true happiness and self-realization, every human being must be aware of their own goals and work continuously on reaching them. Everyone must do it for themselves. One of the top criteria for mental health is the ability to have goals clearly set. This is the reason why methods of personal growth put an accent on discovering and understanding one’s own identity and true needs. Generally speaking, human aspirations are all pretty much the same. We all want identical things – of course, we express and formulate them in our own ways. All human goals can be put into a few groups, and each of them can be achieved using a certain type of energy. Each particular haric energy center accumulates adequate energy frequencies, which enable the realization of certain types of goals. What the energy grade of intentionality level also reflects is the cosmic principle of light. Therefore, when seen through the realm of intentionality, a human being looks like a big ball of light, usually referred to as the “light body.” This body occupies the same space as the aura but is much larger and more subtle because it exists in one dimension higher than the aura. 

The fundamental condition for using the energies of the haric level is to know what we want. Therefore, we need to reveal personal goals first, or our “life mission” if possible. The knowledge of haric energy centers – their anatomy and function – shall not be of any use if we do not know what purpose we want to use them for. If not directed to achieve certain goals, haric centers (or “dan tiens,” a Chinese term meaning the “centers of power”) stay dormant and inactive. Along with knowing what we want, the use of the hidden potential of the haric level requires resolute and impeccable action. And one day, after some time of regular and disciplined practice, we can shape ourselves into a strong, energetic being with an almost unlimited power of self-realization. Cultivation of light can provide us with extraordinary physical strength; it can give us exceptional emotional depth and insight into our true emotional needs. It can also provide us with mental brightness and sharp perception so that we can perceive any “disturbance in the force” without space or time limits. What needs to be mentioned here is that the haric dimension also deals with vibrant energies because the chi pulsates and flows from one space-time point to another. So, although this type of energy goes far beyond the limits of the material universe, it still pertains to the domain of the vibrational and dual universe.



Finally, we come to the non-vibrant energies. If we want to speak about this kind of energy, then we also have to introduce the concept of the “Spirit,” meaning the true original nature of all that exists. It is hard to talk about the Spirit, as it is hard to describe the spiritual experience or the “enlightenment.” The reason is that the spiritual dimension lies beyond the dual universe and comes under the world of Oneness. And in Oneness there is no point A or point B and no processes between them. Therefore, there is no pulsation or vibration and no words to adequately describe that sphere. Words also belong to the domain of the dual universe. Words can only describe a process, but there are no processes on the spiritual level. This specific dimension is characterized by timelessness (no linear time moving from past to future), non-spatiality (no here or there), and stativity (neither vibrations nor frequencies). Still, all these things I wrote about Oneness are not fully true because I use words that are incapable of describing the world of Unity. For example, as regards “stativity,” one could think that this sphere is characterized by timeless boredom or futility, but not at all. The problem is in the human mind. It does not have the ability to perceive this sphere, so it likes to believe that such a sphere does not exist at all. And if it does exist, it must be something boring or even bad. When it comes to the world of Unity, the human mind is endlessly confused. It is also often horrified of being shut off or even destroyed when confronted with Oneness, and it forwardly resists the whole spiritual dimension. That’s why the minds of spiritually untrained people usually act like HAL 9000, a super-computer from the book/film 2001 – A Space Odyssey. The computer was programmed to survive and perform all kinds of tricks to prevent the crew from shutting it down.

The fact is that it is almost impossible for the mind to understand the Spirit, although people are used to believing that their senses and mind (intellect) are the only trustworthy means of perception. Humans are even taught to ignore their feelings (emotions) as unreliable perception instruments. So, we do not follow our feelings and therefore do not do what we feel is the right thing to do – we rather stay „rational” (whatever that means). „I think, therefore I am,” said Rene Descartes, and we have accepted his view. He didn’t say – „I am one with the Spirit; therefore I am,” and certainly not „I feel, therefore I am.” So, for more than three hundred years, our civilization was designed with the purpose of separating people from their irrationality – at first from emotions and afterward from spirituality. Speaking of the Spirit, our mind would say that Spirit does not exist! And this would be true, not only from the dual perspective but also from the Unity’s perspective, because on the spiritual level, there is no such thing as existence or non-existence. Both are the concepts of mind, belonging to the domain of human syntax. So, what is the Spirit? How can we perceive it when perception itself is only a process?!?

Since the Spirit is a pure abstraction with no processes, time, or space, it cannot be perceived even with the most subtle energy senses of aura (chakras) or even those of the light body (dan tiens). However, mystics persistently repeat that level of Oneness does exist and that it can be experienced through “meditation,” “prayer,” or “intention.” These are actually methods to prepare us for such an experience – it then either happens or not, depending on the Spirit itself. Fortunately, a lot has been discovered lately about the nature of the mystical experience, so we do not need to depend on ancient concepts anymore. On the basis of recent revelations of contemporary psycho-spiritual science, we can say that it is possible to perceive the Spirit via direct experience. And there are energy centers that are able to perceive directly – they are called the “core stars.” By using those centers consciously, we can have a mystical experience, but we can also have it just by perceiving something directly. So, what is this direct experience, and how can we achieve it? It is an experience of something or someone that happens without any process between the subject of perception and an object of perception. From the technical point of view, we must identify ourselves with a certain object and feel it (be in it) entirely. Direct or immediate experience is always based on emotional identification, and although feelings themselves are also processes, we can say that they are some kind of agent for perceiving the Spirit. In this context, they are superior to intellect. Besides the emotional identification, one must have an intention to experience that object directly. If one has a solid intention with a mind cleared and wide-opened, the direct experience could follow. In it, the difference between the subject of perception (a perceiving person) and the perceived object suddenly disappears – they become one. All collateral perception modes and all processes must be switched off, and the way to the Spirit is paved. We have one whole new dimension in front of us.

Before we continue, I have to say that the human mind is not entirely a negative thing. It has an essential role for all manifested beings. Sometimes it needs to be shut down, but then again, it has to be turned on. Mind (Ego) has an important feature – it enables us to operate in the physical world. Although the Spirit is a source of our deepest fulfillment, a spiritually oriented person must not turn into a spiritual addict, unwilling to live everyday life. Spiritual experience should be the base for human creative realization and not an escape from reality. The deeper the person connects with the Spirit, the easier she/he can be in contact with inner sources of happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and health. Once the spiritual experience has been reached, one must use his human potential – brain, arms, and legs – to realize this inner potential in material reality. At the same time, our mind manages human skills, and it must be properly trained to provide a quality performance. So, the distinction between the human mind and the “universal mind” (Spirit) has to be clear. Although the human mind has many fascinating abilities, it is still not the source of our creativity and inspiration. None of the creative ideas come out of our minds or our nervous systems. All of these originate from the Spirit, which is subsequently the basis of all our skills.

The strange thing is that many skeptics, as well as some New Age schools of personal development, do not recognize the spiritual reality. They often praise the science which has allegedly never proved anything beside the visible and measurable figures. OK, let us check out what modern science says about the subtle aspects of existence or non-existence. Only rare individuals are familiar with the newest findings of modern physics, but scientists know very well that only a minor part of the universe can be seen and measured. The presentation below is taken from the website of Giuliana Conforto, an Italian astrophysicist. It shows that 70% of the universe consists of the so-called „dark energy.” The next 25% stands for the mysterious „exotic matter.” Both are completely immeasurable by any instrument. The rest of the 5% belongs to our very dear measurable matter – „dark ordinary matter” (which most of us think of as the only existing reality). Only 0.5% goes to „the luminous ordinary matter,” and only 0.005% is visible to the naked eye. So, human eyes can see only 0,005% of the existing universal scene. What is going on with other aspects, with the enormous 95% of „the dark and exotic energy/matter”?


Discovered by the Wilkinson Anisotropy Microwave Probe, the concept of dark energy/matter is the result of measurements of the celestial bodies` movements. For example, when moving around a star, the planets must hold a certain mass, providing them with stable positions. This mass enables gravity to keep objects in place and prevents them from scattering around. During these measurements, it was noted that the mass of a planet simply has to be much bigger than the visible or measurable mass. The conclusion was that besides the visible mass, there has to be a huge amount of some invisible mass, so physicists called it “dark mass”[3]. Planets would otherwise fall off their route. Therefore, there must be other levels of existence besides those perceivable with the naked eye or with the help of electromagnetic force. That is, modern science assumes that electromagnetic energy is responsible for the visibility of objects, but this force interacts only with 0.5% of the total energy/matter – exclusively with the so-called “luminous ordinary matter.” If we use only electromagnetic light as a means of observation, then 99.5% of the total energy/matter remains hidden. This is the reason why Giuliana Conforto considers electromagnetic light deceptive – it creates an illusion that the only existing reality is the one visible to bare eyes or measurable by instruments. The result is that people usually think of other, invisible realities either as nonexistent or something “supra-natural.”

Giuliana Conforto claims that dark energy/matter communicates only with the weak nuclear force. This force is one of the four basic forces known (so far) in the universe – the other three are electromagnetic force, gravity, and the strong nuclear force. Weak nuclear force interacts with the electromagnetic force, and when they both act like one, physicists call it the “electroweak force”[4]. The electromagnetic force itself is also very important – it shapes the visible realm, determines its geometry and frame, and provides us the opportunity to see the beauty around us (remember – 0,005 percent only!). But what is “the weak force”? Giuliana Conforto states the following:

– The weak nuclear force gives the nuclear matter rhythm and motion, creating life forms;

– It imbues the living and dead matter, transforms stars and planets by affecting processes in their cores;

– It makes a link between natural and „supra-natural” phenomena by filling the gap between „earthly” and „spiritual” issues; thus enabling people to use their spiritual potential;

– It represents an immeasurable and subtle emotional aspect of human existence – human eros, love, consciousness, and artistic expression.

Why do scientists call it “weak”? According to Giuliana Conforto, its principal manifestation is Love, and scientists do not have instruments to measure love, so they consider it weak and almost unimportant. She also claims that an official view of luminous matter as the only kind of matter supported by scientists, religions, and human eyesight, is nothing more than a collective illusion. Most scientists are aware of that fact, but they choose to ignore it. However, in her extraordinary book Organic Universe, Giuliana Conforto describes dark energy/matter as far more real than the visible specter of the universe. It represents the infinite source of “free energy” which cannot be bought or sold nor put under someone’s privileged exploitation. It provides abundance for all people, meaning the end of poverty and the predomination of world dictators. This is the reason why official science does not deal with that kind of energy – wealthy bosses have no interest in financing this kind of exploration. We know that they were giving support to Nikola Tesla as long as they could gain money and power from his inventions. As soon as he presented plans for free production and wireless distribution of energy through Earth’s electromagnetic field to banker J.P. Morgan, Tesla was kicked out of his office. “How shall I charge the consumption?” – Mr. Morgan asked.

Is it possible that this dark energy/matter actually presents the same thing as the Spirit? Probably, because something we used to call “spiritual reality” is only a concept. We could have used a better term if we had one. However, scientists are rarely willing to further explore the fact of dark energy/matter. As I have already mentioned, they know it exists, but they rather ignore it. So, without concrete evidence, we can only speculate on the meaning of it. What we can surely claim is that dark energy/matter is supervised to the visible realm in quantity and quality. Its features are very similar to Spirit’s – it is inapprehensible, invisible, and elusive. It is supposed to be “weak” and “unimportant,” yet it keeps stars and planets in their position. It fills the vacuum, and it multiplies when used. Sounds like Love to me. Connecting natural and supra-natural realms, it could represent the source of free energy, universal cosmic love, human creativity, and inspiration, motivating us for artistic expression. All these “immaterial” things must have some source, and I believe this could really be the dark energy/matter.

It is interesting that Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan uses almost the same expression when speaking about the Spirit – he calls it the “dark sea of perception”[5]. Don Juan approaches it as a complete abstraction that cannot be seen or spoken of but could be perceived and its effects or manifestations experienced. I have already mentioned that Spirit can be reached through a direct, immediate experience, but Don Juan furthermore claims that we can put it to practical use. This is what he means as he illustrates to Castaneda “the greatest wisdom ever told”[6]. After having finished his first book, Castaneda asked for Don Juan’s opinion of his writing. Namely, Castaneda was told by his readers that such esoteric doctrines must stay hidden and that most oriental gurus ban their apprentices from publicly exposing such knowledge. Don Juan had no problem with that. He represented the view that everything depends on one’s personal strength and that human perception is an imminent consequence of somebody’s energy level. If we do not have enough energy, even the most superb wisdom means nothing to us. Thereupon he reveals to Castaneda the greatest wisdom of all times[7]:

Do you know that at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know that you can use that eternity, if you so desire?…”There! Eternity is there!” he said, pointing to the horizon. Then he pointed to the zenith. “Or there, or perhaps we can say that eternity is like this.” He extended both arms to point to the east and west. …”Do you know that you can extend yourself forever in any of the directions I have pointed to?” he went on. “Do you know that one moment can be eternity? This is not a riddle; it’s a fact, but only if you mount that moment and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction.” He stared at me. “You didn’t have this knowledge before,” he said, smiling. “Now you do. I have revealed it to you. But it doesn’t make a bit of difference because you don’t have enough personal power to utilize my revelation.

At his present level of development, Castaneda had no idea what Don Juan was talking about. Without having enough energy, it is impossible to perceive the infinity, let alone put it into practical use. This is the reason why world rulers do everything they can to keep people on the lowest possible level of energy, consciousness, or personal power. But nobody can take from us something that belongs to us by natural law. We must keep on balancing our relations (cleaning aura and chakras) and realizing our own life tendencies (purifying light bodies) to remove all karmic sludge and blockages from energy bodies. This will raise our energy level high enough to finally become able to perceive the abstract, spiritual dimensions of our existence. This is an important ability, although rarely stressed out in human society.

We could compare the electromagnetic aspect of an electroweak force with the prana or chi, as it behaves like a very high-frequency electromagnetic force. On the other hand, the weak force does not show signs of movement, nor does it belong to any particular space or time. It acts as pure consciousness or “cosmic love” (agape, unconditioned love), according to Giuliana Conforto. We can only be aware of it – in ourselves, other people, and our surroundings – and thereby stimulate it to express itself through subtle electromagnetic processes in our energy bodies. The weak force cannot be “sent” or “directed” as we usually do with prana or “bio-energy.” We can only enter into the state of Oneness with it, experience it directly to “awaken it,” and initiate non-vibrant “emanation” (in lack of more accurate expressions, I use the most approximate ones to describe the process).

When it comes to abstraction, most people are very proud of their practicality and common sense and consider abstraction as a non-productive theory handled by irresponsible individuals. But, as the concrete world plays an important role in our lives, so does the abstract world with its numerous aspects. The problem is that we are not used to noticing the abstract aspects of reality. Putting the “infinity” into practical use? How? And why would we be interested in this at all? Well, for a person mastered in direct experiencing, there is a myriad of interesting possibilities in the practical use of the “infinity.” All these possibilities can be systematized, not just for the purpose of systematization itself, but to make it easier for the mind to understand these things and to manifest them in a dual universe. Before we start with the systematization of non-vibrant energies, let us just clear out one more thing – the concept of “darkness,” which is often used in that context. Physics talks about so-called “dark energy/matter”; Don Juan speaks of the “dark sea,” but these are not some kind of “gloomy-dark” realities. The point is to stress the non-apprehensibility of the Spirit or weak force. A person directed to the immediate experience of this sphere experiences the infinite “sea” of potentials, and undoubtedly not the “darkness” as some kind of negative force. Once these potentials have been awakened and directed to manifestation, many useful processes start taking place. Thus the more adequate expression would be “the invisible matter” or maybe the alchemical “materia prima“ because it precedes the manifestation of our ordinary matter.

So, what are those practical implications of the abstract world, infinity, dark energy/matter, or the Spirit? Within their energy bodies, human beings possess specific sources of weak force or the Spirit. These are the so-called core star centers, named after their ability to emanate their own energy, just like stars. Star centers are points of direct manifestation of the Spirit inside a human being. At the same time, they are the “organs” for the perception of the Spirit, with all its numerous aspects. These perception organs are more subtle than physical senses, chakras, or dan tiens. If chakras are powered by love and a light body (hara level) by intention, then the star centers are activated exclusively by a direct experience. This gives the Enlightenment Intensive or other similar techniques a crucial role in personal development systems. A direct experience paves the way to the cognition of Spirit and to the activation of each star center with its specific aspects. And which are these aspects?

Unlike chakras (centers for energy communication) and dan tiens (centers for accumulation of energy), star centers represent the autonomous sources of emanation. In addition, chakras and dan tiens constitute vibrant energy in its various aspects, whereas star centers emanations are of a non-vibrant kind. Here is an overview of these specific non-vibrant emanations. For example, the use of the 6th star center (positioned about 10 centimetres above the head) activates energies having an effect identically to antibiotics – without harmful side effects, of course. This center is the source of the so-called “energies of nine precious metals” – gold, silver, copper, iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, and rhodium. Energetic silver has the same effect as colloidal silver – a popular natural antibiotic that exterminates 650 known viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Many alternative systems prefer colloidal silver rather than pharmaceutical antibiotics for not having the side effects. Colloidal silver is very effective in curing infections, but at the same time, it is expensive, has some side effects if taken during longer periods of time, and one still consumes something that has an outside source. A person who has opened, purified, and activated the 6th star center can contact the non-vibrant energies of precious metals like silver and has the possibility to use them as it would use the colloidal concoctions or antibiotics. Energetic, non-vibrant silver has no side effects besides the natural cleaning processes, which manifest as usual cure agents (high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea, sneezing, and similar).

I have always preferred the independence and self-sufficiency, or the “free-energy” option, if possible. Instead of spending money on doctors or sometimes very expensive homeopathic concoctions, why not cure ourselves on our own, using inner resources? Colloidal gold, for example, benefits the brain, nervous system, and endocrine glands. Besides, it is commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Energetic gold has the completely same effect. Colloidal copper cures heart- and blood-stream diseases – energetic “copper” also. There is more – other star centers also offer numerous options. For example, when activated, a non-vibrant energy of the 2nd star center (“the creative center”) automatically removes accumulated negative energy from all layers of the aura and light body simultaneously. There is no need to go to bio-energy healers – you can do it yourself. By activating the 1st star center, all toxins on a cellular level are removed from one’s body, and DNA is initiated to return to its original, healthy condition. Activation of the “center of love,” the 4th one, cleanses the primordial elements – fire, water, air, earth, and ether; and purifies respective emotions – anger (positive state – motivation), sorrow (joy), fear (trust), guilt (innocence) and trance (alertness). Activated 7th star centre removes alien entities and harmful astral influences of any kind; and the 3rd centre grounds a person in her own centre and protects her integrity. 

Whether we reach the various Spirit aspects via the star centers or using methods that enable direct experience, the best thing about the spiritual experience is that every time we have it, it comes different and new. Whatever we think that we know concerning the Spirit, it always remains a mystery. According to its own nature, Spirit implies an abstract source of peace, fulfillment, creativity, love, and knowledge – anything a human being could ever imagine, and even more than that. That is actually its best feature; because everyone who thinks of himself as knowing everything lives a completely dull and prosaic life. In fact, life begins to end when we start thinking that there is nothing more to learn. On the other hand, options given by the Spirit and the star centers are numerous. And they need to be experienced instead of written about. There are seminars, such as the Enlightenment Intensive or the Energy Intensive, aimed at the personal experience of the Spirit or Absolute. Many other courses, such as the Intention Energetic level 3 – Spirit Activation – directly initiate the active aspects of the Spirit with the purpose of human self-realization.

Finally, one could ask what could be the final purpose of this kind of work. Some of the people dealing with that topic are certainly Giuliana Conforto in her books and courses and much more Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872 – 1950), a famous Indian mystic, poet, writer, politician, and humanist. He uses the term “supramental” when talking about the active aspect of the Spirit. Aurobindo describes it as some kind of connection between the transcendental “Satchitananda” (truth-consciousness-brightness) or the “passive” aspect of the Spirit and the Creation or the material universe. Supramental stands for the active force (weak nuclear force?), which could be “guided” (initiated by tuning to it and then by intention). The purpose of Aurobindo’s spiritual school is to spiritualize matter, to activate the inner super-awareness, which would lead to the sanctification of matter. Sri Aurobindo left us a large opus with one special point – the idea of an evolving human being who is yet to become an independent creator of his own destiny, i.e. of a healthy and happy society. I believe that the basic condition for taking the next evolutionary step is to become independent on a very wide range. Being aware of the Spirit as our true source contributes to general integrity and self-sufficiency. At the same time, the revelation of the core star centers plays a significant role in contemporary psycho-spiritual science. And using them could enrich our lives beyond any imagination. 

Tomislav Budak, December 2005



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