matrix earth

“America? That’s five or six men who stole money from millions of poor souls who live in the countries called America… with stolen money, they paid those same poor souls, now armed, to go to Iraq and make more money by stealing oil and killing innocents…”[1]

From the spiritual point of view, the world we live in is neither the only existing world, nor it presents the most subtle level of existence. For that reason, some scientists, artists, mystics, and philosophers claim that the world we live in is illusory. One of their arguments is the fact that the matter only seems solid. When examined under a strong microscope, matter is shown to be made of atoms, consisting of the core and the electrons circling around it. The distance between electrons and the core is large – we can imagine the core to be a speck of dust on the floor, and the first electron is as far as the speck of dust on the ceiling. There is a huge “empty space” between the core and electrons – nowadays called “dark matter.”  We can, therefore, say that the atom structure is more hollow than solid. Their next argument pertains to the relationship between matter, energy, and consciousness. Namely, matter has a mass, and mass equals its energy. If a mass is nothing more than energy, we can take it one step further and embrace the claim of modern science about the origin of energy – energy is, actually, consciousness. This means that consciousness predates both energy and matter and that it creates and moves matter. 

Ergo, the world is a product of consciousness and, as such, is illusory because if consciousness can create and recreate the material world, then matter cannot be either solid or real. This also means that processes such as materialization or dematerialization and free movement through matter (“walking through walls”) are potentially possible. Some people – not only Eastern mystics or Christian saints – claim to have had such an experience. Contemporary spiritual researcher Stuart Wilde, as described in his book “The Prayers and Contemplations of God’s Gladiators“[2], claims that he has passed through the walls of his hotel room. In his opinion, it is a matter of stopping time – if we are able to silence the internal dialogue and diss-identify from the time as a process, the matter before us will simply disintegrate. Or, to put it differently, the matter will become fluid and transparent, thus making it possible to walk through walls. Space and time create the so-called “space-time continuum” – thus, if we influence our perception of time, we shall also influence our perception of space. And, since consciousness originally creates space and time, it is also able to dissolve them.

Consciousness, as we can see, is the common denominator of both the material and immaterial world. If perceived in a certain way, the world seems solid, material, firm, and unchangeable. On the other hand, if seen from a different level of perspective, the world becomes fluid, far from any kind of firmness or solidity. And on an even higher level, behind either the firmness or fluidity of the material world lies the world of consciousness or the world of Unity. That world is considered by mystics to be the only real world, while the material world is illusory. And what would then be “reality”? Point of view. When seen in a certain way, some realities become more real than others, and if we change our point of view, then the other reality will become more real. If we watch the Existence directly from Unity, then everything that is not Unity becomes an illusion. Considering the fact that the world of Unity is primary and eternal, and the material world is secondary and transient, the material world is illusory in relation to the world of Unity. And this illusion is created by our own perception. The world is what we think it is, that is, what we choose to perceive. Taking the point further, the world can be viewed as our own projection and creation. One of the basic postulates of contemporary psycho-spiritual science is that human beings create their own realities. If we consider the fact that consciousness influences matter, this will definitely be true – the world is like a hologram created as a consequence of our own projections.

What needs to be emphasized here is that human’s ability to create their own realities varies to a large degree. Some people are able to dissolve certain reality and create a new one very quickly, and others – even with the maximum effort – are not able to do it with such efficiency. By becoming more conscious, complete, and purified, we are able to create our reality faster and easier – starting with our everyday needs and going all the way to walking through walls. The so-called “less complete persons” have less influence on their realities because they are out of touch with their full inner potential or their own multidimensional cosmic being that we usually call the “Soul,” and also with the endless sea of energy/consciousness that we call the “Spirit,” “God” or “Truth.” Since such people are not able to fully create their own lives, they allow other people to create it for them, consciously or unconsciously. Such people can try to blame “fate” for their lack of self-realization, but there is no mystery in the life of a non-complete person. They are subject to very clear cause-effect mechanisms, and their problems are usually a consequence of their inability to function from within, to be connected to their Soul and the Spirit, having clear goals, and being able to make their own decisions. 

Alas, this world is filled with people who can barely wait to ensnare someone who is not capable of creating their own reality. Those people will happily create a life for such a person, only that sort of creation will usually be based on some kind of manipulation, where the manipulator (be it a person, group, or a system) somehow tries to enslave the non-complete person. During thousands of years of life on Earth, manipulative few (usually more educated and richer but morally degraded) have done all in their power to make those who were less rich and less educated work for them. Such minority “elites” are also not complete beings – their powers come from a lack of compassion, lack of scruples, and “good connections” with “the dark side”[3]. Elite possesses knowledge, only that knowledge is not combined with emotional and spiritual maturity, but with very primitive and egotistical instincts. 

So, the solidity and objectivity of the material world are questionable. Also, in concordance with new discoveries in physics and psycho-spiritual science, humans are creating their own lives even when they do not do it consciously. They will either use their own creative potential or allow others to (miss)use their energy for their own goals. The reason why humans do not explore and use their potential is because they are taught to think they have none or that they are “sinful beings” who have to control themselves constantly. And it is very well known who taught humans to think that way – those who need a labor force with a low level of self-awareness. So, the best way to enslave somebody is to influence how that person thinks. The ruling minority manipulates our perceptual processes to be able to impose their own vision of reality. If someone controls our perception of ourselves, of life, of other beings, and of God (whoever or whatever “He” is), then our lives are automatically controlled. Therefore, the rule says – the one who controls human perception controls humanity. 

In order to maintain control, the controllers have to fabricate many different beliefs, but the most important is one that says there is no control whatsoever. If humans think they are free, but their perceptions, behaviors, and work are controlled, then they do not lead their optimal lives. Instead, they are enslaved by the web of illusions, popularly called “the Matrix.” The term is based on a well-known film made by the Wachowski brothers/sisters, who used the metaphor of a digitally controlled society to deal with the topic of human enslavement. Well, if we make an effort to take a sober look at our world, it will become apparent that instead of living a life based on development, evolution, and expansion of consciousness, humans live within the system created to belittle, limit and even kill them. That is, the world in which we live has the potential to be a much better place, but somehow this potential is always postponed into an indefinite future. In the meantime, the Matrix as a system develops into a kind of conscious being whose survival becomes more important than the survival of mankind. It starts behaving as an artificial intelligence, as a computer that has become too powerful and is aiming for total control over itself and over its programmers. 

Although this idea may sound like just another unrealistic “conspiracy theory,” life on Earth has to be analyzed through objective indicators in order to make definite conclusions. All religions and schools of spiritual thought, and all people with an ounce of “horse sense,” agree with the fact that the world has the potential to be perfect but is still not perfect. Together with the world, human beings are also not perfect. Although allegedly created “in God’s image,” humans are far from living a Godly life. And the very nature of biological life carries lots of imperfections. Since all life forms feed on each other, their living includes the experience of suffering, pain, fear, and death. The nature of life is more predatory, cruel, and merciless than supportive. On top of that, we have natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires, volcano eruptions, typhoons, or droughts – and they all bring new quantities and qualities of death and suffering. And finally, the world is ruled not by people who wish for progress, justice, truth, and well-being but are set on draining and destroying the planet for their own narrow, primitive, and selfish interests. Such people are using all means at their disposal to influence our perceptions and divert our attention from what they are doing. They are trying to present their actions in a different light to muddle our awareness and to make their manipulations look like a series of “random events.” Lots of people are aware of this and feel as if they are living in a false world based on absurdity and deceit. Allegedly unconditional God’s love is barely visible in such a world, so the question arises – who created the material world anyway? Was it God, or maybe someone else?

Most religions blame humans for the imperfection of the world. Well, there is some truth in this interpretation – according to Albert Einstein, the only thing more infinite than the universe is human stupidity. But why are we so stupid? And, if human beings were created in God’s image, how come we are born sinful? Or maybe we were not created in God’s image? What we find in ancient texts like the Old Testament looks more like the creation of a robot, a slave, or a labor force than a free being created in God’s image. The biblical story about man’s banishment from Eden just because he ate from the Tree of Knowledge sounds like it was probably designed to condone man’s curiosity. It seems that curiosity and lust for knowledge offend and anger the maker called “Jahveh,” who is obviously a cruel and vindictive God. In the Book of Creation, God behaves more like an evil tyrant than the embodiment of unconditional love. After he created Adam, God put him in the Garden of Eden to nourish and care for it. He gives him the following order:

“You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”[4]

After that, God creates a woman named Eve since he is of the opinion that “it is not well for a man to be alone” (meaning Eve was created for Adam’s fun?!?). But Eve is soon persuaded by a snake, “the most cunning of all animals in the garden of Eden,” to eat the fruit from the central tree in the garden, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. For Eve (and for me, too, because if I was there, I would have done the same) – the snake offers very convincing arguments: 

You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman.  “For God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like Gods[5], knowing good and evil. “

Adam, persuaded by Eve[6], also eats from the Tree of Knowledge. The moment God discovers this, he turns into a being having all the characteristics of evil rulers, tyrants, or black magicians. God curses the snake, Adam and Eve, curses the land, establishes patriarchy, and turns the life and work of human beings into slavery. To avoid any confusion, I will quote the words of a “good Lord,” source of mercy and unconditional love, who starts His well-wishing with the snake and continues with every other “conspirator” against His totalitarian rule:

„Because you have done this, 

Cursed are you above all the livestock
and all the wild animals!
You will crawl on your belly
and you will eat dust
all the days of your life.

And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.” 

To the woman he said,
“I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing;
with pain you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you.” 

To Adam he said,

“Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat ‘You must not eat of it,’
Cursed is the ground because of you;
through painful toil you will eat of it
all the days of your life. 

It will produce thorns and thistle for you, 

and you will eat the plants of the field. 

By the sweat of your brow
you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
 and to dust you will return.”


How nice! Just because a man wishes for knowledge, he is condemned by God to eternal suffering, to hard labor where he will “by the sweat on his brow“fight for pure survival or give birth in torment. But then God continues:

And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

So, because of jealousy (a man cannot be allowed to eat from the Tree of Life and live eternal life – only they can), God (or gods) throws man out of the Garden of Eden and sets guards on it. If we choose not to dismiss the biblical story as pure myth or a fairy tale, and consider it as a source of some kind of truth, then the question arises – what kind of God wreaks such vengeance on humans just because they yearned for knowledge? Why is the snake referring to God in plural, and why does God say – after the man eats from the tree – “man became one of us“? Who are we talking about here – God or gods? And if we are talking about gods, who are they? Can the old Sumerian texts, talking about extraterrestrial civilizations that created humans through genetic engineering some hundreds of thousands of years ago, have something to do with this version of Creation? In that version, it was definitely desirable for humans, as slaves and workers in goldmines[7], to lack awareness. Lastly, if humans are not perfect, what can we say about a God who behaves like an evil wizard, throwing curses all around? And who is to blame for the imperfect world then – a man, whose only sin is his yearning for knowledge, or God, who in this version does not look like a wise being exuding unconditional support, understanding, and acceptance, but more like Doctor Evil, a character out of Mike Myers’ Austin Powers movies.

Apart from what the “mainstream” science and religions offer, there are alternate explanations of the creation of the world we live in. These explanations are much clearer than the Bible, and they also present the force that originally created the material world in a negative light – ruling over humans in a tyrannical manner. One of the more interesting versions is offered by Carlos Castaneda in his book The Eagle’s Gift[8]. Through the words of his teacher, Don Juan, Castaneda speaks of the so-called “rule of the Nagual” – ancient knowledge that explains the core and structure of “warriorship.” For Don Juan, as well as all other sorcerers of ancient Mexico, this rule represents the outlook on life that has to be embraced by a person on a spiritual path. Here is what Don Juan says:

“The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle, not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the seer as an immeasurable jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands; its height reaching to infinity. 

As the seer gazes on the blackness that the Eagle is, four blazes of light reveal what the Eagle is like. 

The first blaze, which is like a bolt of lightning, helps the seer make out the contours of the Eagle’s body. There are patches of whiteness that look like an eagle’s feathers and talons. 

A second blaze of lightning reveals the flapping, wind-creating blackness that looks like an eagle’s wings. 

With the third blaze of lightning, the seer beholds a piercing, inhuman eye. 

The fourth and last blaze discloses what the Eagle is doing… 

The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that a moment before were alive on earth, are now dead, and have floated to the Eagle’s beak like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies to meet their owner; this being their reason for having had life. 

The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat like a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle’s food. 

The Eagle- the power that governs the destinies of all living things- reflects equally and at once all those living things. 

There is no way, therefore, for man to pray to the Eagle, to ask favors, or to hope for grace. The human part of the Eagle is too insignificant to move the whole.[9]

If we don’t dismiss such a view immediately as heretical, being good and tolerant Christians that we are, how can we interpret this? Can the Jahveh from the Old Testament be the force that Don Juan calls the Eagle? It is obvious that such a force is not benevolent to human beings – it rules them and feeds on their consciousness after death. There is nothing to suggest that the being that creates man has any mercy – the creator of the world looks like a ruthless despot who, as Jahveh expelling man from Eden, keeps the beings he created in some kind of prison.

Apart from Castaneda’s, here is another interpretation of creation which is also much more subtle than the biblical one. According to the Gnostics – early Christians who were mercilessly persecuted for heresy by then-official religions – there exists a True God and a false god. In his essay, The Quest for Spiritual Freedom – The Gnostic Worldview[10], author Stephan A. Hoeller writes that, according to the Gnostics, the True God stands above all created universes. He has not created anything in the way we usually understand “creation.” He (She or It) “emanates” a certain substance that the world is made of, and that substance fills all worlds – visible or invisible. The True God can be experienced as Fullness (“pleroma”), so we could say that everything is God since everything is filled with God’s substance. Basic Gnostic myths come in numerous variations, but they all speak of the so-called “Eons,” God’s emissaries who exist between the True God and our world. They, together with the True God, encompass the sphere of Pleroma, where they manifest fully their divine potential.

Hoeller says that “one of the aeonial beings, who bears the name Sophia (“Wisdom”), is of great importance to the Gnostic worldview. In the course of her journeys through different aspects of pleroma, Sophia came to emanate from her own being a flawed consciousness, a being who became the Creator of the material and psychic cosmos, all of which he created in the image of his own flawed nature. This being, unaware of his origins, imagined himself to be the ultimate and absolute God. Since he took the already existing divine essence and fashioned it into various forms, he is also called the Demiurgos or “half-maker.” There is an authentic half, a true deific component within Creation, but it is not recognized by the half-maker and by his cosmic minions, the Archons or rulers.”[11] What Gnostics emphasize is that there are aspects of the original divine essence that have been projected so far away from the source that, in the meantime, they have undergone changes that have distanced them from the original essence. As any primitive being, they think that there is nothing else apart from them and their reality.

If we return to Castaneda’s Eagle, we might find it interesting to note that the motif of the eagle can be found on the coats of arms all over the world – from nobility’s to state coats of arms, all the way to insignias of different state organizations, mostly of police and secret services. How come they have chosen that particular symbol? Could the eagle symbolize the rule of the Demiurge, with government institutions as the Archons? Is it possible that the world was created by the force Castaneda calls The Eagle, the Bible calls Jahveh, and the Gnostics call Demiurge? If such a God has created the world, then it was made in his own imperfect image. This interpretation relieves human beings of a large part of the responsibility for their own imperfections and those inherent in the world. Like any overly authoritarian parent, the false God accuses its children of a misdemeanor and punishes them cruelly, unaware of the fact that, as any parent, he bears most of the responsibility for his children’s “misbehavior.” Of course, humans have to take responsibility for their actions, but they are not guilty just because they exist or have a lust for knowledge. Humans are guilty if they violate the law of karma and commit unethical acts, but they cannot be accused that their very nature is sinful. 

Therefore, it is possible that man is not solely responsible for the original fall from grace, but the responsibility also lies on the imperfect half-creator(s) who does not want humans to gain knowledge. If we take a good look at today’s global situation, it seems that this jealous, vengeful, cruel, and frightening God – together with his interdimensional, astral helpers (Archons) and worldly governors (selfish businessmen, politicians, and manipulative religious leaders) – actually rules the world. The false God has created a system of norms, morals, and rules to keep humans subjugated. And with a false God, everything on this planet becomes false – scientists murder knowledge, lawyers murder justice, priests destroy spirituality, and doctors destroy health. And the Eagle, being the superior and untouchable cosmic force, watches and controls us with his merciless “eye from the triangle” on top of the pyramid. And that is why the world is such as it is, and it will become even worse if something is not done about it.

Although the final truth about man’s original divine core is wonderful, the truth of the current state of humanity is not very bright. By using the astral world or collective unconscious, it seems that the false god is doing everything in its power to keep humans locked in a state of hypnotic unconsciousness. Such a false god bears great resemblance to the “Great Architect” from the Wachowski movie trilogy, but the Wachowski brothers were not the first who have come up with the possibility that the Earth has been turned into some kind of vibrational, energy dungeon during last couple of millennia. Many authors have written about that topic, from Jordan Maxwell to David Icke, and all of them point to the fact that the world is governed by persons who do not want true progress, justice, freedom, or equality but are engaged behind the scenes for millennia to create a global totalitarian system with one world government, one currency, one army and a microchip inserted in every person. Such global fascism is going to be highly sophisticated – it would not have a visible tyrant to point the finger at and accuse of manipulation. Tyrants have long ago passed from visible to invisible because they know that it is very easy to manipulate those who believe they are free.

Be as it may, most people, especially those seriously committed to spiritual development, have difficulty not noticing that they live in a world far from ideal. Many are trying to adapt to the world at any cost“to achieve creative realization in everyday life,” but that everyday life will soon execute a strategic maneuver that will drag the spiritual person back to its rules, convincing them that its nonsense is just the thing to care about. Of course, what could be more important than which brand of cigarettes we smoke, which brand of clothes we wear, or what some person without an ounce of intelligence or talent did on the reality show shamelessly named after Orwell’s concept “Big Brother? “ The global campaign carried by the media, film, and music industry, which world rulers use to keep human beings in a kind of “digital concentration camp,” tries to impose values that keep humans on the level of five-year-olds. And even the so-called “spiritual people” cannot resist the world’s follies. 

What are the methods with which the “Matrix” governs over people? There are many, but maybe the most important is the blackmail connected to existential fear. It is relatively easy to force even very intelligent people to cooperate when one uses fear for their survival or their children’s survival. Contemporary living systems are designed so that the struggle for material survival becomes the prevalent content in life for most people. Although spiritual teachers claim that there is enough of everything and that it is very easy to build technology that will alleviate man’s burdens and create time for personal development, today’s rulers of the world do not find it in their best interest to do so. Abundance means that people have choices, and choices make people accessible. What rulers want is the opposite – a sheep without choices, a sheep that can be squeezed dry. The Old Testament speaks that a long time ago, before the great flood, humans lived up to 900 years with light shining out of their eyes. We could fly, materialize, and de-materialize things; we were born without pain, and we died consciously. Contemporary human is turned into a shivering, scared blob who lives in a hovel and dies pathetic and helpless, suffocating in its excretions. Existential fear paralyzes and exhausts humans to the extent that they do not have time to deal with the meaning of life, that is, to see its meaninglessness and rebel against it. And that is precisely what rulers want – a sheep who will work and not rebel, get a watch at retirement, and hopefully die soon after so they don’t burden the state budget.

So, the world is not perfect, life is not perfect, and humans are not perfect either. But that situation did not exist on its own – the world was planned as imperfect. There are particular people, joined into public or secret organizations, who keep the world as it is and who will spare no effort or resources to contribute to the world’s decadence. The others are passive observers who deny the obvious; some even become active enforcers who persecute those who decline to participate in the whole farce. The rulers are a minority, and the rest of the world is a majority, but the minority is skilled in ruling over the majority. How do they do that? It is physically impossible to control everybody (although the microchips they wish to install in the near future could enable them to achieve even that goal). But it is not even necessary to have physical means of control – people only need to be scared to death by alleged terrorists who own “weapons of mass destruction”, they need to be made financially dependent and held in a mental cage comprised of moral norms. The media is here to offer cheap entertainment and divert the attention from the truth, and some of the sheep have to be turned into guardians. When people are taught to control each other, you can rest easy and devote yourself to your (secret) plans and their implementation.

The following method of control is the use of humanity’s energy field or collective (un) consciousness. Collective consciousness can be programmed almost the same way as the individual one. It is necessary to create a critical mass of information, which will start living independently, regardless of the programmer. A well-known story of 101 monkey illustrates well how the collective unconscious is programmed. Namely, scientists have noticed that a particular species of monkeys on an isolated island started washing their fruit in the streams before they ate it. On the other island, without physical contact with the first one, the same species of monkeys started to wash their fruit. After a couple more examples, it was noted that all monkeys of the same species are now washing their fruit. How is it possible for monkeys to know what their species has discovered on an island miles away? The answer is – there is an energy matrix that encompasses all beings of the same species, and the information travels through this matrix directly, automatically, without physical communication. This example was used to illustrate the positive influence of the so-called “critical mass” – the world changes for the better automatically when enough self-aware creatures live in it. But, the rulers of the world use this fact differently – by inserting information, through media, into the human energy matrix, which does nothing for progress but has a contrary effect – they limit awareness. So, the idea of the “Matrix” could be interpreted as nothing more than symbolizing the collective unconscious, a field of energy/consciousness that encompasses one species or the planet as a whole. The one who rules over that field automatically rules over the whole species and earth.

To limit awareness, the energy/consciousness field needs to be programmed with fear, violence, and other forms of “basic instincts” and also with all sorts of limiting beliefs and prejudice. Therefore, physical and emotional necrophilia rules over television – from soap operas dealing with the darkest and most toxic aspects of emotional life to crime and forensic TV shows, which have turned TV into CS (crime scene) chronicles. It is not enough anymore to watch the shootings; now, it is necessary to allow viewers to enjoy autopsies on corpses of people murdered in monstrous ways. The news we are showered with is primarily bad – if it is not bad, what kind of news is it? And, if the news is not bad, they have to be stupid, like “Who broke the world record in eating eggs.” Finally, if neither wrong nor stupid, then the news has to divert attention by dealing with the lives of vain and empty people called “celebrities,” who owe their popularity to appearing in movies that deal primarily with nonsense or promote murder as a lifestyle. One of the most famous couples in the world today – Jolie/Pitt – appears in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” as a pair of beautiful assassins. Isn’t that cute?

What the rulers are trying to achieve is to outline the world as a dangerous place. People have to be frightened and made to accept any form of protection. A recent scientific conference in Croatia was devoted to future technologies and their influence on the environment. Serious thought was given to the idea of implanting microchips into people – pros and cons, what are the possible consequences, and so on. When a serious scientific conference is devoted to discussing implanting microchips into people, it is evident that the technology is very close to being implemented on a mass scale. Implanting has already started in the USA, but only on a voluntary base for now, with colossal propaganda describing the benefits of such a procedure. What most people do not understand is that the microchip is not used only for one-way communication (person to computer); it is also possible to communicate with the person from the central computer, to influence their emotional and mental state, and to model it according to one’s wishes. Why not – well, the world is such a dangerous place – with threats from “international terrorists” and their “weapons of mass destruction,” menace coming from criminals, typhoons, tsunamis, internal and external enemies, “forces of evil,” “incurable diseases,” “accidental wars,” “lone nutters” who “accidentally” shoot children in schools. The enemy is also human’s irrational nature, which has to be tamed, uniformed, and kept under control, not jeopardizing the stability of the community with its curiosity, unnecessary questions, or – God forbid – different opinions. A microchip can settle all that – it contains every possible information, from health records to bank accounts. It can be used to influence our emotional and mental states, and, of course, it makes it possible to locate the person at any given time so that the poor little soul doesn’t get lost and get hurt somewhere.

When you view the world in this way, it is very easy to get depressed. What can I, “ordinary Joe,” with no powers of my own, do to change the situation? If we accept the fact that the world did not accidentally become the way it is now, that someone is purposefully creating it, some people might think that they should react aggressively – where is the enemy, and who do we have to depose? But, although this might sound like a paradox, there are no enemies in the outside world. When less than one percent of humanity rules such a vast majority, then it is evident that the enemy is too insignificant to fight openly. The enemy has succeeded in doing one thing – making us our worst enemies. That is why it is necessary to change ourselves. The only constructive alternative to mass hypnosis is the work on achieving wholeness and freedom from destructive influences of negative aspects of the collective unconscious. Systems of personal development that I am personally involved with (particularly the course and other systems of karmic purification) are specific and practical paths to inner liberation. Also, another direct path to freedom is giving up on participation in the craziness of the modern world. Although there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, loads of American young men and women still succumbed to mass hypnosis and went there. It is not hard to see the truth and give up on participation in a fascist occupation of a foreign nation.  

Of course, there are material reasons for participating in wars, and even the people who may understand what’s going on become victims of the idea of easy money. The author of the quote from the beginning of this chapter was able to see the truth about one of the aspects of American politics – what it does in Iraq and some other countries today and in recent history is nothing more than robbery. It is ethical not to participate in that robbery and not to go to war. If American leaders feel like waging wars, they can stand on the front lines themselves. Hence, the critical mass needed is the mass of self-aware, awakened people who do not need hatred towards their neighbors and war against a nation on the other side of the globe for their happiness. Human creativity is boundless, but it has to be set free. The only way to do it is to work methodically on inner wholeness, integrity, and independence. Happy people do not need war, especially not a staged one, nor do they need systems of “inner fulfillment” – products of military-industrial-pharmaceutical cartels – created to destroy them. Today, there exists knowledge and technology that make it much easier to transform oneself from a sheep, addicted to nonsense, to an independent creator of one’s own life. By dissolving inner addiction and hypnosis, it is possible to achieve the ideal of the oncoming age – a peaceful transition of the global system from hidden (or open) totalitarianism into a society of free and creative individuals joined together for constructive everyday purposes. 

It is also evident that the false god is not only a tyrant – signs in the Bible clearly show that there are clues for possible exit. Being a half-maker, the false god is also half-aware. He cannot resist the ultimate truth and create an utterly totalitarian structure – “there is God,” as people used to say, the true God who has left a Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The knowledge is there for everybody, not only for tyrannical rulers, and even they cannot suppress it totally. Also, Castaneda’s book is called “The Eagle’s Gift, “not “The Eagle’s Prison” – in a further text of the “Rule of the Nagual,” it is said that the eagle provides a so-called “minimal chance” for humans to liberate themselves. When our own jailers give us such chances, it is a pity not to use them. We choose whether we will stay anchored in a limiting reality, being only fodder for those more aware than we are. We are the ones who decide whether our lives would be determined by bourgeois politics, religion, show biz, and media or by the original divine impulse. According to all relevant indicators, a human being is a powerful, exciting being who is taught to believe it is stupid and empty. Which one of those possibilities should we believe in is less and less dependent on external influences. It is up to us.

Tomislav Budak, October 2005.

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