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1. martin oscity 5 Martin Georg Oscity – Expansion of Love


The individual karmic patterns begin with restrictive family models, whether traumatic experiences, specific forms of toxic bonds, or identifications. They also include connections to the lower astral spheres created either due to traumatic experiences or conscious intention. Thus, individual influences can be chosen or avoided in a certain way because they arise from our actions. However, collective influences are difficult to avoid if we do not know them beforehand. Knowledge is crucial because if we are unfamiliar with a particular territory, we will have difficulty navigating it. The same goes for any other phenomenon that belongs to our world, whether it is an unknown land, a species, or a natural occurrence. That is why science exists – it aims to explore the unknown and thus gain a certain degree of control over it to protect people or even allow them to use new knowledge for their benefit. Therefore, collective karmic patterns belong to the world around us but primarily to its less visible aspects – energetic, psychological, and spiritual.

All people are by their very birth in this reality influenced by collective limiting models, however, not only by birth but also by entering the Earth’s energy field and ultimately the manifested universe. We are subject to collective karma from the moment we decide to incarnate, long before conception, let alone birth. Thus, collective limiting influences form a kind of racket that the worlds and entities that seek to rule the manifested universe inevitably take to enter. There are also specific programs inscribed in the lower type fields, those of a particular group of people, state, city or village, work organization, or family. Although such specific fields do not necessarily affect the entire human race but only some of the groups within it, they also belong to collective influences. Therefore, the term “field” represents an energy template for any collective impact in this context. Each group also has a specific energy field that acts as a separate and independent entity that possesses its consciousness. Belonging to any such community can be preconditioned by giving up some aspect of consciousness or part of our soul. That is why I compare this interaction with racketeering or taxes.

2. collective unconscious7

Although many people think that their lives are affected only by their states of mind (conscious and unconscious), even such influences are not entirely individual. But they are at least private and do not necessarily directly impact the community. Thus, an individual’s perception, behavior, and health are primarily influenced by interpersonal relationships, especially their unconscious aspect. Based on the human need for unconditional love – its receiving and giving – individual karmic patterns arise mainly due to conditioned love. If the love between two or more family members is not unconditional, a relationship between close people becomes a source of many harmful influences. Subtle energy connections, which are the direct means of expressing unconditional love, are downgraded into limiting or “toxic” bonds because there is now a condition for a relationship. Such conditions usually create undesirable emotional states, limiting beliefs, and substitute (false) identities. One or more original aspects of our soul leave our consciousness or breakaway, and we lose contact with some essential inner quality or potential. And all of this keeps us connected to a close person who cannot love us unconditionally.

The same is true with collective karmic patterns. In addition to love and creativity as the two primary human drivers, humans also have a need to be part of the community. Therefore, we connect with it in different ways: energetically and through a concrete relationship. However, if a community sets strict conditions for affiliation, such a connection will be transformed into a restrictive one. Since the need for connection with a community is still natural because it is based on vital lessons that the soul learns through such interaction, man is ready to do anything to be part of a community. I do not speak primarily of a conscious need but a far stronger unconscious need, which most people tend to ignore or overlook. This fact was well known to the ancient tribal communities, who considered expulsion from the tribe the most severe punishment for criminals. Not torture or death but excommunication. It would produce such a heavy inner breakdown that excommunicated people usually didn’t live long; they would stay in a prolonged depression that would weaken their immunity, so they would soon die. If the shortest path to mental illness is to break ties with family members, then the fastest way to physical death is to sever relations with the community entirely. There are exceptions to this rule, and these are people dedicated to spiritual development who have replaced belonging to the human community with belonging to the cosmic or spiritual community. Still, it is also about belonging to something and not to nothing.

3. collective consciousness

What does the need to belong to a community reflect? The fact that there is no separation between human beings. God is one, and all is One. We are all part of a whole, and separation is an illusion. Pursuing connection with a community reminds us of Oneness because Oneness is the source of the need to belong to a community. The principle of universal love is here expressed in the true sense of the word – to be part of the collective consciousness of the whole race, the planet, and, finally, the universe is as deep a human desire as closeness and intimacy with family members. It may not be a primary need, but it follows as soon as we meet our need for harmonious relationships with loved ones. Although the need for connection with a community is less known to most people, it still exists, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes widely recognized. Although the global community is currently ill, infected with primitivism and a mediocre mindset, this does not mean that it should be rejected as such. Just as we don’t immediately reject a diseased organ but work with all our might to heal it, we should also heal our toxic connections to a community. A deep sense of belonging to a larger whole is a natural human need that we can acknowledge and accept or deny but by no means relativize.

As with relationships with close people or families, this kind of connection can be unconditional or unconditional. The most common condition for connecting with the community is giving up some aspect of our individuality. Interestingly, such a condition creates an unhealthy community because a healthy society would have to insist on the independence and individualism of its members. As all people are individuals, they contribute best to the whole as independent beings with the right to diversity and uniqueness. The only form of participation in social life cannot be Borg-like assimilation or a parade of collectivism as at Nazi or communist rallies. Everyone contributes best to the community as a whole individual who never gives up their original identity. Therefore, the quality functioning of the community by no means excludes individualism; indeed, without realizing each individual, there is no healthy community.

4. matrix

However, this fact has been completely degraded by almost every society known from written history, so many people consider all communities unhealthy. They insist on their individualism and protect themselves from the destructive influence of an ill culture by complete non-participation in social life, believing that every society is, as a rule, sick. Yet such a departure is ultimately not possible. We all need connection with the community, and this need will find its expression in one way or another. Of course, creating a healthy society requires a complete change in the foundation on which communities operate. For instance, instead of being built on a pyramid model in which the minority rules the majority using coercion and control, it would be better if the community structure is circular, with full transparency of the activities of each social segment. The rulers of a healthy community should be the most ethical people, capable of taking on significant responsibilities, and not lobbyists of international corporations disguised as “great patriots.” Although it seems necessary and justified due to the reluctance of all community members to take the same amount of responsibility, the pyramid structure reflects a system based on predatory instinct. As beautifully shown in the films of The Matrix trilogy, the essence of an unhealthy society is the division into workers and those who rule, whereby the so-called “ordinary man” is reduced to only a source of energy or a “battery.”

Collective karmic patterns, the same as individual ones, affect our inner states, our emotions, thoughts, and identities that we take on. And just as our internal states directly shape man’s reality, it is not difficult to conclude that everything that impacts such conditions will determine the degree of man’s realization or shape his daily life. Explicitly, collective patterns will affect the quality of our creative achievement, our relationships, and our health because they shape the programs imprinted in our DNA. Human DNA is not only affected by information produced by genetic inheritance; all the contents of the subconscious mind, individual or collective, can program our DNA. In the last twenty years, it has been discovered that cells are a type of biochip in the human body that stores information from the energy body and collective fields. Our DNA automatically reacts to information sent by energy bodies and is programmed with such information without a person even knowing it and what its origin is. Since the collective contents affect our energy bodies, they also have an individual manifestation and endanger us, our consciousness and body, to no less extent than the individual.


5. Collective Consciousness by Erevis

Behind the collective karmic patterns lies a range of influences – from psycho-spiritual to socio-political, visible to invisible, abstract to practical, and material to energetic. They all rest on different types of human emotional needs. Such needs constitute the internal aspect of collective patterns, and social discord is external. It is difficult to resist the external if we do not dissolve the internal. This book deals with the internal aspect but also covers the exterior to a certain extent. Solutions to inner karmic influences exist – they are made up of methods I present in the Transformation of Karmic Patterns courses. External solutions are not the primary area of ​​my work, but I will still point out possible guidelines. Many of these solutions belong to common sense and are not difficult to spot. However, the quality development of models used to overcome the external aspects of collective patterns will have to be addressed by experts in each field that makes them up – mostly scientists specializing in specific parts of knowledge, politicians, and social activists. My contribution consists primarily in revealing the structure of the inner aspect of collective karmic patterns and the methodology of their dissolution.

Collective limiting influences have the same basic structure as individual ones – they consist of symptoms, causes, and the meaning of the problem. However, although they are identical in format to individual patterns, their actual expression constitutes various types of collective energy fields by their consistency, character, and purpose. The foundation of human existence is our relationship to ourselves, life, other people, and the universal spirit. That’s why I introduced a new paradigm for healing systems that says the primary thing to heal is the relationship – in this case, to the world around us or various collective fields. For a correct understanding of collective karmic patterns and their successful dissolution, it is necessary to introduce and clarify the concept of “field” or the relationship to the field. Therefore, three essential factors determine the influence of the field:

  • Field as such
  • Specific programs inscribed in the field
  • Entities in the field

Each field is a treasure trove of different influences, and therefore, we should know and be able to analyze them. Those influences belong to the lessons a person who wants to realize herself must recognize and overcome.

The primary work on dissolving collective karmic influences should be on their internal aspect. However, work on the external factor is no less critical. It is similar to individual patterns – the essential prerequisite for their dissolution is the readiness to take responsibility for the problem and then be willing to take on new kinds of discipline and commitment, those indicated by the solution to the problem. In the case of individual influences, new discipline primarily concerned us as individuals, our private lives, and our lifestyles. In the case of collective karmic patterns, a new kind of discipline and responsibility will necessarily direct us towards social activism, working for the common good, and creating a harmonious community. As collective patterns prevent the manifestation of the original structure of Creation, their dissolution must be accompanied by a contribution to realizing such a structure in everyday life. Until then, we will deal with a detailed analysis of the internal aspect of typical collective limiting influences and the presentation of a specific methodology for their dissolution.


6. MotherEarthActivatingGri

Mother Earth activating energy grid.

All aspects of the manifested universe can support the being who enters it but may also be restrictive, depending on the degree of consciousness of the being itself. Only a pure original spirit, unmanifested and formless, will not limit the being because spirit is the source of absolute freedom. However, freedom is usually limited within the manifestation, although restrictions are not essentially objective but subjective. For example, a being who is not only energetic or “spiritual” but also has a material body is somewhat limited by matter. So, we must respect that other material objects can endanger us if we are carelessly exposed to their influence. Therefore, crossing the road while the traffic light is red can lead to serious bodily injury or death. For this reason, we should know the laws of the material universe and move through it consciously and carefully; otherwise, we will endanger or lose our bodies. Physical death does not kill our consciousness or “soul,” but losing the material body is a great pity if it happens too soon or due to unnecessary carelessness.

Yet, on Earth and in the rest of the universe, there exist beings that possess such a degree of consciousness and knowledge that allows them to overcome material limitations. Such beings govern the fundamental aspects of manifestation — space, time, energy, and matter — and can move freely through the manifested universe, respecting only universal cosmic laws, such as the law of karma. These are people like avatars or space aliens[1] who systematically visit our planet and prove that the ultimate goal of human evolution is to master nature and its limitations and consciously manage energy, space, time, and matter. Jesus reportedly said that all other people would be able to do the same as he did, thus pointing to the fact that every human possesses equal potential. Like many other ancient spiritual writings, the Bible and the Upanishads describe the “man of antiquity” who lived for 900 years and could fly, materialize, dematerialize, and move in time. If their claims are valid, why did we lose these abilities? Whatever the cause, it does not diminish the fact that such skills potentially exist and will one day be restored. However, the greater a man’s power, the greater his degree of responsibility and discipline must be. It seems that it is for this reason that humanity still does not possess these abilities. The emotional and spiritual maturity of the human race is still at the Stone Age level, and the universe does not reveal its secrets easily to those who might abuse them.

7. cosmic man

Cosmic Man

Regarding karmic patterns, the limiting influences that constitute karma’s inner (psycho-spiritual) aspect include various models whose fundamental nature is energetic. However, they have a concrete manifestation through various types of undesirable symptoms. You can see in my Transformation of Karmic Patterns, Book One, that such models could have their source in the human energy field, its configuration, and the inscribed programs. Much has been said about the human energy field. The work of modern researchers such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Alexander Lowen, Dr. John Pierrakos, and astrophysicist Barbara Ann Brennan gives us reliable maps of the human energy body and intervention methods that can heal it. I have embarked on research into the human energy field and made exciting discoveries that complement the maps of my predecessors. I wrote about them in the first book and several of my articles. I will continue to deal with them in the future, which I intend to dedicate to systematizing knowledge related to the human energy fields.

The internal aspect of collective karma has an energetic origin but of a broader type. It concerns various collective energy fields and their interaction with the human energy field. Collective fields can also have a supportive or restrictive effect on the individual. Their influence is primarily psychological and spiritual, but it is no less significant than individual influences. Thus, collective energy fields can be invisible sources of problems that can sometimes entirely ruin our fulfillment. Moreover, I consider the restrictive programs and inorganic beings I found in the global energy field of our planet to be largely responsible for losing contact with our full potential.

Both ancient and modern researchers of collective influences agree that there exists a universal energy field that encompasses the entire manifested universe. There is already a lot of literature on this topic today, for instance, the famous book The Field[2] by journalist Lynn McTaggart. One of the key figures in field science is the British biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who, in many of his books, promotes the idea of ​​”morphic fields,” which indicates the existence of (bio) energy templates for all processes happening in the physical plane. But regardless of the welcome efforts of modern scientists, probably the best interpretation of the idea of ​​the field, presented in the context of a thorough analysis of the whole nature of reality, gives the ancient Indian philosophical school Sankhya. It provides a detailed insight into the structure of Creation, which consists of visible (material) and invisible (energy) aspects. My two books (the second one is in the translation process) deal with invisible aspects in the context of karmic influences to raise awareness of the impact of energy patterns on human life by knowing their origins, meaning, and methods of overcoming.

8. cosmicenlightenment

The universal field also contains numerous sub-fields of a specific character. Thus, there is a field of a particular species, area, state, city, village, labor organization, institution, or association. If we look at their dynamics, each collective field behaves as an energy entity that influences the beings within it. The field, therefore, is not only made up of people who form a particular group, just as the characteristics of a city are not only contributed by the citizens who inhabit it. There is also a field of a city that lives independently of beings or the area it encompasses. Each field acts as an energy matrix of a particular community that stores all its aspects and ensures its survival. It thus has a parent-like role because one of its tasks is quite traditional – it seeks to keep the community or group alive at all costs, memorizing its customs, structure, rituals, and typical patterns of thought and behavior. The field ensures that the models that currently make up the life structure of a community are not lost, forgotten, or disintegrated. It causes the beings in it to feel as prescribed by its typical patterns, and that is why, among other things, some people in certain areas feel good, and some don’t. Remember what people sometimes say about certain areas, groups, or organizations – “The primitive environment is killing me,” “The city where I live suffocates me,” “Work in this company will ruin me,” and so on. Numerous dramas and films have been made on the destructive impact of a specific environment on an individual. Such influence is produced primarily by people, but not just people. The bad influence includes the field that, if nothing else, creates a feeling of discomfort in people who do not want to accept its models, in those whose energy vibration is different than the fields, or in people who refuse to adapt to the community.

People who lived in cities but have moved to villages or smaller communities out of love for nature will know what I am talking about. They often encounter a problem when it comes to the village field. Since they grew up in a different “environment” (field), these people first brought with them some of the thinking and behavior patterns characteristic of the urban environment. Although cities are not much of an advanced or developed community, they still differ from rural ones, if nothing else, in a certain degree of flexibility that urban people possess, and rural ones usually do not. Of course, this model has many exceptions – often, city people are far stiffer and duller than villagers. But townspeople often come to the countryside and face a lack of flexibility. The village then exerts both open and subtle pressure on the newcomers to accept its customs and ways of thinking. What will happen if new immigrants refuse to do so? At best, they will live isolated from the rest of the population. In other cases, villagers will try to force them into their local matrix. This may even escalate into open conflict and intolerance that can completely disgust rural idealists searching for the benefits of living with nature. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that newcomers transform the environment in which they came. Still, such cases are rare and usually happen if the original community is not too backward and newcomers are numerous.

From this, it is evident that the relationship “field – man” is two-way; although many recognize only one of the directions, most are unaware of either. People certainly influence the field with their characteristics, but a field also affects its inhabitants, who consciously or unconsciously adapt to it. Sometimes they change it, but such an activity requires exceptionally high energy, so an individual rarely transforms a field. This is because fields are inert, and it is impossible to change them just like that. But it is not impossible either – it could be done by particular groups of people directed towards such actions. The socio-political organizations or the mass media are a visible means of influencing the field. Still, there are other, less visible ways, such as subversive activities of secret organizations that program a field with occult means or use advanced technology hidden from the rest of the population.

On the other hand, there are constructive ways of transforming a field using energetic means. They consist of systematic work to raise awareness of the beings that are part of it, of direct influence through meditation and energy action, and of various forms of education or activism. Finally, if changing a field is impossible, we can protect ourselves from its destructive influence by dissolving collective karmic patterns.

9. hack

An essential characteristic of the field is that it wants to impose its norms at all costs on all beings it encompasses. For this reason, many people living in so-called “rural communities” have difficulty expressing themselves openly. Such environments are full of “sages” or “freaks” who live cramped, muted, or extinguished not only because of the influence of other locals or the local mentality but also because of the field that constantly regulates human behavior. For example, suppose sluggishness is inscribed in a particular area. In that case, this will be desirable for residents of that area, and people who do not want to be sluggish will feel subtle guilt. But even if they resist, such people will, in time, also become sluggish or lethargic if they do not work on themselves because there is no other way to fight the programs in the field. The only other solution is to move away and live in another community that doesn’t have unwanted programs as part of their field. And this is so in every environment whose energy field carries destructive elements. However, the question is whether there are fields anywhere without such features. I would say no. Wherever we go, we first carry with us our individual karma, and then we are influenced by collective karma. And since the Earth is in an imbalance cycle, it is impossible to escape the limiting influence of a field anywhere except to fly to another planet. If you can.

Therefore, each territory has pros and cons, so wise people claim it is the same everywhere, wherever we go. And this is true – the ratio between the positive and negative aspects of the field is the same anywhere. Where something is good isn’t good elsewhere; where something else is good in the second area, it isn’t good in the first, and so on. Which territory we will live in ultimately depends on our affinities and abilities. Still, unfortunately, there is no perfect field on Earth that would reflect the original structure of Creation in the purest possible sense. There is yet no collective paradise on Earth. Still, for now, it is possible to create a personal paradise, at least to some extent, usually within the boundaries of a family or perhaps some isolated community. It would be necessary to transform the global planetary field to create a paradise on Earth. We would have to “escape the Matrix,” but humanity has not been ready for such a leap, and we’ll see what the future holds. Reasons for such unwillingness are numerous but are regularly based on the collective karmic patterns this book discusses. But the fundamental cause of man’s reluctance to create his own life lies in an individual karmic pattern that has become collective over time. That pattern is the victim identification or, better – victim mentality. I will repeat once again – when the one percent of people rule the world, it is clear who is the bearer of such a global structure. Unconscious people who do not rebel are at least as guilty as world rulers. In the first book, we saw that victims actually need tyrants to justify their role. Only when victims express anger and oppose tyranny do they overcome their role, and the whole model (victim – tyrant – savior) disintegrates.

A direct consequence of victim identification is the loss of personal power. There is no earthly paradise because ethical people do not have personal, and consequently material, potency. They don’t have it because they handed it over to their non-ethical rulers and became “landless peasants,” as an alternative journalist and satirist Deek Jackson calls them. Without money, land, and political influence, ethical persons cannot create a virtuous society. And so, our communities are produced by politicians who can pay shamelessly low pensions to pensioners and sleep peacefully. Why not – they have no conscience, and no one is seriously protesting anyway.


10. field interaction

Each field behaves as an energy body of a particular group of beings or a spatial unit. According to the basic dynamics, there is no difference between a collective and an individual energy body. Each energetic unit is the bearer of the draft of its physical body and basic programs governing the psyche, many of which may not be desirable. In its positive aspect, the energy body is the guardian of a healthy tradition and fundamental physiological and psychological laws that govern a material structure, be it an individual human, plant, or animal being, or concern a group/community of beings. For example, while the energy body of an individual is the bearer of the draft of its own physical body, the collective energy field is the bearer of the draft of the form of the whole species. The field resembles a “hard disk” on which information about a species’s survival, nature, and functioning are stored. Each group member contributes to the collective field, and overall field awareness is available to each group member.

Rupert Sheldrake claims that apart from field theory, there is no other explanation for morphogenesis. The field theory explains why cells take on a specific shape during division. In the initial phase of embryo development, all cells are one hundred percent identical and begin to differ only after the fifth division. However, what determines the differentiation in the division? What regulates which part of the embryo will become the head, trunk, and limbs? This information cannot come from the DNA because the cells are identical before the fifth division. As such information must come from somewhere, Sheldrake proposes the morphogenetic field theory as the primary element in shaping material forms and processes, thus approaching the esoteric knowledge that mystics have acquired since ancient times. The influence of morphogenetic fields might be the reason for maintaining a particular species, but not only that. We still don’t know why some species manage to regrow severed limbs. Could the impulse for growth come from the field?

There is an even more exciting story that illustrates the essential role of the field and is conveyed by Dr. Lyall Watson, a South African biologist, and Dr. Lawrence Blair, an English anthropologist. Although the scientific community has never accepted their statements as credible, Watson and Blair claim that a group of scientists who studied a certain monkey species (Macaca fuscata) on the Japanese island of Koshima for thirty years saw a fascinating phenomenon. In 1952, scientists began feeding monkeys sweet potatoes, which they threw into the sand. The potatoes were dirty, so even though the monkeys loved their taste, they were bothered by the sand. After a while, a young monkey found a solution – he washed the potatoes in a nearby stream and then brought them to his mother. He also taught her a new skill, and the other monkeys adopted it. Between 1952 and 1958, a critical group of monkeys, about a hundred of them, learned to wash potatoes in water. What scientists then noticed was amazing – the island’s whole species had adopted a new skill. But that was not all – suddenly, monkeys of the same species began to wash fruits and potatoes in water on other islands. For some seemingly inexplicable reason, the information reached even those monkeys who had no physical contact with their pack on other islands. Because of the critical mass of about a hundred members of the same species that have adopted specific knowledge and then influenced the whole species, this became known as the “101 monkey phenomenon”.

11. japanese makaks

Intelligent Japanese macaque monkeys (macaca fuscata)

According to Sheldrake, such information was transmitted through the “morphic field,” or the invisible collective energy field, using the process called “morphic resonance.” Any new info that members of a species inscribe into the morphic field through a critical mass of users is automatically transmitted through morphic resonance to all other species members, regardless of their physical distance. Thus, morphic resonance is a process in which self-organizing systems inherit a memory from previous systems, and the implications of this hypothesis are numerous. One of the most important is that consciousness is non-local and exists independently of material receivers such as individuals’ nervous systems (brains). Information is, therefore, in the field, not just “in our heads.” Thus, the hereditary factor does not concern only genes but can also have (bio)energy origin, which is undoubtedly an idea that explains phenomena such as miasms.

Sheldrake further argues[3] that morphic fields, as self-organizing entities, have a spatial and temporal aspect and organize spatial-temporal patterns of vibrational and rhythmic activities. They attract systems they influence according to characteristic forms and activity patterns; they manage their emergence and maintain integrity. Morphic fields are interconnected and coordinated by morphic units, or “holons,” located within them, representing organized entities within the field. Each field contains other morphic fields within itself, grouped hierarchically or “holarchically,” and includes built-in memory achieved by self-resonance with morphic units from its past and a morphic resonance with all previous similar systems. Such memory is cumulative; the more specific activity patterns are repeated, the greater the tendency to become a habit. Sheldrake, therefore, argues that morphic fields can evolve and that no form is fixed or any information immutable regarding their structure.

If a field affects biological processes, it is not difficult to conclude that it affects our psychic functions equally. Sheldrake also discusses that[4], claiming that social and psychological fields exist. Collective energy fields first contact individual fields and then transmit information to the physical level, and it is in the energy bodies that psychological processes occur. So, it is possible to place a sign of equality between the energetic and the psycho-spiritual – every energetic phenomenon is simultaneously psychological, and vice versa. Thus, the individual energy field will spontaneously and automatically decode the collective field programs to transmit them to the physical level, either by direct influence on the cell and DNA or human behavior. And these two influences are inevitably intertwined – the programs entered into the DNA will affect our behavior, not just physical conditions. At the same time, our behavior also directly impacts our physical condition and health. Information from the collective field wants to manifest in physical reality at all costs; if we do not consciously influence such pressure, it will be impossible to avoid their expression. The field is, therefore, the bearer of programs such as social norms, rules of conduct, tribal customs, everything that is acceptable or unacceptable in an environment, allowed or forbidden, desirable or undesirable, normal or abnormal, or everything that determines the typical atmosphere that governs an area.

The same factors that determine the essential characteristics of human temperament and character influence field characteristics, so each field will have its horoscope or numerological profile and many other determinants related to different types of typologies. And if a field makes up a geographical area, all the influences recorded in space will enter the field, from positive or desirable to unpleasant or traumatic. The trauma recorded in the collective field can have a powerful effect on the people within it, so it can also determine their “destinies.” However, even in this case, what we usually call “destiny,” as a kind of mystical limiting external force, has its specific cause, and it is about the characteristics of the field. Of course, fateful influences simultaneously reflect our karma from past incarnations that are crystallized by birth precisely within such a field. We are not born by chance in a particular area – this is part of the fund of selections made before birth. But we don’t necessarily have to be passive victims of a specific field as an immutable creation – in addition to healing our connection to the field, it is possible to heal the field itself if we know how to do this. When it comes to fields of smaller scope, this was usually the task of a shaman or a person who could perceive the field and the types of influences written in it. Nowadays, several alternative therapists can do this, some with less and some with more success.

12. pogacnik

Marko Pogačnik in front of one of his installations

For instance, geomancy experts such as Slovenian sculptor and writer Marko Pogačnik can perform field healing. He heals parks, gardens, parts of cities, or entire towns by placing objects like obelisks or stones in essential places, which regulates the energy flow in that space. The work of such people is a type of spatial acupuncture because placing an obelisk at some point in space has the same function as sticking an acupuncture needle at some point on the body. However, it is also possible to heal specific phenomena in the field, such as individual programs or entities, resulting from traumatic events in the area. There are tales of “haunted houses” or villages in which some “demon” haunts people. There are also stories of war zones that have long carried records of unpleasant events that took place there. Try to go to the areas where the war occurred twenty years ago, and you will very quickly and directly feel the “atmosphere” that reigns there. Sometimes, the density of negative energy in such areas is so severe that it affects the operation of electronic devices. I remember a story I heard firsthand – it concerns a television crew who wanted to interview the mother of a Croatian war veteran at the Vukovar cemetery. The recording equipment they took did not work inside the cemetery. And when the technician jumped for a spare camera and microphone, having previously tested them in a van parked outside the cemetery, even the surplus equipment didn’t work inside the cemetery…

13. haunted house

I have had the opportunity to face and clean specific records or entities from the field many times. In the early 1990s, shortly after my initiation into bioenergy work, I began to see an energy being (entity) in a small Adriatic town where I spent my summers. I called it a “demon” because I would feel attacked by it every year. In my visions, I came across this being all over the place, and I listened to it “threaten,” “walk,” and “knock” inside my house in the middle of the night, wanting me to feel unhappy and dissatisfied. This entity sometimes looked inhuman in my visions and sometimes like a younger male. As nothing had changed even after a few years, I wondered if there had ever been any unpleasant or traumatic event in the place that could have kept some soul attached to this space. The locals were secretive and mostly pretended to know nothing, although many knew very well what had happened. I finally got the answer from the local sage, at the same time a person of extensive perception, who told me a scary story. Just before the Second World War, a severe crime occurred in the village, which the locals were reluctant to discuss. Two adulterers killed a pregnant girl, the man’s fiancée. He strangled his unmarried wife and drowned her in the sea, hoping the body would never be discovered. However, during the strangulation, the girl began to give birth, given that she was in a high stage of pregnancy. The killers also drowned the child’s body in the sea and covered it with stones, but the body soon surfaced due to its lightweight and was found by terrified fishermen.

It wasn’t difficult for me to conclude who is the “demon” that haunts the locals. Although I initially thought it was a strangled girl because she was the primary victim of the crime, it soon became apparent that it was her child. He remained tied to space and the trauma he experienced with sudden death, both his own and his mother’s. But, his trauma was much stronger than his mother’s, and for that reason, he had significant problems releasing strong negative impressions related to the event. In my TKP Book One, I listed the essential characteristics of the traumatic experience, one of which is the trauma’s timelessness. Part of the psyche of a person who experiences a traumatic experience remains trapped in the time and space in which the trauma occurred, although such a part is regularly suppressed in the subconscious. However, the dead soul no longer has a mind divided into conscious, subconscious, and superconscious – all three are united. Therefore, the traumatic experience in such a case is almost impossible to ignore or suppress, so the person remains under its direct influence indefinitely. Usually, such souls need additional, external help, similar to the one performed by the “ghost whisperer” from the famous TV series.

14. BrownLadyGhostSighting

When I finally established the facts, there were no more obstacles to fixing this problem, and I did a simple job that anyone with a slightly broader perception could do. I treated the soul of the murdered child like any other client. First, I did a treatment designed to dissolve the trauma, and then I performed an energetic initiation by which I connected him with the principle of light. Having discovered the light, the child’s soul managed to enter one of the heavenly realms or the original spheres of Creation. And the case was over, and the “atmosphere” of the place changed. Although I didn’t tell anyone that I performed this operation, many of my friends noticed that the atmosphere in the area changed for the better that summer without even knowing why…

From all the above, it is evident that what we call the “atmosphere” that rules some space is undoubtedly contributed by people who currently live in these areas, together with past events that bind strong collective emotions; they will significantly affect the atmosphere of a site. The so-called “atmosphere” is not created by chance. It is usually the result of the current state of mind of all individuals living within a specific space and the influences of all past events. In this case, in the Adriatic town, another vital characteristic of the records in the field is visible. Such events behave like family secrets that might destroy the family. Thus, this town’s secret affected destructively the lives of the villagers because the negative energy stored in the field cannot but influence its inhabitants, even if only so much as to spoil their mood constantly. Many films have been made about someone who comes to a small town where the locals hide a dark secret. They think hiding, keeping silent, or denying will diminish the influence of secrecy, but they are wrong; the consequences of repressed information are still felt, consciously or subconsciously.

For example, in the dead person identification, especially the type that results from abortion, family members who are unaware of aborted children still feel their presence within the family map. They don’t know they feel exactly that, but some inexplicable restlessness or melancholy regularly plagues them. And such conditions will cost them, if nothing else, then the peace of mind. The same thing happens with secrets written in space, which, with their subconscious pressure, may affect some locals. The harmful programs of those secrets will be felt and unconsciously downloaded by more sensitive community members who will suffer because of such influences in one way or another. Such people can also become a kind of lightning rod for the collective negative charge present in the field. In the manner of a “black sheep,” a phenomenon I described in the seventh chapter of my Book One, those people take on collective negativity. This position can endanger their health, so they can suddenly get sick, die young, or “accidentally” die in a car crash, thus becoming an additional source of suffering for the whole village. And so on indefinitely, until someone clears the local field of this kind of influence.


17. The Matrix Revolutions

Collective karmic patterns are dissolved just as individual karmic patterns, with minor variations. The Integral method presented in my TKP Book One can be normally applied to this area of influence as well. We have seen that collective patterns also produce certain symptoms and have their causes and source (meaning), so we dissolve them in that order. However, when it comes to the causes or the basic structure of different collective patterns, each has its specificity. That is why minor modifications are needed to adapt the integral method to the specific context. I will only repeat that the basis of the Integral method is precisely the process of integration of the detached aspect of the personality, the one that we unconsciously lose, repress, or cut off at the moment of adaptation to a certain type of influence, in this case, one of the collective ones. Therefore, the dissolution process begins with getting to know the collective influence, studying its action, and then dissolving the symptoms, the causal structure, and discovering the meaning.

The dissolution of each collective influence significantly contributes to personal integrity, the return of personal power, and the development of the ability to literally live one’s ideals. The goal of personal development, as I have already emphasized in previous texts, is self-realization. Collective influences can significantly threaten it, but their dissolution can also significantly contribute to our creative self-realization. In addition to individual gains, the cleansing of collective influences also contributes to collective goals – creating a harmonious society and, finally, the manifestation of the original structure of Creation on Earth. Seen globally, such a contribution is much more significant than individual development, although it is not possible without the foundation that forms the dissolution of individual karma. Thus, these two fields of influence are intertwined, so the work on their cleansing complements each other. Although many people claim that there is no need to dissolve every karmic segment because it is purified by life itself in well-intentioned people, I suggest a proactive approach because life truly has a healing effect. Still, such a process can take time, sometimes even several incarnations. I don’t have that much time, and why should I have it – it is possible to speed up karmic processes and thus significantly shorten and reduce them within the limits of one incarnation. This type of work is intended for brave, determined, and hard-working people who know that time is not here to be wasted and wasted but to be used wisely.

So, if we notice that the interaction with a system wider than the family negatively burdens us, we can make a treatment to dissolve the limiting connection with such a system. For example, all persons employed in organizations with bad atmospheres, with lots of unwritten or hidden laws and complicated interpersonal relationships, can deidentify themselves from the field of such an organization. The same is true of areas wider than a company. These can be fields of religion, states, parts of a city or an entire town/village, regions, continents, planets, species, or even much broader entities such as a planetary system, a galaxy, or an entire manifested universe. As one of our basic needs is to be connected to the world around us, this need extends much wider than the relationship with close people or the family as a whole. Our need for connection with the community, society, or humanity is equally vital. However, this need is not primary – concerning the intimate contact with the family, it is in second place, but in a significant second place. And just as such, a connection can be healthy or toxic; if it’s unhealthy, we can transform it into healthy.

This transformation can be carried out as follows: we need to visualize a certain field in front of us, no matter how we experience it, and observe its impact on us. We focus on the field as a psychic image and simply register all the symptoms it produces in us, dissolving them with the Discreation Formula, one by one. After we dissolve all the physical states, emotions, thoughts, and identities that accompany the influence of that particular field, we move on to the causes. We register the primary emotion and determine its center on our body, color, shape, and origin. Some basic possibilities are that the undesirable impact of the field is a consequence of a traumatic experience, that such an impact results from a kind of “blackmail” when entering the field, or that it arose due to systematic adaptation to the field. There is inevitably a secession of some essential part of the self that we must reintegrate in all these cases. And finally, behind every such influence lies an important lesson that must be revealed and accepted because nothing in the universe happens by chance or without meaning. When we become ready to take on new responsibilities and discipline, we create the precondition for a lasting solution to this problem.

15. SeaofLOVE

The consequences of this kind of work can be manifold – from a sense of relief from the subtle pressure that the field inevitably exerts to new choices that may not have been so visible before. Of course, even in the case of deidentification from the influence of the field, all the responsibility lies with us, for it is sometimes difficult to overcome it precisely because of our inability to change the field itself. That is why we must find a way out in a new dose of independence that brings many things. It isn’t easy to live against the current and not accept the norms imposed by the field; it is more comfortable to live immersed in the field and its norms. Such immersion would be desirable if the collective fields were healthy and genuinely functional, providing support and freedom to the individual. This way, the field would behave like a healthy family and allow its members’ creative self-realization. But we are still far from such a situation, although somewhat closer every day. Humanity is waking up, and more and more people are becoming aware of such influences. As soon as the number of conscious people exceeds the critical mass (according to some research, only ten percent), we can expect changes in the field so that it finally starts working in our favor.

© Tomislav Budak, January 2013

[1] There are numerous testimonies of persons who have allegedly been in contact with extraterrestrial beings and speak of such abilities. For beginners, I recommend Thomas James Streicher’s book Extra-Planetary Experiences – Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness.

[2] In this text, I will no longer list the publishers of all the books I mention, except those from which I quote parts of the text because they can be found in the bibliography and on the Internet.

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