The third level of Reiki is intended exclusively for persons who want to become Reiki course leaders themselves. The readiness for such work is determined by many elements, but the final decision is mine. However, in order to become technically ready, my recommendation is to go through as many levels of the Transformation of Karmic Patterns courses as possible and at least a couple of Enlightenment Intensives. Such knowledge is of immense benefit to the intense cleansing processes and personal transformation that such initiation provokes.

Specifically, a master’s Reiki degree brings a person into direct contact with the universal spirit or God, and this form of interaction requires a high degree of personal purification, consciousness, discipline, and responsibility. Initiation to the third level encourages such processes in a relentless way, and a person who decides to take such a step must be prepared for everything – pleasant experiences and great gains, but also to face their deepest and most hidden weaknesses. There is no going back after initiation – once the process starts is impossible to reverse it. That is why I give this degree to people who have at least three years of energy work experience and are familiar with karmic cleansing techniques to the degree of being able to independently dissolve any karmic pattern.

Initiation to the third level of Reiki brings the practitioner into contact with the fourth symbol (or the so-called “master” symbol), which is later used in initiation and healing. Thus, third-level initiation empowers the future Reiki master to perform the initiations well and to lead the courses responsibly and competently. But whether a good master will actually emerge from the practitioner depends not only on his or her technical knowledge but also on their lifestyle. This is why this initiation is not aimed at those who do not want to commit to Reiki – it is intended only for those who are ready to take the risk of conscious living and not complain when such living is not comfortable or not sprinkled only with spiritual flowers.

Initiation to the third level of Reiki takes place individually, its price is relatively high compared to the first two stages, and the potential candidate goes through a preparatory period during which it becomes evident whether it is a real readiness or something that does not represent a necessary developmental stage of a person.