reiki blessings

The second level of Reiki brings the possibility of doing treatments without physical contact (“distant healing”). It also enables practitioners to get in touch with the full potential of Reiki energy, as well as treat the causes of one’s problems or illness. These possibilities are expressed through three esoteric symbols that practitioners come into contact with during initiations and later through practical work. But in addition to the traditional elements, the second level I lead today brings a whole new set of information – both theoretical and practical.

Instead of the former single initiation, I do three – each is dedicated to one of the symbols. While level one aims to open a person to the energy of the universal field, based primarily on the opening of the heart chakra, the second level of Reiki aims to broaden the perception of energy processes by further opening the third eye. Such an objective is easier to accomplish with three initiations than one, as this makes the naturalness and stability of this process much greater.

In addition to the greater attention paid to the initiations themselves, second-level practical work today is far more complete when it comes to creating a willingness for practitioners to undertake independent therapeutic work. Participants gain insight into the possibilities of energy work on the aura level and practice techniques designed to heal the seven auric fields. Such abilities make them equipped for a successful healing practice if they wish to devote themselves to it, or for even better quality further work on their own.

Some of the topics addressed in the second level are:

• treating the cause of the problem (“mental treatment”)

• sending energy remotely to any point in space and time

• protection of space and facilities

• energy work on goals

• treatment of chronic health problems

• complete bioenergy treatment at the auric level:

– filling,

– cleaning,

– patching holes and treating scars,

– astral surgery,

– astral transplantation,

– field sealing.