mikao usui


Reiki represents the simplest and most direct method of healing with universal cosmic energy, prana, or bio-energy. Reiki is also an extraordinary means of spiritual development because it enables immediate contact with the purest spiritual energies, which gradually harmonizes the practitioner’s life and consciousness with cosmic consciousness and cosmic energy flow.

The term “Reiki” is of Japanese origin and stands for “universal life energy.” Many great saints, prophets, healers, and even scientists throughout history talked about the mysterious life force – from Christ to Paracelsus and then to contemporary physicists and doctors. Although known to some experts or talented individuals, until the discovery of the Reiki system, a minimal number of people had the ability to use this energy. Thanks to Reiki, universal cosmic energy is today available to anybody who wants to use it for personal development and spreading positive vibrations, love, and light into their environment.


The Traditional Reiki system is an ancient and sacred but long-forgotten science, rediscovered in the 19th century by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk from Kioto, Japan. After 15 years of intense search, Usui found in Tibetan sutras the keys to the healing system used by Buddha. After that, he meditated for 21 days on the mountain Kurama, where he experienced spontaneous initiation that gave him concrete, practical power of channeling cosmic energy and initiating others into that ability.

Usui’s system consists of three levels. The first and second levels are taught through two-day courses, and the third level is a Master’s level, which is usually given individually. On the first level, participants go through four initiations that open healing channels, where the energy body is lifted to a higher frequency and matched with fine and delicate spiritual energies. After approximately three months of using the first level, a person can go through the second level, which, among other things, gives the person the ability to send energy over distance and perform mental treatments. With the second level, the healing channel is much more open, and the practitioner’s energy body is lifted to an even higher frequency level so that one can use Reiki energy’s full potential.

Reiki represents an extraordinary introduction to systems of energy healing. The Reiki system is not the final word in energy work because the boundaries of such work cannot be determined – they depend exclusively on the level of purity and openness of each practitioner. However, Reiki is a system that opens the practitioner’s energy channels in a safe and efficient way, which enables them to put it into practice immediately and to achieve concrete experiences during the first few hours after initiation. For that reason, Reiki represents the means of personal change-work that has been long-awaited by spiritual researchers. It opens the doors to new dimensions of spiritual life and development and enables practitioners to make a giant step on their road toward deeper and stronger immersion into spiritual and divine consciousness. As a forgotten and sacred knowledge, Reiki now becomes available to all, enabling the spiritual world to act directly through us by transforming us into channels for endless divine energy, love, and light.