Rebirthing, or conscious and circular breathing, was discovered by Leonard Orr in the mid-seventies in California. Its popularity stems from the great simplicity and efficiency of the procedure, based on the basic, natural function of life – breathing. It is known that breathing and its regulation form the base of many of the self-development systems because it encourages mental concentration and fills the body with energy. Rebirthing also uses breathing but as a system for self-healing – psychological and physical. 

People are usually unaware of the elementary force hidden in the breath and its rhythm in inhaling and exhaling. The solution for many problems that trouble contemporary humans lies in even, continuous, and deep breathing. Although essential, external breathing is just a rough reflection of subtle inner breathing in the eternal circulation of breath. Non-inhibited, conscious, and continuous breathing, typical for small children or animals, is the most accurate reflection of that inner circulation. Leonard Orr talks about this kind of breathing when he says that humans contact the Universal energy field or Endless Being through rebirthing.

The basic purpose of rebirthing is remembering and re-experiencing the moment of birth, reliving the psychological, physiological, and spiritual experience of our first breath, and becoming free from its trauma. The procedure starts by transforming the subconscious impression of birth from primal pain to pleasure and satisfaction. Effects on our lives happen immediately – negative energy patterns disappear, and getting younger replaces the aging processes. Rebirthing also releases blocked muscles, inhibited breathing, negative emotions imprinted into muscles, and problems with the spine, blood circulation, and sexual life. With rebirthing, we free ourselves from the physical and emotional aspects of traumatic experiences of different kinds – from current and also from past lives.

One rebirthing session lasts between 45 to 90 minutes, and it can be done individually or in groups with the rebirther who controls the process.