After deep mental cleansing and achieving a certain level of spiritual enlightenment, people who work on their own creative self-realization face problems concerning ways of grounding and living from the new states of consciousness. Out of the ashes of old problems, negative personality characteristics, and unwanted life circumstances, it becomes necessary to re-create one’s own life on new grounds. That is why this course offers many practical models that enable the discovery of our original creative impulse and its practical realization in the material world.

This course aims at mastering the technology (methodology) for dissolving creative blockades and discovering personal creative talents and their realization in everyday life. As the aim of personal development is a creative realization, it is good to know what our soul’s creative impulse is for this incarnation and what technical elements we can utilize to ease and speed up the process of our creative realization. 

Techniques used here belong to avant-garde and advanced operating systems. A skillful practitioner will establish a significant favorable influence on his own life. They also allow for achieving higher theoretical and practical knowledge about successful action in the manifested universe. The culmination of this course is the work with the timeline and recently discovered spaceline, which is used to dissolve the creative blockages. Another culmination is finding and working with five primordial codes as original individual characteristics of each person that enable them to realize themselves in the manifested universe creatively. The course is completed with an initiation that introduces the participants to the awareness of the authentic essence of their spiritual nature or pure Spirit.


 Realization of goals as an initiation process

 Realization cycle and goal structure

 New methods – creating from the Spirit

 Programming the unconscious mind

 Communication with higher consciousness

 Working with time and space line

 Centering the Hara level – working with 5 hara lines

 Creating elementals

 Action and non-action

 Discovering primordial codes

– primordial relationship
– primordial creative impulse
– primordial polarities
– primordial identity
– primordial spiritual current