The course aims to exit the net of illusion created to separate man from the omnipresent Spirit and the immediate reality of life in a material world. Placed between the spiritual and material reality is the so-called “astral world” – the realm of thought and emotions, or mental and emotional energies. The astral world, or the so-called “fourth dimension,” directly influences man’s perception and, with it, also his decisions, behavior, and lifestyle. Initially, the astral world was intended as a transitory sphere between the spiritual and the material, i.e., a means to materialize goals using the power of thought and emotion. However, knowledge of creating goals using the astral world is still not widely known – only a few individuals use it, and they mainly do so negatively. Instead of being a means of self-realization, the astral world becomes a means of manipulation. Persons who see themselves as “ordinary,” “helpless,” “uncreative,” and “untalented” allow someone else to create reality for them – determine values and goals, impose morality and immorality, decide what is true and what isn’t, what should be believed in and what should be rejected. 

Clearly, there is something wrong with the world today. However, it is also clear that most people – some statistics say more than 90 percent – disagree with the world as it is and would like to change something. Why don’t they do it? Why do people give their personal power up and let others influence their reality? Who or what is creating the world as it is? How was a world that continuously disempowers man and obstructs his self-realization created?

It is a fact that the easiest way to rule the world is by creating various ideologies, which are then imposed on the masses by the use of force and coercive measures and mass media – seemingly without the use of force and coercive measures (see the Matrix article ). Due to their own incompleteness, lack of love for themselves, and lack of awareness of their original potential, humans are prone to accept an imposed reality and perform the most incredible follies, unable to change even when aware of what they are doing.

This course is, therefore, intended to further the work on integrating and completing the Self or the Soul by cleansing the relations with negatively programmed aspects of Earth’s energy field, as well as man’s ideologies and extremely subtle forms of myth-o-mania. The final aim of this work is to connect the spiritual and material world into one unit, with the Self or the Soul as the true center of our existence and the carrier of awareness, being the only real means and measure of perceiving the outside world. The idea is that information or awareness of the Matrix – its origin, structure, and so on – is not enough to free yourself from it.

There is a strong emotional or psycho-energetic connection with the Matrix. Until we deconstruct the subtle psycho-energetic bonds with the collective unconscious or the Matrix (for me, they are the same thing), we cannot be really free from its influence.

Namely, the basic human need is to be connected in a healthy way with other forms of life and systems of living. The strongest of those needs is to be healthy and connected with family members, even if those people are very different than we are. We form every other connection based on healthy family connections – friendships, partnerships, business, or the connection with society as a whole. Therefore, we have a strong and natural need to be connected with humanity as a whole. We cannot deny or neglect that motivation, and that’s why even those of us who are aware of the Matrix still have a need to communicate with other people, socialize, and exchange information, energy, and love.

I will repeat – the basic human need is to be connected to others (not disconnected) to express unconditional love to each other, individually and collectively. But humanity also has its unconscious aspect, and by linking to it, we usually automatically pick up most of its harmful content. So, there is a relationship with the Matrix that has to be transformed, and every relationship is rational and irrational, mental and emotional, with the emotional and unconscious part being far more critical and stronger than the mental or rational one.

The way to free yourself from the limiting and destructive aspects of the Matrix is first to know that it exists, who created it and why, how it functions, and how it is structured. But, the next phase has to be the transformation of the so-called “toxic bonds” with the Matrix as a system, and you need to know how to do it thoroughly. That’s why I have created a course based on my “relationship work.” And that’s also why this course is advanced, aimed at people who already know how to transform unhealthy connections established on an individual basis. 

We usually connect with the Matrix during the pre-natal phase while incarnating fully into the physical body and reality. Accepting all aspects of the reality we are coming to is necessary, together with its limiting aspects. To survive in that reality, we need to adapt to blend in. We usually do not have the luxury to come here as pure, whole, and conscious beings – we, therefore, need to give up or disconnect some of our essential qualities to be accepted as a part of the reality we are coming to. Later on, all of us can transform unhealthy connections with that reality into healthy ones, freeing ourselves from the Matrix and its rule. 

That needs to be done completely – intellectually, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Transforming the unhealthy connections must be accompanied by the so-called “soul retrieval” process, or the reintegration of lost parts, aspects, or qualities of our Soul that we have given up during reincarnation. And finally, according to our basic need to be connected, we also need to re-establish healthy connections with the collective (un)consciousness or the Soul of humanity. And the results of this work are great.


 Matrix theory in a specific sense

 Structure of Matrix and creation techniques

 Astral level types

 Gnostic theory of genesis

 Dissolving limiting bonds and identifications with the Matrix (in a specific sense)

 Matrix theory in a broader sense

 Dissolving limiting bonds with the guardians of the Matrix

 Dissolving limiting bonds with the creator of the Matrix