Miasms are the first collective karmic patterns we encounter after meeting and working through at least part of the individual ones. It is a term that comes from homeopathic medicine and represents a psycho-energetic hereditary factor, seven typical collective limiting influences that can be inherited from family members. The creator of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, discovered the first three miasms, and then other researchers found four more. Given that they are directly connected to the system of seven chakras, there are also miasms. The word comes from the Greek term miasma, meaning stain, shadow, or pollution. Such contamination is part of humanity’s collective unconscious and is a latent program in the collective field. Given our connection to collective fields from which we unconsciously and automatically download programs, similar to a computer connected to the “cloud,” it is difficult to resist miasmas if we are unaware of such influence. Miasms nestle in the seventh layer of our aura and exert their limiting influence on our lives.

According to Dr. Richard Gerber, miasms represent energy tendencies that create predispositions towards the manifestation of a certain disease in an individual. Miasm can certainly arise as a result of a particular disease or infection. Still, miasm is certainly not only an infection or genetic damage because it is primarily an energy creation, not a biochemical one. That’s why Gerber claims that miasms are incorporated into multiple layers of a person’s aura and, from there, weaken the body’s natural defense mechanisms and create predispositions to certain diseases. Given that they can be transmitted from generation to generation, miasms represent an energy medium through which events from parents’ lives can be transmitted to children. In this sense, miasms represent an interesting interpretation of the statement, “The sins of the fathers are passed on to the children.”

The dissolution of the miasmic creation and the return of the lost parts of one’s being returns the person to their original, healthy state. On the one hand, such a healthy state seems quite ordinary and simple because the person becomes what he is and has always been again, only in a much deeper and more stable way. On the other hand, returning to a healthy state restores the person’s lost charisma and enables him to transform himself and his life in the way he wants. The amiasmic person is also on the best path to freeing himself from deep inner weaknesses that have burdened humanity for a long time. Such weaknesses are usually defined as problematic internal structures that exist latently in every human being but only come to light once a person finds himself in a position of power. Excessive materialism, promiscuous sex, superiority or inferiority complex, lack of independence, emotional coldness, spiritual ignorance, or mental dullness (human stupidity) are some of these weaknesses. Miasms are indeed the critical blocks on our path to wholeness and then to spiritual self-awareness, but by far the most to the realization of the original potential that we possess, which we lost trying to adapt to the unfavorable conditions of life on this planet, from the time of its entry into the imbalance cycle.


  • Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathic medicine and classic miasm theory
  • Theoretical analysis of seven basic miasms according to this new theory
  • Dissolving each of the seven miasms
  • Energetic homeopathy – treating health issues with the original “energetic homeopathy” method without using homeopathic concoctions
  • Energetic techniques for healing the aura after dissolving a specific miasm
  • Re-creation of the seventh layer of aura – ketheric mold (”golden egg”)