The fourth level is intended for people who want to expand their horizons and minds, develop awareness, and go deeper into the karmic causes of their problems. Limiting patterns manifest in our lives primarily through family influences, traumatic experiences, and identifications. That’s why we work first on such patterns, and by dissolving them, we usually achieve the goals we want to achieve with this kind of work. However, the causes of the mentioned patterns are usually karmic; they are the consequences of the law of karma, according to which all our current life circumstances are rooted in our past actions. As karma is not only manifested as a boomerang, according to the principle “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” but also has an inner, psycho-spiritual aspect, it is sometimes necessary to work on the inner aspect of karma, which is expressed through limiting patterns of thought and behavior inherited from past incarnations.

The expansion of consciousness is the third criterion of mental health because the third subtle dimension of human existence is consciousness. Therefore, the development of consciousness, that is, thinking “outside the box” and continuously learning and acquiring new knowledge, indicates whether someone can be considered mentally healthy. Where the openness of the mind will take us and how deep the rabbit hole it is possible to fall into if we follow the information impartially without setting the limits imposed by the mainstream mentality depends on each individual. But even though the character and scope of our knowledge are personal, the fourth degree of TKP offers insight into the fringe-scientific and society-neglected domains of consciousness that many independent researchers have already gone through and discovered. And when there is a complete consensus about something within the alternative community, I consider such an area worthy of attention and research.

What ideas are we talking about specifically? The fact that man is a multidimensional being, that is, a soul that uses the physical body as a means of manifestation in material reality. Just as we entered it at conception, so we will one day leave the body. Then we will stay for a certain time in the higher octave of Creation known as “Heaven” or “Heaven,” and after that, we may continue our development in a new body, gaining new experiences in physical reality. These new experiences will, to a certain extent, be conditioned by past experiences, that is, “good” or “bad” karma. If there are unlearned lessons from the past charged with unpleasant emotions and limiting beliefs – unresolved traumas and their psycho-spiritual consequences – they can be the causes of a wide variety of life problems. Therefore, such problems are solved by confronting past life experiences and dissolving all the limiting influences that we inherited from them.

The next idea is that man is an energy being, so the course includes work on numerous energy influences and programs that can limit our consciousness and, thus, the quality of achievement. Namely, in our energy bodies, various energy creations of foreign origin can be inserted with a specific intention and goal. However, everything inserted into our energy body from the outside rarely has a constructive impact on our being. Since man is also an inhabitant of the inorganic realms, the astral world, he can find himself under the harmful influence of such a world, its energies, and the entities that inhabit it. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to dissolve such influences and thus free yourself from their limiting programs. Such work aims to become compact, complete, and independent, to have our energy potential at our disposal and use it freely to realize ourselves creatively.


  • Creating the incarnated person identity
  • Theory and practice of dissolving mental aspects of karmic problems – implants, spells, taboos
  • Theory and practice of dissolving the occult aspects of karmic problems – ties with the lower astral world