traumatsko iskustvo


After adopting the methodology of arranging family maps and dissolving limiting connections, we continue cleansing karmic patterns in the following two contexts – goalwork and problem-solving work. These are the two fundamental contexts where we perform therapeutic interventions once the family map is settled. Namely, the next subtle dimension of our existence is creativity or intention as a universal cosmic force. The creative force manifests itself in our lives through the need for self-realization, that is, the ability to become aware of what we want and work to achieve the goal.

Along with at least one quality relationship based on unconditional love, having a goal and working on its realization is the following criterion of mental health. Living in a “target structure,” that is, being aware of the present moment and being able to determine “point A” where we are and “point B” towards which we want to go, would mean being a mentally healthy person. Then, it is necessary to have a methodology for dissolving obstacles to achieving the goal, both external and internal, considering that most obstacles are internal – psycho-energetic and spiritual. Once the goals are clearly set, when there is a willingness to assume the necessary responsibility and discipline to work towards their realization, and obstacles are removed using a precise methodology, there is no reason for non-achievement.

The course includes a detailed theoretical and practical treatment of the following fundamental karmic pattern – traumatic experience and its consequences. Together with limiting associations, trauma is the most common causal model encountered in therapeutic interventions. Work on the traumatic experience is placed in the context of the problem-solving process. The participants adopt the Discreation Formula, a method for dissolving undesirable contents of consciousness used for dealing with the symptoms of the problem. Then, we continue with cleansing the causal model and discovering the meaning of the problem, that is, the lesson behind it. The course ends with the individual initiation of each participant into a state of creative emptiness.


  • What is karmic purification?
  • What is the Soul, and what are the true criteria of mental and spiritual health?
  • Introduction to the mechanism of creating and discreating mental content
  • Practical exercises for developing the skills that enable us to create and discreate our individual universe
  • Goalwork 
  • Bodywork 
  • Introduction to karmic problem dissolving– theory and practice of discreating SYMPTOMS – physical states, emotions, thoughts, and identities
  • Theory and practice of discreating the sole CAUSE of the karmic problem – a traumatic experience 
  • Dissolving the past-lives trauma
  • Theory and practice of discovering and integrating the SOURCE of the karmic problem
  • Information on possible trauma consequences
  • Introduction to life mission realization – discovering true short-term goals and working on their creation
  • “Final Process” – initiating each participant into the experience of the authentic essence of one’s Soul – CREATIVE EMPTINESS