Alex Grey – Dying


The new course within the TKP education is intended for new participants and all those who have already completed the training for TKO therapists or passed all the previous 10 or 11 courses.

In my research, I dealt a lot with death and post-mortem states and dedicated a particular chapter to it in the second TKP book, which is now being translated into English. However, I have never intended a specific course for this topic. That’s why, considering its sensitivity and complexity. Also, due to critical new discoveries, I decided to introduce a course in the TKP system that will thoroughly deal with this topic. Thus, this course will become 11 degrees, and the former 11 will become 12, so TKP in the latest version has 12 degrees.

Therefore, I invite old students to participate in this course, either with the group whose 11th degree is scheduled for the end of January 2024 anyway or if there is more interest in additional courses whose dates will be specified in agreement with you.

Of course, old participants are absolutely not obligated to participate – your TKP education is complete without such an addition.


• Dying process

• Postmortem conditions

• Original structure of Creation

• The structure of the lower astral worlds 

• Dissolving bardo trauma

• Crisis resolution 

• Creating the optimal bardo experience