The initial level of Transformation of Karmic Patterns introduces participants to the idea of karmic patterns and causal therapy and immediately introduces them to deep work on interpersonal relationships. Of course, to those who concern us the most and influence us the most, namely family relationships. Since the first subtle force on which our existence is based is universal, cosmic, or unconditional love, it is practically expressed through interpersonal relationships. That’s why most causes of human problems arise precisely from discordant relationships, mostly from their unconscious aspect.

The primary criterion of mental health is that a person has at least one quality relationship based on unconditional love. Thus, man’s natural, and we could even say primary, need is to be in a relationship and connected with close people. In this way, the relationship is a third force that arises in the interaction of two people and lives by the programs on which it is based. If the relationship is not built on the foundations of unconditional love, but love and connection are conditioned, sometimes by extremely negative emotional patterns and limiting attitudes, relationships between close people become limiting or “toxic.” As such, they can be the cause of numerous undesirable symptoms – from physical conditions (health problems), through negative emotional patterns and a limiting worldview, to roles such as victim or loser.

Therefore, we deal with family maps and their arrangement in the first level. First, we get acquainted with the theory and rules of family maps and then draw them. After a detailed presentation of the folder arrangement process, we work on dissolving limiting connections and creating healthy and liberating ones based on the highest level of unconditional love that we can currently achieve. We place family members in appropriate positions in space and direct ourselves towards constructive life goals.

This kind of work represents a luxury we didn’t have until recently because there is life before the organized map and life after. It is intended for the brave, determined, and ready for change. Like every TKP degree, this workshop trains participants to work independently and with others if they wish.


Criteria of emotional maturity

– What does the term “healthy family” mean?

– Family constellations – theory and practice of the family maps work:

          meaning and rules of the map
          map analysis
          map corrections – instructions for sorting out family relationships

– Creating healthy connections – theory and practice of transforming the limiting bonds