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The Cellular Potentiation Course is a direct continuation of the Cellular Reprogramming and Re-Creation of the Light Body courses. It is an upgrade but also an extension to the study of how to consciously influence cellular processes. The workshop consists of various elements – from the use of the “sacred solfeggio scale” through to genetic corrections and to the dissolving of stubborn “defense mechanisms” – the energetic masses in the light body that strongly impede man’s self-realization in material reality. Therefore, this is an advanced course aimed at people who have passed the two courses listed above and who are familiar with energy healing systems such as Reiki or have at least finished the first degree of Transformation of Karmic Patterns.

This course is intended for the full activation of personal potentials, using the hidden power stored in the previously unknown 97% of DNA material. If we take into account some of the new scientific discoveries and decide to apply them practically, then the possibilities of man become much larger than the ones expected or known so far. Since man is fully equipped for his own realization but without a manual to use his potential, this course is another link in the information chain needed to independently create his own destiny in accordance with the deepest inner aspirations of our Soul, as well as the aspirations of the universal Spirit.

We cannot expect that such potentials will be realized just by themselves or that “God” will do it for us. As a universal consciousness that surrounds us and fills us, God expects humans (as well as the beings who inhabit the spiritual worlds) to use their potential. By aligned activity and the conscious effort of such souls, it becomes possible to create the most optimal worlds and forms of existence. Opportunity, therefore, exists, but few people use it – that is why the world we live in is as it is. Non-ethical people with secret powers that have been in their hands for centuries create “hell on earth.” So, it is up to us to decide whether we will allow this practice to continue or we’ll take our destiny into our own hands and create a “heaven on Earth” for ourselves and the generations that come. Potentially, both are possible – everything depends on our choice.


intention energetics

In the course, you will learn many techniques of healing, creation, and action based on the so-called “delta state of consciousness.” It is a state in which the activity of the brain waves is reduced to a minimum by stopping the internal dialogue and returning to the state of Oneness. In the delta state, there is no action or visualization that takes one into the theta state, as described and practiced in the Theta Healing courses. It is about the deepest possible dive into our inner selves, followed by the absence of mental or emotional processes. Until the discovery of Delta Healing techniques, it was the action from theta states that were considered to give our intentions (creations) the biggest possible power that they would not have if they had been made from alpha or beta states, which are the most common states of consciousness. Theta Healing methodology allows us to enter the theta state while being fully conscious, and it is done by moving our attention from the material reality into the immaterial one. However, since theta level is not the deepest level of brainwave activity, it is not hard to conclude that intentions set from an even deeper level, where the brain wavelength is less than 4 Hz or reduced to zero, will be even more effective than the ones done in the theta state.

Although entering the theta state today is available to anyone who wants to use it – primarily thanks to Vianna Stibal and her Theta Healing system – I have not yet discovered the way for beginners to enter the delta state. That is why this course can hardly be intended for beginners, but it does not require too much knowledge and experience to get ready for this work. Reikists, participants of the Transformation of Karmic Patterns, and Enlightenment Intensive courses will have much less trouble with stopping the internal dialogue than someone who has no such background.

Topics covered in the course:

– discovering the primary DNA, 

– genetic repair,

– adjustments of the spine and joints,

– dissolving defense mechanisms in the light body,

– spiritualization of any space-time phenomena,

– work with nine sound frequencies of the complete solfeggio scale.