The ritual of walking on live coals is probably one of the oldest spiritual rituals on the planet Earth. It’s simple and natural and doesn’t require special preparation or readiness. All that is necessary is commitment and relaxation to allow the element of fire to carry us barefoot across live coal and burn the inferior parts of our beings – our faults, problems, sicknesses, and even negative karmic patterns.

The course lasts one day, starting early afternoon and ending at midnight. Preparation includes the ritual of burning our negative traits, an energy practice that opens our energy centers and harmonizes us with the element of fire, and some aspects of ho’ o pono pono, a method taken from Hawaiian Huna, that allows us to deal with our relationships before we cross the carpet of live coals.

Firewalking is an extraordinary and unique experience for everybody because, in a very short time, it creates an awareness of the illusionary nature of our world. That is why it is one of the true miracles of today because it proves in a concrete and immediate way that reality is not always what our senses and mind interpret it to be. There is a mysterious and exciting world just beyond the boundaries of our minds, the world where anything is possible. Some aspects of that world can be experienced on this unique course.