The science of the Eneagram is ancient, and we cannot accurately determine its origins. However, it brings one of the best typologies of human personality, and this knowledge can raise our understanding of ourselves or others to a very high level. Not only that – it may also reveal our core strength but also our deepest inner weakness. That’s why it is good to know it and use it in our everyday lives as a means of improving our communication and the quality of interpersonal relationships. It can also enable us to discover a deeper sense of our own existence and the lessons that we have chosen to learn even before we were born. But perhaps its greatest importance, at least for me, is that it can reveal our core weakness that we are usually not willing to admit ourselves.

All people possess a number of personal weaknesses, but there is only one fundamental and, therefore, highly persistent one. I have long ago noticed the fact that no matter how hard people try to realize their goals or change their behavior, some weaknesses are difficult to eradicate. Some even intensively “work on themselves” but ultimately end badly – with serious illnesses or complex personal problems (family, business, partnership, or even spiritual). Since our destiny reflects our character or our fundamental character flaws, there is always one flaw that is difficult to give up. The background of this flaw is in its most direct connection with the universal Spirit. Behind it lies our greatest inner strength, but we can hardly give it up because we identify with it, or out of ignorance, we think of this flaw as being one of the deepest traits of our Soul.

However, something that manifests as a weakness is never related to our true Self – it is actually a feature associated with our deepest resistance to surrendering to the universal Spirit or to allowing the Spirit to lead us in an unexpected direction. That is why our deepest essence, or power, is in direct connection with the universal Spirit and is usually manifested through our most prominent talent or ability. With this kind of work, we may rediscover such capability and integrate it, discovering the practical models of its concrete realization in our daily lives.

I have long searched for a model that would, in the simplest way, indicate a fundamental weakness/strength of each human being. I have been dissolving such effects directly, not recognizing the context within which they appear or the system that lies behind them. After ten years of observation, I had to accept the fact that the ancient science of Enneagram is the best way to systematize this knowledge. As a system of personality typology based on nine types, or models of personality, the Enneagram simultaneously exposes the fundamental weakness of each of them. The analysis and careful observation of a particular personality type can lead us to discover the truth about ourselves – on one side of our deepest internal weakness and on the other of our greatest personal strength. However, as weaknesses are to be overcome, so the weak points of each Enneagram type can be transformed into our biggest inner strength.

The Secrets of the Enneagram course is an advanced one, and it is best to attend it after finishing more of the Transformation of Karmic Patterns levels – level one being the necessary prerequisite for attending this course. All other prior knowledge is welcome, especially the knowledge about the Enneagram that you can acquire over the Internet or through the extensive literature on this topic. What is necessary is to come up with a clearly defined type. We don’t have time to deal with defining your type during the course because we have a lot of practical work to do. Once you have determined your type, we can go deep into this territory and get the maximum gains from exploring it.

The topics covered in the course:

– What is the Enneagram,

– Analysis of each of the nine types,

– Detection, acceptance, and dissolution of “the root weakness,”

– Creating a model of constructive realization of the “root power,”

– Creating harmonious relationships based on knowledge of the specifics of each type,

– The final process – the integration of your own personality type.