I have already written about the Yuga cycles in Book Two dedicated to the Transformation of Karmic Patterns method (available only in Croatian). In this text, I will deal with those cycles in the context of crisis as the central theme of a series of articles. In the first one, I spoke about the general psychological aspects of a crisis. In the second article, I discussed how societies view personal crises and how they manipulate collective ones. Here, I will go into the so-called “large time cycles” and the connection between their shift and global critical periods.

Since times immemorial, in many civilizations and cultures, some traditions and legends tell us there were periods on Earth when people lived differently than today when the world is obviously ruled by well-organized and masked evil. Stories of ancient ages when societies were governed by the most ethical and conscious individuals, and not the greatest criminals, are present everywhere but are most accurately expressed in the Indian epic Mahabharata. This text says that the Earth goes through various cycles – from complete balance with Creation’s natural laws and structure to a high degree of imbalance. These are the so-called “Yuga cycles,” which are the extended periods that range from complete harmony and rule of good, all the way to a large degree of disharmony. So now we live in Kali Yuga – the age of darkness when moral virtues and mental abilities have reached the lowest point in the whole cycle. In his article The End of Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the Mystery of the Yuga Cycles, Indian researcher and author Bibhu Dev Misra says that “the Mahabharata describes Kali Yuga as the period when the World Soul is black. Only a quarter of virtue remains, which slowly declines to zero at Kali Yuga’s end. People turn to evil; disease, lethargy, anger, natural disasters, anxiety, and fear of scarcity dominate societies. They neglect penance, sacrifices, and religious rites. All beings degenerate. Everything is subject to change, without exception.”

Kali Yuga, or “Iron Age,” is preceded by three cycles – the Golden Age (Satya or Krita Yuga), the Silver Age (Treta Yuga), and the Bronze Age (Dvapara Yuga). The Mahabharata says that there was no evil on Earth in the Golden Age, and people lived according to spiritual consciousness. There was no need for religion, poverty, disease, work, or trade because all goals were realized using the power of intention (will). The World Soul was white, and everyone could achieve enlightenment by identifying with it. Suppose we connect the concept of the “World Soul” with today’s idea of the Earth’s energy field. In that case, the Earth’s field could be in man’s service as a constructive influence, as opposed to its current form, where it represents a severe obstruction to our contact with ourselves, with society, and the universe.

In Treta Yuga, or the Silver Age, the World Soul is red (whatever that means), and virtue is reduced by a quarter, so there are three-quarters of good and one-quarter of evil. Humankind no longer lives in truth, so it becomes necessary to search for it. Religious ceremonies begin and needs are met through work.

In the Bronze Age, or Dvapara Yuga, the World Soul is yellow, and virtue is reduced by another quarter – there is half good and half evil in the world. Diseases and greed appear, and decadence takes over the Earth.

And in the present time – in Kali Yuga or the Iron Age – there are three-quarters of evil and only one-quarter of good on Earth. Kindness and virtue are almost entirely lost, and evil has taken over the world. Rulers become unreasonable, unjustly collect duties, and cease to consider it their duty to promote spirituality or protect their subjects, therefore posing a danger to the world. Human civilization degenerates spiritually, and people completely distance themselves from the truth, becoming stingy and furious, openly showing hostility to one another. They do not know dharma, think about violence and see nothing wrong with it, becoming addicted to drugs and narcotics.

 kaliHindu goddess Kali


Bibhu Dev Misra also tries to answer when exactly Kali Yuga began and when will it end. Many researchers and spiritual teachers have dealt with this issue, yet the specific dates (years) of entering and exiting Kali Yuga remain unclear. Nowadays, the generally accepted view is that the start date of Kali Yuga is February 17/18, 3012 BC, as so defined by Aryabhatta, the famous sixth-century Indian astronomer. He based his calculations on Surya Siddhanta, an ancient treatise by an unknown author on the subject of archaeo-astronomy. On February 17/18, 3012 BC the conjunction of five geocentric planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – reportedly occurred at zero degrees of Aries. However, recent calculations show that these planets were not in conjunction on that date but were scattered in an arc of 42 degrees through three signs – Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius. Also, by a more careful study of Surya Siddhanta, we can realize that this date is nowhere mentioned as the beginning of Kali Yuga, but only as the approximate time when the Golden Age ended.

Misra, therefore, offers a different figure, based on the works of Sri Yukteswar, who did not accept the equally widespread idea that the complete Yuga cycle lasts 12,000 years. In his book The Holy Science, Yukteswar claims that the whole cycle lasts 24,000 years and has an ascending and descending phase. This information most likely originates from Jainism, the ancient Indian religion, with the belief that the complete time cycle (Kalachakra) has a progressive and a regressive half. During the 12,000 years of the progressive half, knowledge, happiness, ethics, art, health, and spirituality gradually increase, while these values decline over the 12,000 years of the regressive half. And the duration of each Yuga phase differs from those cited by various Sanskrit texts claiming that each of the phases is shorter by 1200 years (Golden Age reportedly lasts 4800 years, Silver 3600, Bronze 2400, and Iron 1200). According to such calculations, we would have been in the Golden Age a long time ago, and it is more than evident that this is not the case – Kali Yuga is in its heyday. Misra accepts equal durations of each Yuga phase of 3000 years (or 2700 years plus 300 years of transition), as stated by the ancient Saptarsi calendar used in India for thousands of years. This calendar was made to follow the so-called “seven rishis movement,” or seven stars that form the basis of the constellation Ursa Major. The Indians consider these seven stars to be “enlightened masters” who appear at the beginning of each of the Yuga cycles to “establish the laws of the new civilization” that is then emerging.

Historians agree that the beginning of the Saptarsi calendar is associated with the year 6676 BC. That year is also cited as the year of death of the avatar Rama. In the Indian tradition, it is believed that with Rama’s death, the Silver Age (Treta Yuga) ended, and the Bronze Age (Dwapara Yuga) began, so the 6676 BC could represent the exact time of the beginning of the Bronze Age. Since each Yuga lasts 3000 years, it is not difficult to calculate the precise start and end of all other phases in the cycle. Here’s a table of the duration of the whole Yuga period, as presented in Misra’s article, if each phase lasts 2700 years, with a transition period of 300 years:

 yuga cycle timelineThe Yuga Cycle timeline based on the Saptarsi calendar (as presented in Bibhu Dev Misra’s article) 


So now (2021), we are still in Kali Yuga, which, although officially finishing in 2025, will not end completely in about three hundred years, when the ascending Dvapara Yuga (Bronze Age) begins. Then in three thousand years comes the ascending Treta Yuga, and only in six thousand years do we enter the Golden Age again. Judging by the current state of the planet, this perspective is more than logical. The mess we live in is unlikely to be resolved quickly – it will take at least 300 years for mass awakening and awareness to happen so that we can finally establish a balance between good and evil (two-quarters of good and two-quarters of evil in the Bronze Age). And then, we will gradually move toward the full manifestation of the original structure of Creation in the Silver and Golden Ages.

It is natural and logical that cycles change in descending and ascending ways, that is, gradually. Although many announce a soon return to the Golden Age, it is a naive claim based on an unbalanced process where humanity, heavily “infected” with evil, should suddenly jump into complete, one hundred percent, harmony. Even summer doesn’t come immediately after winter. Entering summer is a process – we have a natural transition phase called “spring,” where the first part of spring is usually more like winter, followed by gradual warming, until summer-like heat at the end of the period. It’s the same with the return to winter – we don’t jump right from summer sandals into winter boots. There is a transition period called “autumn,” with a gradual cooling down until the winter minuses.

Yuga cycles Yuga cycles have descending and ascending phases (as presented in Bibhu Dev Misra’s article).


So, with such a low level of consciousness, responsibility, and discipline as we have today, to think that everyone will suddenly become fully aware is entirely unrealistic. But that’s the requirement for entering the Golden Age, where everybody is enlightened, not just the “chosen ones.” In the Golden Age, there will be no karmic limitations, and everyone will have an opportunity to realize themselves creatively. Everybody will live according to natural laws and unhinderedly manifest their original nature. Such an age will not come quickly, but what is six thousand years when we know how old the planet is and that humanity has existed for at least three million years? Already entering the Bronze Age will bring significant relief. For some, this period will genuinely look like a return to the Golden Age. In the Bronze Age, the balance between good and evil will be fifty-fifty. Discord will still exist, but there will also be socially recognized means of overcoming it. Today we still haven’t reached this civilizational level – a sick person has to dig deep into alternative knowledge to get the correct information on healing. Official science does not allow us to do that – moreover, it hides the truth from us, often forbidding this kind of knowledge.

Whistleblowers even claim that the elite possesses cures for all diseases but keeps them under lock and key, hidden from the public. It is the same with all branches of science – from archeology, physics, chemistry, biology, and other natural sciences, all the way to the so-called “spiritual sciences.” Large libraries were set on fire, the Vatican keeps its library locked, and the intelligence services hide everything they can “in the name of national security.” The internet is censored more and more, especially now in the time of the so-called “corona crisis.” Large social networks and video platforms completely ban criticism of epidemiological measures, declare anyone who questions the official story a “conspiracy theorist,” and cancel their profiles. Censorship has become of such a degree that Joseph Goebbels himself would envy the leading people of the Silicon Valley media.



While the truth is taboo in Iron Age, it will become available to those who want to know it in the Bronze Age. But knowing the truth is one thing and living according to it is quite another. So, a harmonious life will be possible for those willing to take the necessary responsibility and discipline to create it. Today, in the age of the apocalypse (if we define it as “revelation”), the process of exposing the ridiculous system we live in has already begun. Many secrets are revealed, some of them dark and torturous, about the complete perversion of the elite that rules humanity. The mechanisms of that rule are now entirely exposed. And the reason why deception is possible is also revealed – it is a matter of complete disinterest of the masses to take responsibility for their lives and create them in a disciplined way. Thus the problem is not only in the manipulativeness of the elite – the far more significant issue is the passivity of the masses who allow tyranny.

Moreover, they defend it and attack those who want to wake them up. The masses are, therefore, unlikely to become conscious until the pressure, harassment, and tyranny are of an appropriate degree. How much more they will have to endure is a big question. That is why the transition to the Bronze Age depends only on us. We decide whether it will be smooth or full of crises, blows, and suffering. Every change, even the harmonious one, inevitably brings crises, both individual and collective. Crises are the inevitable companions of any transition, but, as I said in the first article in this series, a crisis is an opportunity to jump to a higher level, not just a lower one. Until most people realize this, the crisis will recur. Thus, the “corona crisis” will not stop until people take matters into their own hands and end the “Great Reset,” as envisioned by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, and other globalist organizations. These organizations, by the way, abuse the term “globalism” in an attempt to take advantage of its positive connotation and implement global tyranny.

Given that we are facing a wide-ranging transition, it is likely to be accompanied by many natural changes and catastrophes that usually coincide with the beginnings and ends of these periods. As determined by Bibhu Dev Misra, the passage from the Golden to Silver Age (between 9976 and 9676 BC) was the time when the last ice age ended, and the famous flood took place, most likely caused by the movement of the Earth’s crust. In the transition period between the Silver and Bronze Ages (between 6976 and 6676 BC), the Black Sea flood and the disintegration of the Laurentide ice sheet allegedly happened, followed by numerous catastrophic earthquakes and floods. The transition between the Bronze and Iron Ages (between 6976 and 6676 BC) was marked by the so-called “5.9 kiloyear event” (5900 BC or 3900 BC), during which intense aridification (the process of turning into a desert) of the Sahara took place. This was accompanied by the Flemish transgression (rising sea level or expansion of sea surfaces), which resulted in numerous floods in Asia. And finally, in the transitional period between the descending and ascending Kali Yuga (between 976 and 676 BC), a series of natural disasters happened, together with the collapse of various civilizations that occurred during the so-called “dark Greek era” (between 1100 and 800 BC).  

Unnatural catastrophes join natural ones in the transition periods. A series of wars seem to have been waged throughout the descending Yuga period, which is particularly important to the Matrix story because some appear to be nuclear. If this claim seems unbelievable, we should note that many world myths and legends support it. Ancient writings like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana describe events that resemble atomic wars. Some modern nuclear physicists, archaeologists, geologists, or astronomers, speak of the possibility that atomic bombs already exploded on this planet many thousands of years ago. There is a well-known statement by Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Manhattan Project, who was once asked, “how does it feel to be the father of the atomic bomb?”. Oppenheimer replied with a counter-question – “You mean in recent times?” He was a serious student of Eastern philosophy and even learned Sanskrit to read the ancient scriptures in the original, so he knew the Mahabharata, or Bhagavad Gita, very well. His statement in the 1965 interview is also significant – when asked how he felt after the first nuclear test, Oppenheimer said the following:

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another[1].”

Frederick Soddy, the famous physicist and chemist from the late 19th and early 20th centuries (later winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry), said in 1909:

“I believe that in the past, there were civilizations that were familiar with atomic energy and that have been completely destroyed by its misuse.”

When scientists of this caliber believe that nuclear wars happened long before 1945, it is not hard to accept this hypothesis as a realistic possibility. Although the mainstream “scientific community” rejects such ideas, we should consider that history is also highly censored. There are artifacts, writings, and excavations that “expose history as more or less bunk,” as the motorist magnate Henry Ford once said. And the reason history is censored is more than obvious, perhaps best expressed by George Orwell, who said that “he who controls the past controls the future; he who controls the present controls the past.”

The ancient nuclear wars have reportedly taken place more than once. Some authors believe that the Mahabharata describes the most famous such war, historically located just around the beginning of Kali Yuga. According to the authors of The Morning of the Magicians[2] and their interpretation of the Mahabharata verses, the ancient epic also mentions “vimanas,” antigravity-like spacecraft (like today’s UFOs), that fired projectiles “charged with the power of the universe” and caused terrible destruction. Those projectiles were “an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishis and the Andhakas. The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable; their hair and nails fell out. Pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected. The thunderbolt was reduced to fine dust…”. By 1945, such a description would have been less recognizable, but after the first nuclear explosion, and especially after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the verses from the Mahabharata suddenly became utterly understandable.

 ancient nuclear warsAccording to some famous scientists, nuclear wars have already been fought in the distant past…

Archeological discoveries related to a whole range of areas join the hypothesis of ancient nuclear wars. Here I will mention only the example of Mohenjo Daro, the ancient city located in present-day Pakistan. It is the largest settlement of the Indus Valley civilization, also known as Harappa. The name Mohenjo Daro means “mound of death.” A legend says that the city was destroyed in one day, around 2000 BC. There are many indications that a nuclear explosion might have demolished Mohenjo Daro – from the glazing on the bricks, the radioactive stones, the skeletons of women, men, and children lying holding hands and scattered around as if something had suddenly knocked them down, to the bone calcification and radioactivity that occurs only when corpses are burned at very high temperatures. These are phenomena very similar to those that occurred after the atomic strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Why do I mention ancient nuclear wars here? Because they seem to have significantly influenced the state of the Earth’s energy field. Nuclear explosions probably caused many catastrophes and destructions of civilizations in the transitional Yuga periods and greatly contributed to the global decline. It seems that these disasters were natural and unnatural, and were of such a scale that they destroyed entire civilizations. They downgraded human society to some form of the Stone Age. But for the current situation on Earth, the following fact is far more critical – it seems that nuclear explosions create holes in the Earth’s energy field. This statement represents my subjective experience in intuitively observing the Earth’s field and reading the consequences of a nuclear explosion on it. I have also noticed that such holes allow foreign energies and entities to penetrate.

Just as the human aura bursts under the influence of some psycho-physical trauma, so the Earth’s aura cracks under the impact of some great catastrophe. Such eruptions have enabled disembodied entities inhabiting the cosmic astral realm to enter the Earth’s field and connect with the energy bodies of humans. In a narrower sense, the Matrix rests on the influence of the entities that govern it, together with programs inscribed in it. But the entities are primary in importance because they represent a seemingly non-existent “force majeure” without which the enslavement of the human race would not be possible.

Such holes in the Earth’s aura become energy portals, but for the lower astral beings, unfortunately, both those already connected to the Earth and the cosmic ones. The penetration of foreign entities into the Earth’s field leads to identical phenomena as I described in Book One on karmic patterns in chapter four, which dealt with the dynamics of traumatic experience. Astral entities feed on human energies, not positive but negative, such as fear, anger, sadness, or guilt. In this way, man becomes weak and without energy, so we slowly get what we have today – a robotic being in the power of mental programs, just as our rulers want. The overlords need semi-conscious slaves who are easy to control, make them go to war, accept inhumane jobs, and be grateful for the crumbs they get in return. What directly contributes to such a situation are holes in Earth’s aura resulting from nuclear explosions. So, it doesn’t seem the explosions are just “testing”; our rulers know precisely why they do them. Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto calculated that from 1945 to 1998, 2,053 atomic bombs were detonated on the planet. Thus, the Earth today would have at least 2053 energy (astral) holes. Check out his shocking video:


Therefore, the battle for the salvation of mankind must be fought on two fronts, not just the secular one, which consists exclusively of socio-political activism. Spiritual activism is also needed, one that spiritual devotees, shamans, and healers practice. And such activism is critical for the further development of life on the planet. Only with the healing of the Earth’s aura will it become possible to restore planetary balance. With this condition fulfilled, secular activism has the correct basis and meaning. I do not want to devalue socio-political activism because I am personally active and consider it necessary for global change. However, I am aware of the scope of such activism and the fact that it is essential to be accompanied by spiritual activism. Otherwise, we will have what has been going on for hundreds of years – every secular activism collapses and becomes corrupt over time, being seriously compromised by human weaknesses. An excellent example of this kind of constructive collaboration is Tolkien’s “fantastic novel” The Lord of the Rings, in which the war against evil is waged on all fronts – both in the earthly and inorganic worlds, between human and non-human beings, and against demons and dark wizards. It seems that this is how the final battle for the planet will have to look like in reality.

 Lord of the RingsThe struggle to return to balance will have to be waged on all fronts because the imbalance is present at all levels…


Thus, the answer to the question “when did evil start ruling the world?” could be – gradually, when we moved from the Golden Age, and the “World Soul” (Earth’s energy field) began transforming from white to black with entering Kali Yuga around 3676 BC. What makes the World Soul black is the collection of various influences; from the programs inscribed in the collective energy field, through the entities inhabiting it, all the way to the organization of life on Earth and the characteristics of the socio-political systems we live in.

One could say that it is natural that evil reigns in Kali Yuga because we’re in such a time cycle, and nothing can be done or changed. But can large time cycles be an excuse for negative action? According to the law of karma, they cannot. Every action is subject to karmic law, even if it is performed in the most unfavorable circumstances. This means that all those who commit misdeeds and justify them by the current situation on the planet (“it’s how it is, everyone does such things and that’s why I do it too, it’s normal,” etc.), will be very responsible for them. Most with pure karma, or karmic return in the form of a boomerang, and those wiser will know that they have to rectify them with the opposite positive activity.

So it turns out that Kali Yuga is a kind of temptation that the universe intended for us so that we overcome it. In this sense, it is good to know about large time cycles and that in the Kali Yuga period evil is constantly trying to rule the world. We should not live in illusion, hypnotized by lies of priests, politicians, or journalists (media), and believe that evil will bypass us if we pretend it doesn’t exist. The knowledge of evil does not reflect any “negativism,” as superficial new-agers would like to believe. Knowledge of the existence and structure of evil liberates and balances because it allows for a correct understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Therefore, the meaning of living in the cycle of imbalance is not to “surrender to fate” and justify one’s passivity by “God’s will” because in that way evil would completely prevail and destroy the planet. Planetary survival is made possible by this seemingly weak quarter of goodness that maintains the minimum balance needed for the system’s stability. That is why in Kali Yuga, one should insist on positivity, ethics (respect for the law of karma), and truthfulness at every cost.

Mahatma Gandhi didn’t say in vain, “Even if you are a minority of one man, the truth is still the truth.” It might seem reasonable to at least screw up with evil in Kali Yuga, to “pursue a career” and be dishonest within the limits of social acceptability. But all forms of non-ethical action and non-ethical non-action (silence, passivity, tacit collaboration) contribute to the reign of evil. The pact may seem to some a lesser sin than open destructive action. Still, the fact is that the rule of evil is maintained by human silence, passivity, and belief in fairy tales told to us by the church, state, or television. That is why even the most minor forms of social activism are welcome in Kali Yuga. Such actions are the most constructive pledge for our future because it is always best to nurture and increase virtue.

This approach to life in the times we are in is not easy. It is not without a good reason that spiritual devotees have said that life is suffering because, in Kali Yuga, it certainly is. However, spiritual devotees also noted that it is better to lose one’s head than to sin one’s soul. Therefore, a truthful life in Kali Yuga requires a high degree of awareness and ethics. Such a lifestyle is usually not limited to constant enjoyment and entertainment, although a conscious person is regularly both witty and prone to entertainment. But she knows that modern society has almost completely neglected values ​​such as humanitarian work, enlightenment, and exposing lies. But things are as they are, not as (unconscious) man would want them to be. For this reason, it makes no sense to blame the Matrix or Kali Yuga for our own or global problems. We have to reject laziness and irresponsibility and live ethically and adequately, following the principles of unconditional love, humanity, and truth.

Mahatma Gandhi did not say in vain –  “Even if you are a minority of one, truth is still truth.” In Kali Yuga, it seems opportune to at least shuffle with evil, to “pursue a career,” be dishonest within the limits of social acceptability. But all forms of non-ethical action and non-ethical non-action (silence, passivity, tacit collaboration) contribute to the reign of evil. The pact with evil may seem to some a lesser sin than open destructive action. Still, the fact is that the rule of evil is maintained by human silence and passivity, persistent living in illusion, and belief in fairy tales told to us by the church, state, or television. That is why even the most minor form of social activism is welcome in Kali Yuga. Such action is the most constructive pledge for our future because it is best to nurture and increase virtue.

Such an approach to life in the times we are in is not easy. It is not without reason that spiritual devotees have said that life is suffering because it certainly is in Kali Yuga. However, spiritual masters also noted that it is better to lose one’s head than to sin one’s soul. Therefore, balanced life in Kali Yuga requires a high degree of awareness and ethics. That kind of life is usually not limited to constant enjoyment and entertainment, although a conscious person is regularly witty and prone to having fun. But she knows that there are dimensions that people almost completely neglect, so she spends some of her time realizing values ​​such as humanitarian work, enlightenment, and exposing lies. These activities are less popular nowadays when it comes to the lifestyle of the masses or elites. But things are as they are, not as (unconscious) people would want them to be. For this reason, there is no point in blaming the Matrix or Kali Yuga for one’s own problems. We should reject laziness and irresponsibility and live ethically and adequately, following the principles of unconditional love, humanism, and truth.


There are numerous indications that the elite is aware of such a framework and is in a hurry to establish the New World Order, or “Great Reset,” by 2025. The elite would like to take advantage of the transition crisis to put the quality of life on Earth as far back as possible. They want to ensure that people are totally under control to robotize them to the maximum. Vaccination is forcibly promoted as the solution to the crisis right up to that year, so the corona “plandemic” will not end until 2025 when most people are vaccinated. But that is just a cover for creating the global totalitarian society because the easiest way to manipulate people is through fear of disease and death. Moreover, the coronavirus plandemic seems to be the means of “coronation” of the New World Order.

 Here is another notable example in which 2025 plays an important role – a NASA document called Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] with the subtitle The ‘Bots’, ‘Borgs’ & Humans Welcome You To 2025. AD. This text was “mistakenly” published on the NASA website and soon removed. It speaks of the technologies that will be used in future wars and actually presents the goals of the elite for the period after 2025. So let’s see what the plans are. The document predicts that a “World Government” will be established on the planet by that year so that future wars will be fought only between government and people. In such a society, everyone is perceived as a potential enemy and therefore needs to be modified to become obedient. Technologies that will be used in doing so are truly monstrous. As the subtitle of NASA’s text says, it is about transhumanism of the most subtle type in which people will gradually be turned into something similar to the so-called “Borgs,” according to the term used in the SF series Star Trek.

Using nanoparticles that are already dispersed worldwide and introduced into the body by respiration, diet, and genetic modification through vaccines containing the genetic material, it will be possible to create a race of novices with controlled minds. In her book Rebel Gene, Kerry Cassidy calls these modified humans “version 3.0.” Such people will be transhuman, a more robotic version of the former man. Those who resist this kind of modification will be influenced in various ways – by threats of excommunication or deportation, but also by more subtle forms of manipulation, such as using the so-called “smart dust.” It is a cloud of nanoparticles directed towards a person or a group of people, intending to cause a change in mood and opinion, and for the most stubborn, the solution will be death treated as “natural.” Smart dust will affect people precisely because of the numerous modifications intended to be made to them.

 covidian manThe goal of the elite is to digitalize man to the maximum, to destroy every human aspect in him. Will we allow them to do that?

The problem of subtle and silent assimilation of people into a Borg-type community was specially addressed by the German scientist Harald Kautz (until recently Kautz-Vella). He began to get acquainted with it when Norwegian farmers hired him to determine why their crops died. Harald Kautz found that plants die because of piezoelectric nano-crystals inserted into them through rain or dust. Although highly transparent, these nano-crystals absorb UV light at a frequency of 260 nanometers. UV biophotons hit the cell at a frequency of 260 nanometers and order it to divide. The absorption of UV radiation from foreign piezoelectric nano-crystals prevents such a process, so there is no cell division, which ultimately leads to plant death. Kautz is also of the opinion that this kind of influence most likely produced the so-called “mad cow disease” of the 1980s, which was investigated by many scientists, failing to find the actual cause.

So, the first aspect of the aerosol content is primarily about control and monitoring, but there is another thing used for this purpose. Kautz found the mycelium of a fungus in aerosols, which later develops in the body and turns into what is known as the “Morgellon disease.” He believes that the entire European population is infected with this mycelium, but such an infection has no severe consequences for most people. The mycelium collects heavy metals in the body and therefore allows it to survive. But if a person’s immune system is weaker, or if the body is oversaturated with toxins, then bluish or reddish scabs can form on the skin from which whitish fibers often protrude. According to Kautz, Morgellons belong to true transhumanist biotechnology because they act as self-organizing nanorobots transforming radio waves into light signals. Our DNA reads them as signals of our own body and vice versa – Morgelonians can transform the body’s light signals into radio waves that contain information about our DNA. In this way, they monitor humanity because they read a complex picture of one’s mental state, thoughts, and emotions. Then such data can be digitized and reloaded into another person or even into larger social groups.

But that’s not all – Harald Kautz claims that he also found fragments of insect skin in Morgellons, so it’s no wonder that victims of Morgellons disease often feel as if something is crawling under their skin. That is why people who have developed this illness are far more often psychiatric patients because the medical community ignores this disease, pretending it does not exist and attributes all symptoms to the human psyche. I don’t know how they explain the fibers protruding from human bodies – what is psychic in such a phenomenon? That’s why the so-called “cognitive dissonance” should never be underestimated because it leads even highly educated people to dismiss an obvious fact as non-existent. Just because doctors see them for the first time, or the scientific community claims that people “invent” them, doesn’t mean that these fibers don’t exist.

Thus, Morgellons behave as artificial intelligence that infiltrates the human body to feed on light or biophotons produced by human DNA. It is a gradual and subtle kind of assimilation by beings who possess the ability to self-organize, think and communicate. In visions of infected people, they even resemble Archons, spiders with human faces, as can be seen in Harald Kautz’s presentations. According to ancient Gnostic texts, spiders with human faces are one of the forms of Archontic beings and consciousness, so it is not surprising that drawings made today depict a foreign infiltration into the human body in such a way. On the other hand, the world’s elite deliberately offers their body and energy system to the Archons to feed on in exchange for power. This phenomenon is identical to the black-magic “sale of the soul” for a particular type of power, except there is a biological or organic moment here. Members of the elite probably tolerate this assimilation much better. They do not suffer from Morgellons disease, among other things, because they have access to non-public medicine, which allows such people to strengthen their immune system significantly.

spider archonA person with Morgellon’s disease painted how she experiences the substances/beings under her skin. The connection between Archontic consciousness and Morgellons is very much possible…


While the nanotechnology used for mind control, transhumanism, and genetic modification is still secret, the world’s eyes are fixed on microchips. This technology is just around the corner – it is being seriously discussed at scientific conferences and mainstream media. And when microchipping of people is discussed at scientific gatherings, it is evident that it is only a matter of time before this technology will pass into mass use. Microchipping has already begun in America and certain European countries, mainly voluntarily, with great propaganda about the benefits of such a procedure. People don’t realize that even a microchip doesn’t just serve for one-way communication, of people with a computer. It is possible to communicate with a microchipped person through a central computer, or artificial intelligence (AI), to influence their emotional and mental state and model them as desired.

Why not? The world is such a dangerous place; we are threatened by international terrorists and their “weapons of mass destruction.” Criminals endanger us, typhoons, tsunamis, internal and external enemies threaten social stability. “Forces of evil,” diseases for which “there are no cure,” wars that happen “accidentally,” lone gunmen who “accidentally” break into schools and shoot at innocent children pose a severe threat to people. The enemy is also man’s irrational nature that needs to be tamed, uniformed, and kept under control so that people do not jeopardize the stability of their communities with curiosity, redundant questions, or, God forbid, a different opinion. The microchip takes care of everything; it stores all the data, from the health card to the bank account. It becomes possible to locate a person at any time so that she, poor thing, wouldn’t get lost somewhere and get hurt.

Interestingly, through nanoparticles and microchips, goals such as mind control, monitoring and transhumanism are achieved on two levels simultaneously. In the case of microchips, this process is less subtle and visible and justified by the altruistic ideas about human-machine coupling in medicine, where mechanical organs will change the organic ones if excessive damage or amputation occurs. In nanoparticles, such a process is far more subtle and aims at Borg-like assimilation by Archontic beings. Unlike microchips, the use of nanoparticles and foreign organisms for transhumanism is a secret process for now. I see no reason why it would be in the interest of our rulers to make it public until complete assimilation occurs. If this kind of information enters the public domain, it could be the end of assimilation, and the elite might lose the battle for complete domination over humanity. That is why such information must reach as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that a well-organized elite will try to do everything in their power to make this scenario come true. If it doesn’t go well, they will try by force. They won’t hesitate to use all imaginable and unimaginable types of manipulations for this purpose. Even the unveiling of alien presence on the planet might be exploited to create as much chaos, insecurity, and panic as possible. Some of the means of manipulation could be the already well-known Project Bluebeam, which is about the use of holograms to fake the “second coming of Christ” or “alien attack” that should unite humanity under a one-world government, army and coin. There is also talk of a possible major cyber attack staged by the world’s shadow government (false-flag operation). This event would bring down the world’s electricity grids and usher us in a time of darkness, cold and utter scarcity, all to exhaust humanity enough to accept any solution, just to make the system work again. Numerous natural disasters are possible, typical for transitional periods between Yuga cycles, but also unnaturally caused disasters, given that the elite has the technology (weapons) to cause earthquakes and affect the weather. So in the four years that we have left until 2025, chaos and madness could increase exponentially, day by day, month by month. We haven’t touched the bottom yet; we haven’t seen it all. We are, therefore, facing highly uncertain times, and it will take a lot of nerves and patience to go through them unscathed.


…or dystopia? It depends on us.


Do we want the world according to the elite scenario? Does such a scenario have to be realized for people to open their eyes finally? Maybe it has to, but we should know that Kali Yuga will finish soon. We will undoubtedly enter the Bronze Age, if not immediately, then in three hundred years. Change is impossible to avoid. But how we will reach it, and what our position will be in the Bronze Age, is a question. Are we going to start from scratch, after devastating wars, perhaps nuclear ones, that will take us back to the Stone Age? It all depends on us – will we squint at the loss of freedoms and the marching fascism that threatens us, or are we going to resist and keep up with cosmic processes? No one will help us, and no one will save us but ourselves, so waking up is the only option. I would love for it to happen as soon as possible, but it will be when most people decide. Until then, one should be very careful and avoid any provocation. With some kind of social activism, the best way to get through transition times is to focus on creating the Bronze Age, or even the Golden Age if you can, in your own private lives. Creating quality relationships, working on achieving constructive creative goals, and expanding awareness will be quite a sufficient contribution. Unless you can afford it either. But then at least it is clear who is responsible for the consequences of such an approach.


© Tomislav Budak, January 2021

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