will healthy the one that adapts the sick society paulo zerbato

 Will Healthy The One That Adapts The Sick Society by Paulo Zerbato

In the first essay on a crisis, I dealt with its general aspects – the structure, dynamics, and meaning of crisis, its impact on the individual, and ways of overcoming it. In this one, I will deal with modern society’s attitude to a crisis and our usual perspective on it since social models greatly influence our reactions by programming our worldview or the way we think and feel. Writing on this topic, I couldn’t avoid covering something I consider the central problem of humanity, and it is about the sources of human fulfillment. As the meaning of all our activities (and non-activities) is precisely in the fulfillment that we achieve, it is not unimportant what will be the means and source of our deep inner fulfillment. But let’s start in order, first from the perspective of contemporary society towards crisis.

Although transformational processes are impossible to avoid, modern society is formed according to the idea of ​​a closed system that, only seemingly, strives for stability and security. All human communities perceive the inevitability of change that is not strictly controlled by society itself as the darkest enemy. It is because any natural transition for the better first shakes up and then changes the community. A closed system generally opposes any change unless it is a cosmetic one. In that sense, all social regimes are very successful – since the time of slavery, nothing significant has changed on this planet except the name of the social system. Resisting change, all societies have become unnatural and unjust. They base their existence and survival on laws that legalize the lower social strata’ plunder by the higher ones. And so throughout history. Whoever thought the legal system exists for any other reason is grossly mistaken. Let’s look at what is happening today – the Croatian state continues to systematically and legally rob its “sovereign and independent people” while those same people suffer or flee where robbery is more bearable, usually to other countries of a large plundering Union. For those who think I’m exaggerating, here’s a quote from Breaking the Safe, a text by the famous Taoist Chuang Tzu, written around 300 BC:

“The invention

Of weights and measures

Makes robbery easier.

Signing contracts, settings seals,

Makes robbery more sure.

Teaching love and duty

Provides a fitting language

With which to prove that robbery

Is really for the general good.

A poor man must swing

For stealing a belt buckle

But if a rich man steals a whole state

He is acclaimed

As statesman of the year.”[1]

Has anything changed to this day? Is the welfare of one’s people, safety and protection, the infirm and the elderly population care vital to the system? The first thing that was robbed in Croatia during the financial crisis at the end of the first decade of this century was the pension fund. Even now, at the time of the “coronavirus pandemic,” the state is introducing numerous restrictions whose primary goal is to “protect the elderly population.” Which population, the one with a pension as low as 300 Euros, digging in the garbage containers, waiting for months and years for medical treatment? Of the overall population, the state cares the least about pensioners; it does everything to make the elderly leave this reality as soon as possible because it is of no use at all – they do nothing but burden the state budget.

Of course, every social system resists change, setting “stability and security” as the highest social values because real change would bring the system down. That’s why the horror of the system is hidden at all costs. States declaratively strive for progress, wealth, health, and prosperity. They promote such values ​ through all propaganda and social ideologies, with religions playing a critical role. But the real agenda of every society, the hidden one, is entirely different – the slogans of elite clubs and secret organizations that rule almost all modern states speak best about it. Whistleblowers claim that one of the primary programs of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale University in the US is “the rule through war, disease, famine, and poverty.” Does such a claim have a foothold in reality? Let’s look at what the world is like today and how it is organized. Do we live in a society that values human rights, freedom of speech, movement, opinion, and action, a community that values peace, health, quality nutrition, and wealth? Or do we live in a society characterized by a constant state of neither war nor peace, neither health nor disease, neither satiety nor hunger, neither wealth nor poverty? If these are the ruling elite’s values, at least when it comes to the way they rule, global events become much clearer. It also becomes logical why we have not resolved the fundamental problems of humanity. They are not resolved because that is how the eternal status quo is maintained, together with a constant steal of energy and physical resources by the minority from the majority.

Given that most global, and often individual, crises are related to wars, disease, famine, and poverty, or at least one of these topics, we could say that the fundamental mechanism by which a minority governs the majority is precisely the provocation of crises. Apart from the fact that a permanent crisis enables the rulers to maintain power and postpone real progress, it also justifies directing society in the desired direction. Modern Western world states have begun, since the time of the Roman Empire (if not before), to deliberately and consciously create crises that they use as a means to achieve their goals. Political parties only declaratively emphasize stability as a value, promoting it to gain public support or, better, to win and retain power. However, governments are continually creating problems, expecting a reaction from the public. They use a well-known “problem-reaction-solution” model. For instance, a government wants to achieve a goal set in advance, but to justify moving in such a direction, it creates instability, a problem, and a crisis. The government knows that people are having a hard time with insecurity and will demand protection and the establishment of new stability as soon as possible. Then the government offered a solution that it wanted to achieve from the beginning but had no justification for and no support (request) from the public.

This model has another name, and that is the “false flag ops.” It is a well-known form of state terrorism, officially recognized. One state or military-socio-political group takes action to accuse another state or military-socio-political group and thus has a justification for pre-selected action. For example, on August 31, 1939, German soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms attacked the Gleiwitz radio station on the German-Polish border, accusing the Poles of the strike, which gave Hitler a reason to launch an attack on Poland. In Tonkin Bay in August 1964, the Americans attacked their own ship and blamed the Vietnamese, which became the reason for military intervention in Vietnam. And so on, examples of such operations from officially accepted history are numerous, and from unofficial even more, but they have regularly been of a local character. However, today, probably for the first time in history, we are witnessing a global example of such an operation called the “coronavirus pandemic.”




Why is the elite behaving like this? Because it doesn’t respect natural laws. Instead of basing its existence on universal principles and harmonious living, the elite has become like predators that feed on other people’s energy, parasitizing on the decaying remains of the physical and energetic bodies of other beings. A normal human being, even one of minimally awakened potential, doesn’t behave like our rulers. It is not in our original nature to steal from others, except in extreme situations. If we think that we do not have or cannot acquire, we steal. We usually don’t have because we don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves and use all our potential. And then, of course, we need other people’s prospects or other people’s energy. In the first article on a crisis, I said that the essence of energy food for a human soul existing within any level of Creation, “in Heaven or on Earth,” is unconditional love (bioenergy), creativity (light), and consciousness (universal spirit). We also feed on these energies physically because we eat plants that are the embodiment of spirit, light, and bioenergy or animals that are herbivores. If there is unconditional love, creativity, and expansion of consciousness in our lives, we will not be hungry. But people who do not want to cultivate a relationship with subtle dimensions of existence will not be able to connect with these energy sources and will therefore steal from others.

I have already described this dynamic in my Black Sheep article. There I said that family members who do not respect the natural principle of continuous development feed on the energy of those members who appreciate it while blaming those very people for their problems. Suppose we extend the identical model to the whole society. In that case, we come to the same dynamic, only on a broader scale, where the people are always black sheep, regularly labeled as problematic, and therefore oppressed. At the same time, the elite “completely justifiably” lives on a high footing, feeding on the forced labor of human cattle. This ideology is wonderfully complemented by religions, especially Christianity, with its myth of the crucified Christ who died because of our sins. This fairy tale is the perfect ideological template for the enormous enrichment of the elite and the clergy while the ordinary people point their fingers at the heart chakra on Sunday mornings, babbling about how terribly sinful they are.

As physical creatures, humans also need biochemical nutrients and concrete food to survive. But there is food in abundance, and there would be more if hunger did not belong to the government’s means of rule. Most people probably don’t know that hunger (malnutrition) is still the leading cause of death on this planet. Not disease or war –  famine. According to official data, about nine million people die of malnutrition every year in the world. Writing this passage, I have just looked at how many have died this year so far, and the number is horrific – 8,812,400 (December 23, 2020). Of course, this is usually combined with poverty, often disease, and sometimes wars. But where does the hunger in the Garden of Eden come from? Earth is Paradise; there is no difference between the earthly life structure and the one in which we reside after the physical body’s death, except in the level of density. As the legitimate level of Creation, the Earth has all the resources necessary for the survival of the beings who inhabit it. Therefore, hunger in the age of modern agriculture is certainly not “God’s will” but the product of deliberate human action. The idea that Africa, a vast continent rich in resources, cannot feed itself is insane. But when there is targeted action in such a direction, when governments of developed countries deliberately control underdeveloped countries and territories, and when there is social engineering that orchestrates social processes, hunger can also result.

And here we slowly come to my old thesis that man’s greatest enemy is still – the state. It is not the original idea of a state, of course, but it is the reality of it. If we look at who is destroying the people’s lives and natural resources the most, we will soon reach the state. As an unnatural system, each state is more or less genocidal towards its people. And since it refuses to obey nature’s laws, the state is inevitably bound by the principle of evil. Although people usually imagine evil as a monstrous creature with horns (and they are not wrong), its essence is disrespecting natural laws and principles. Such ignorance produces illness – first spiritual, then mental, and finally, physical. Of course, the state denies that it is joint with evil, so evil becomes taboo in every society. Although ubiquitous, it is undesirable to speak about evil directly and explicitly. Still, it isn’t hard to notice that states behave like large mafia organizations that racketeer their population. They engage in numerous dark, hidden, secret activities whose sole purpose is the survival of the unnatural system and by no means the individual’s well-being. In rare cases, when it is publicly exposed or caught in the act, the state will claim that everything it does is intended for the people’s security, their protection, or even survival. This, of course, is not true. The reality is that a state becomes a kind of energy entity whose purpose is only and exclusively its survival. And then such a goal justifies all means.

government kills


According to a famous film trilogy, the idea that every society’s collective field is what alternative science calls the “Matrix” is not far from the truth. The primary goal of the Matrix is ​​its survival, not the development of society. Therefore, the Matrix predominantly values ​​itself, or better, the robotic mechanisms of its self-preservation. At the same time, all who want progress and strive for supreme goals such as self-realization are considered a threat. It seeks to strictly control, supervise, restrict, and, if necessary, physically destroy such entities. The Matrix will seemingly protect the souls who serve it, but only as long as it needs them – this has been witnessed by all those who have done dirty work for the state, hoping to ensure their inviolability in return. No, the state renounces them at the first opportunity. As soon as someone accuses it of being connected with organized crime, lying, and acting conspiratorially, the state will draw the public’s attention to one or more perpetrators but not to the real organizer. Modern states thus protect even the elite’s sickest activities, such as organized pedophilia, child trafficking, or satanic rituals in which children are tortured, raped, and killed. Then those sick people drink their blood, enriched with adrenaline and chemicals such as adrenochrome. I suggest doing their own research to those who think I’m kidding or exaggerating because the information exists. However, they should seek it outside the boundaries of mainstream media and science. For a start, you only need to look at the official data on the annual number of missing children, and then the ball will slowly start rolling. Do not miss noticing how Google, the world’s largest international Internet services company, entirely controlled by the elite, calls its main search engine and graphics processing unit (GPU). Of all the possibilities in this world, why did they choose “Chrome” and “Adreno”?

An elite acting as a predator or as an insect that feeds on someone else’s blood has completely strayed. It seeks fulfillment in the so-called “dark ecstasy,” connecting with the “dark side of the force” and inorganic outlaws that exist in the worlds of the lower astral. That is where souls who refuse to accept any responsibility and discipline find refuge. The astral plane is the “world between worlds,” the sphere that separates the two legitimate levels of Creation of different densities (“Heaven from Earth”). It doesn’t have its energy sources because it is a transit zone. Souls who leave physical reality (die), or souls who enter physical reality (are born), have to pass through the astral realm. The energy bodies of souls coming into a new incarnation assemble, and the energy bodies of souls leaving the Earth level decompose in the astral zone. Therefore, any extended stay on the astral will be problematic when it comes to energy food. The soul that leaves physical reality will seek fulfillment in the most direct possible connection with universal love, light, and consciousness. On a wave of this aspiration, she will be transferred to a higher level of Creation, which we usually call Paradise or Heaven. It is a world designed identically to the earthly, only less dense and without discord, where unconditional love, light, and universal consciousness become visible and tangible forces. Souls that remain on the astral do not want such food. How will they survive then, what will they feed on because they have to feed on something? They will feed on the energies of the level below – the energy bodies of living people. Or, more precisely, on human emotions.

In this way, the astral plane becomes a kind of hiding place for souls who refuse to accept the laws of nature and who do not respect even the law of karma, let alone the principle of continuous development. Such souls want “complete freedom” without any responsibility. Since life on the astral is gloomy and torturous, a soul who does not want to transition to a higher level of Creation will wish to return to a new physical incarnation as soon as possible. But not just any kind of incarnation; that’s why the elite creates special clubs to maintain the lineage by connecting and reproducing exclusively among themselves. Keeping “blue blood” clean is not just a product of vanity; the aristocracy does not have the same genetics as the rest of the human race. They are genetically incapable of empathy. Their psychological profile is best described by terms such as psychopathy or sociopathy. These are people who do not have a conscience like the rest of humanity and can literally “eat small children” if necessary, without any sense of guilt. When these people die, they do not want any change or loss of their position. Therefore, as long as there is death, they remain on the astral for a while, serving their inorganic overlords and waiting for the opportunity to return to a new incarnation, preferably within one of the aristocratic families, where they will inherit desirable genetics. Thus, by their interconnectedness, noble families are a shelter where souls belonging to their circle will recycle and continue serving the same inorganic rulers. Of course, as long as death exists. And once they manage to make a perfect android body, settle a soul in it, and transmigrate it to a new body when the old one wears out, they can overcome even this obstacle.


The inorganic sphere’s impact on the organic, or astral entities on humans, is one of humankind’s fundamental problems. Writer H. P. Lovecraft was especially aware of it and wrote about it in practically all his works.  

One cannot serve evil passively, so the elite is very active, hardworking, and well-organized. Their goal is not to create hell only on the astral level but also on Earth. That’s why the elite blocks all real development and change, destroys their opponents, holds people captive, controls their minds, and creates all sorts of ideologies to mask their actions. The elite knows that man was initially designed as a being who wants to evolve, respect Creation, and maintain its original purity. And so, we gradually come to the image of today’s politicians or modern society. Are you surprised that Tesla’s technology was stopped at the beginning of the last century? That Wilhelm Reich was arrested and his books and writings burned, not during the Inquisition times but in 1957, in the world’s most democratic country? That we don’t have vehicles powered by water or some even cleaner and more subtle energy? That we didn’t overcome the so-called “industrial civilization” and go into the cosmos with spaceships that are better quality than Wernher von Braun’s primitive rockets? That only the technology of surveillance, indoctrination, and mind control (mobile phones, computers, cameras, televisions) is progressing smoothly? That a modern yuppie work more than an Egyptian, Greek, or Roman slave?

The lower astral worlds want to fully manifest on Earth by creating a Mordor-like structure, landscape, and atmosphere. Are we going to allow them to do that? So far, we let them because our rulers’ ideologies have successfully deceived us. And the most important of all deceptions is that evil doesn’t exist, or if it does, the government will protect us from it. Our governments tie themselves to archetypal images, so they become a “great father,” and our political parties or religions a “great mother,” against which no one is allowed to speak, let alone threaten or question its existence. And it is precisely such institutions, which have killed hundreds of millions of people throughout history, that will save us from a new terrible enemy, the invisible but vicious coronavirus. Have you noticed that the coronavirus has also been given a mythical status? It’s almost as if it were not the most common microscopic infectious agent but the super-holy Covidius XIX.

By copying collective social models, people think they have to value stability and security above all. It is a natural and understandable aspiration, but one should know that change cannot be avoided. The manifested universe’s structure is based on the correct ratio between stable and unstable periods that affect us individually and collectively. Let’s look at the ancient Kabbalistic Tree of Life – we see “sefirot” or fruits on it (balls in the illustration), but also the “paths” that connect them. There are ten Sefirot, and they represent stable states, while the paths are twenty-two, and they symbolize transformation processes. As the Tree of Life represents the creative process and the stages that an idea goes through in its materialization, each plan must pass ten stable phases and ten unstable phases. Transformation processes are perfectly systematized through the trumps of Tarot cards. By studying them, we can get to know the nature of such processes or at least know what we can expect when we find ourselves in them. As transformation phases are synonymous with crises, they can sometimes have a recognizable structure and outcome. But ​​the Kabbalistic tree’s central idea as a model of reality is that it is impossible to expect only stability and security in our lives because such phases must necessarily be balanced by transitional periods, with uncertain and unstable phases. Therefore, those who insist only on stability seriously deviate. The imbalance creates a foundation for a disease and the possibility of a transition to the “dark side.” And the elite that rules our societies has been on the dark side for a long time, at least since the time Earth entered the Kali Yuga phase, which happened over three thousand years ago.

tree of life


Some changes are light and pleasant, but these are both rarer and shallower. The real change is one that seeks to completely reset our lives, putting them on a new footing. But such a change will usually not be easy because then the scale of de-identification from the old worldview and lifestyle is most extraordinary. In those situations, we typically have to discard everything except our original essence, which most people find extremely difficult. And they are right – every radical transformation is critical, and no one knows how it will end. Therefore, the transformation culture should become an integral part of the human fund of knowledge, even an element of everyday consciousness. However, it is not and will not become so soon because this is not in our system’s interest. There are many reasons why governments refuse to encourage people to become aware of transformation processes. One of them is because people would not be afraid of death, let alone some natural life transformations. That is why it is essential for governments that people are scared, do not believe in their potential, do not have contact with internal sources of fulfillment, and remain powerless.

This is the old “victim-tyrant” model, where the government oppresses, and the people are always in the victim’s position. At first glance, it seems that the problem is only in the tyrant – if the tyranny stopped, that would solve the victim’s problems. But it wouldn’t because a far bigger problem is in the victim – if the victim did not benefit from her position, she would never have remained in that role. What benefit could a victim have from such an identity? Some “security” comes from avoiding transformation processes and an active approach to one’s self-realization. Yet, it is the victim who has real power, not the tyrant. Especially when the power ratio in “government versus people” is immeasurably higher in favor of the people. However, the people do not have the appropriate level of consciousness. They reject responsibility and discipline for their self-realization. Therefore, the unnatural rule of psychopaths persists. Until when exactly? God’s will or destiny certainly has nothing to do with the people’s salvation, so freedom will come precisely when a sufficient number of enlightened individuals overthrow the ruling elite. Those of us who are aware of this fact are waiting for others to wake up. I hope we are not waiting for Godot.


What would be the role of society in an ideal world? Instead of being a restrictive collective body ruled by semi-conscious inorganic entities whose provincial governors are aristocratic families, elite clubs, secret societies, and political parties, society should stimulate people to cultivate a relationship with authentic sources of fulfillment. If such sources are inaccessible to us for some reason, a community should encourage people to go through transformational processes that would re-establish contact with them. As natural sources of fulfillment exist, so there is no need to steal energy. We already know the original sources of fulfillment; their basis is the connection with the universal spirit and its three main aspects – unconditional love, creative force (intention), and unlimited consciousness. Modern man is reminiscent of a person who dies of thirst near a well, which is tragic but understandable because the system consistently distracts him from the well. Not only do we think the well is not nearby, but society also managed to convince us that the well doesn’t even exist. Whatever anyone currently thinks, whatever the ruling ideology, whatever the dominant worldview, natural laws do exist, as well as natural and unlimited sources of fulfillment. A society that would know such laws and sources, and be an educational or corrective factor to individuals who do not know them or have strayed from them, would achieve its original purpose.

Why is it essential to connect with unconditional Love, to recognize it as a concrete cosmic force, as modern scientists like Giuliana Conforto claim? Because happiness is in love, in harmonious relationships with close people. People mistakenly think that happiness is in money, in winning the Lottery, in anything but love. But if we go back to the initial settings, we will recognize that our lives’ essential truths are simple. Those who strive to achieve happiness by taking drugs should remember how much active substance is needed to change the inner state and enter ecstasy. Usually, a couple of leaves, a little powder or resin, enough to fit between two clenched fingers. If we need so little for chemically induced ecstasy, not significantly more is necessary for naturally induced ecstasy. And “naturally induced,” in this case, is a harmonious relationship with someone. It’s just that harmonious relationships need to be worked on and invested in, and that’s too much effort for most people. But if society had an education system that would teach people this kind of knowledge, everything would be much easier.

Why is it important to connect with intention as a concrete cosmic force or have goals and work on their realization? Because pleasure is in creativity. There is no other real source of satisfaction than creative work, although many seek pleasure in various places and are surprised not to find it. However, it is not easy to work on creative self-realization. Even if there is a material base that would allow all people to engage exclusively in the superstructure and become artists, it is not easy to work, improve, train practical skills, and go through a materialization crisis. This is precisely the reason why most people reject creative work. They try to get away with the attitude that they don’t have any creative talent, so why bother at all. And such an attitude is recklessly used by our rulers, who redirect us toward working for the system. They usually offer us dull, robotic, and deafening jobs, masking them with the necessity of biological survival because “we simply have to work” to eat and pay the bills. It would not be a necessity if the system were fair, but since it is not, and since people can hardly wait to hand over responsibility for their own lives to someone else, it is necessary.

And finally, why is it important to spread and develop awareness? Because the acquisition of new knowledge, be it of the spiritual or secular type, leads to ecstasy – peaceful or euphoric. The deepest fulfillment comes through self-knowledge, through connection with the original aspects of one’s being, such as the self (soul) and the universal spirit. Atheists and agnostics will argue that such aspects do not exist and will, therefore, confine themselves to the ecstasy that comes from worldly cognitions. I have absolutely nothing against the pleasures of the flesh; it’s just a shame not to go a step further towards the direct experience of someone or something. In my opinion, direct experience is the only way to solve important life issues and doubts or get out of a neurotic obsession with our minds and mental processes. We usually miss noticing that part of our original nature belongs to the unmanifested universe, the world of unity, and the existence of that universe is another big taboo in modern society. To experience the unmanifested universe, we need entirely different, energetic organs that we also possess. It is impossible to know it by the perceptual means of the manifested world – through senses and intellect. I know that science has not proven the existence of energetic organs, so we do not have official confirmation that such organs are real and useful. Those who have time to wait for science to confirm the apparent truths should keep on waiting – I do not have that much time, so I practically use them now, regardless of the “professional opinion.”

Suppose the ultimate purpose of our existence and all the activities we undertake is in the fulfillment they bring. In that case, unconditional love, intention, and consciousness are the immediate means of such fulfillment. To feed and fulfill with such sources is natural, and they are freely available. These sources are present even in the food we eat because food is composed of elements – fire, water, air, earth, and ether. My direct experience is that the elements in nature manifest love, light, and consciousness. As the human body is composed of elements, they are the primary energy nutrients of our body. For this reason, Eastern civilizations have a culture of nutrition based on the balanced representation of all elements. Not necessarily at every meal, but as the general eating style. So, all the necessary sources of fulfillment and survival are there to nourish our energetic and physical bodies, and there’s no need to drink each other’s blood.

vitruvian star

A human being, aware of his original essence and all his potentials. Why wouldn’t that be a role model for us to follow?


Perhaps my criteria are too high. Maybe too naive. Maybe impractically idealistic. But what else do we have left but to follow the highest standards? As long as our role model is not the original blueprint, we will wander the enchanted forest. We will deviate or get lost in irrelevant details. We will consider some completely unnatural values ​​and lifestyles because we won’t have a good reference point. Although the path to realizing the original blueprint is long, we will have to tread it sooner or later. Some of us don’t have time to wait for society to mature and finally start supporting righteousness. Maybe humanity will reject us, make fun of us, and even persecute us for it. So what? Are we going to sell ourselves for a semblance of security? While there are those who are walking the right path, there is also collective survival. Evil does not create any harmony. The survival of society rests on that small percentage of those willing to follow natural laws, but paradoxically, it is them that society would like to exterminate. They make a slight advantage; they contribute to that minimal balance on the scales of good and evil that we would not have if evil ultimately prevailed. Evil cannot stop before it destroys everything, and we must not allow it to do that.


© Tomislav Budak, September 2020


[1] Thomas Merton: The Way Of Chuang Tzu, New Directions Paperbook, 1969, pages 67-69.