All workshops and individual work are intended for mentally healthy people who are not undergoing any medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment. In the framework of workshops and individual work, no diagnoses are made, or any therapies and/or treatments are carried out in a medical, psychological, or psychotherapeutic sense, nor is medicine practiced in any way in the sense of the law.
Workshops and individual work are in no way a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychotherapeutic diagnosis, therapy, and/or treatment and, therefore, any change to the prescribed treatment in these areas (skipping, changing, omitting, stopping, etc.) is necessary consult with a competent doctor, therapist or another competent expert. The decision on any additional alternative work, therapy, or treatment is the sole responsibility of the practitioners.

Techniques of personal and spiritual development used in workshops and in individual work are practiced at your own risk. All methods are based on respecting the three subtle principles on which human life is based – unconditional love, creativity, and consciousness. If you are not ready to introduce a higher degree of unconditional love towards close people, then take responsibility for creative achievement and adopt the necessary discipline to acquire new knowledge and expand consciousness, this type of work is not for you.


The school of personal development I have created has three fundamental aspects: many different courses and treatments.

The first aspect forms the systems of karmic purification united under the name of Transformation of Karmic Patterns.

The second aspect makes the systems of expansion of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment, or of direct perception and action, named Spiritwork.

The third aspect consists of the systems of energetic healing under the name of Energywork.

All courses listed under those three groups stand in order of recommendation, although the courses from different groups can be attended more or less simultaneously.