dna merkaba


Level 2- Light Body Re-Creation

The Re-creation of the Light Body is an advanced course that lasts two days. It is aimed at advanced participants because it comes naturally after the first level course, Cellular Reprogramming. This course deals with the theory and practice of the energy work on the Haric level (the level of our intentionality), that is, the anatomy and the dynamics of energy centers and bodies which can be found on that level (see my article Anatomy and Dynamics of Energy Centers). 

The haric level is the level of human existence connected to the accumulation of energy that is necessary for achieving our goals or our original intention at any given time. While the layers of aura represent different frequencies of emotional and mental vibrations, and chakras represent the means of energetic communication of those states, the points of energy radiation on the haric level are the centers of energy accumulation where we store energy that is necessary for the achievement of a variety of goals.

The haric level also allows us to create awareness of our real goals or our original intention and the awareness of the means for realizing our intention in material reality. The course is the product of the discoveries of a group of advanced spiritual practitioners who, through their own work, came to a completely original map of the Haric level, far more complete and precise than any other currently known map. The consequences of taking responsibility for this level of existence are various – from more influence on our inner states and the possibility of creating our future more consciously to higher aspects of spirituality.

The course consists of a series of practical training that allows the participants to individually apply the knowledge after the course. All practices are designed in such a way that enables participants to have their own experience first and later make conclusions and decisions about their future work. It is in the nature of the Haric level that we take the responsibility of becoming our own teacher instead of expecting answers outside of ourselves. If we look at the human being from the Haric level, then it is obvious that man can ask himself only one question – What do I want – and he or she has to work on accomplishing the original, pure intention.

The themes covered in the course are:

– Creation of Mer-ka-ba field

– Practical work with five hara lines

– Practical work with ten energy centers placed on the basic line

– Reconstruction and activation of the Light Body

– Three energy initiations – reconnecting our Light Body with its energetic sources