Bioenergy treatments are an increasingly widespread form of therapy, both for the body and the psyche. Cleaning, filling, and reconstruction of the energy body – if a qualified and skilled person performs it – has a favorable effect on the physical body and psyche, and bioenergetic work has no destructive side effects. Therefore, it is evident that energy treatment is the medicine of the future. Although in the healing process, it is impossible to replace the personal participation of the client in his healing, energy treatment certainly contributes to the efforts of a person to improve a particular aspect of his physical or mental health. Therefore, bioenergetic treatments are a welcome aid from which a person ready to discipline himself and take responsibility for his own healing can have significant gains.

Bioenergetic treatments are performed in units of four or five days in a row, with the fact that the person must be ready to devote himself to parallel work on the causes of his own problem – cleaning up traumatic experiences and their consequences. Then, the effect of bioenergetic treatments is optimal and lasting, and without such work, it is primarily superficial and short-lived. If it is a health problem, the person must go to the doctor and apply standard medical treatment simultaneously. Academic and complementary (alternative) medicine must cooperate and complement each other because exclusivity usually does not lead to the desired results.

Each bioenergetic treatment lasts about 45 minutes, during which the person lies on the massage table, relaxed and free from any activity. Just as during sleep – which is also a type of bioenergetic recovery of the body – a person tries to reduce his internal processes to a minimum and completely surrender to the free flow of energy, as well as to specific interventions that are performed on individual levels of the human energy body. Bioenergetic treatments are the most pleasant existing form of therapeutic intervention. They can represent an excellent introduction to personal development systems or later involvement in conscious and independent work on oneself.