therapist client
Tomislav created this course at the request of the students of Transformation of Karmic Patterns. In addition to TKP courses training people to work on themselves, they also train them for therapists. But while TKP courses focus on understanding the topics and techniques covered and practicing them in pairs with other participants who already agree to work and know the methodology, working with clients who come for individual treatments and do not know exactly what awaits them is another story.
Establishing trust, presenting the methodology clearly, guiding clients through different states of consciousness, making them aware of their repressed emotions, beliefs, or identities, enabling quality integration of the whole transformative process is not always an easy task. It does not go as smoothly with uninformed people as with the seminar participants. Therefore, there is a need for this type of additional training that will enable students of the TKP system who want to work as therapists and have completed at least the fifth level of this system to improve their therapeutic skills.
The course consists of a combination of theory and practice, i.e., exercises combined with theoretical presentations. We go into detail about the Integral method and its many variations, learn techniques of presence, attention, establishing a communication channel with the client, building trust and understanding, methods of articulation and paraphrasing, as well as ways to solve many problematic situations which may cause the therapeutic process to fall.
The course aims to hone skills that will bring the methodology of causal therapy closer to the client, make it more understandable, clearer, and simpler, all to facilitate the detection of causes and enable the most successful transformation of causal models.

The training is fierce and demanding, so I advise everyone interested to come only if they are ready for intensive and hard work.